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5 Steps to Kickstarting Your Dream Lifestyle

by Tom Williams

Would you prefer a lifestyle with more freedom? More opportunity to follow your dreams?

This is the roadmap to location independence. A straightforward, actionable guide that will take you through all the most important steps to making your dream a travel freedom reality.

I believe, living life to the fullest, with your eyes wide open, beyond your expectations, outside your comfort zone is more important than just settling for what you already know. That’s why, in 2012, I set about escaping traditional living for a minimalist life on the road and to build a profitable online business.

This book is the culmination of almost 3 years of really making this lifestyle happen, for myself.

I saved over 50% of my income in just 9 months in order to travel Asia & Europe for 2 years. Over the last 2 years of travel I have successfully navigated 22 countries on just $23 USD per day. Not living like a tramp, living remarkably well.

Travel freedom and low cost living gave me the time to build an online income, which means I will never have to go home, unless I want to.

How can this book have all the answers for such a cheap price?

Simply, it doesn’t. It’s not a complete, all bases covered masterplan. You can get courses for that online starting from a few hundred dollars and up.

So what do you get for this price?

Actually, more than you’d think.

– A 5 step strategy with clearly actionable tips that explain the process of going from a regular job, to becoming a digital nomad or moving abroad to build your online business.

– How to choose which business to start and how to grow that business so you can replace your current job with a freedom lifestyle career.

– 16,000+ words of concisely written content that will take you from conceiving your escape from the 9 to 5, to cutting your outgoings in half without sacrificing quality of life.

– How to eventually gain 100% control of your work/life balance & Live a life of travel freedom

So, what’s the catch?

I’ve put a lot of great content out for a very low price because this book is an entry level product. I believe it will really help you. It will inspire you to attempt this lifestyle for yourself.

Some of you may learn enough that you will be on the road to freedom just from reading this book, others may want more help. My Podcast on iTunes, The 5 Dollar Planet, email newsletter and website, will be the next step in your journey, once you decide this is the journey for you.

So enjoy this heavily discounted book, and if you enjoy it, I’d love to see you over at the 5 Dollar Planet.

Bangkok Travel Guide: Bangkok,Thai writer,Bangkok Travel plan,thai cheap hotel,thai restaurant,special thai

by kan nim

Plan a perfect travel to Bangkok and the surrounding countryside for you for 10 days by local thai writer.

Are you looking for those insider tips to the special places only the locals know? This book is your answer!!

Hello My name is Kan Nim I am thai. I have been living in Thailand all of my life so I am sure that you will get a perfect plan from me as outline below

– The most popular areas in Bangkok and the surrounding countryside where is near to Bangkok that you should not miss

– Travel to the most famous beach (koh samui , koh pangan)

– Suggest you the cheap hotel

– Suggest you popular restaurant

– Travel advice

I also give my e-mail in this book. Feel free to contact me if u have any question about Bangkok or any places.

Top Ten Sights: Brasilia

by Mark Jones

â??Top Ten Sights: Brasilia’ is the ultimate guide to a fascinating city, giving you the background and history on the top ten attractions. We focus on the essentials; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

With so many different monuments, historical sights, restaurants, shops bars and nightlife to see, make sure that you experience the best of everything Brasilia has to offer, and don’t miss a thing – â??Top Ten Sights: Brasilia’ is the only guide you need!

Joe’s Ultimate Guide: To Hamburg and the Reeperbahn

by J. M. DeMarco

Joe DaMarco’s hardcore insider tips to Hamburg and the Reeperbahn.

A MUST READ for anyone going to Hamburg.

This books not only teaches you about the mindset of German women, but also shows you how not to get ripped off on the Reeperbahn.

New Orleans Travel Guide: The Top 10 Highlights in New Orleans (Globetrotter Guide Books)

by Marc Cook

Explore the Colorful Streets of New Orleans

The Crescent City, the Big Easy, New Orleans goes by many names, all in accordance with its extraordinary atmosphere. The birthplace of jazz music and really good food, this city is a great travel destination for anyone.

Staples for New Orleans are its beautiful historical buildings, many of which are located in the French Quarter. In fact every other building has an amazing story and beautiful architecture. However, it can be difficult to choose just a few to visit. That is why you need this comprehensive e-book that will highlight all the important landmarks in the city and it will give a background on each one.

Inside New Orleans Travel Guide:

  • The French Quarter
  • City Park
  • Bourbon Street
  • Jackson Square
  • St. Charles Avenue
  • New Orleans’ Cemeteries
  • Audubon Zoo
  • Royal Street
  • Louis Armstrong Park
  • Preservation Hall

Jazz lovers will find themselves in heaven on the streets of this city, particularly in the French Quarter. Here streets like Bourbon Street, Canal Street or Royal Street are flooded with amazing jazz music and mouthwatering food smells. In fact, Crescent City is just as famous for its incredible cuisine as it is for its music. Which means if you are on a diet prepare yourself to cheatâ?¦ a lot! Everything from seafood to steak and gumbo are a true experience at any of the world famous restaurants on Bourbon Street or Royal Street. In the end make sure you have room for dessert because the famous New Orleans beignets are also as popular as jazz music.

After so much indulgence, a walk in a park is the perfect choice for an evening. City Park offers endless opportunities for entertainment, while animal lovers will have the time of their lives at Audubon Zoo.

Die hard jazz fans should definitely venture out into Treme neighborhood and spend some time at the beautiful Louis Armstrong Park, then cap off the night with an amazing jazz concert at the iconic Preservation Hall.

So, why wait any longer? Download New Orleans Travel Guide right now and start planning your amazing vacation.

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