Free horror Kindle books for 26 Feb 15

Hunter’s Fall

by Sandra Ely

As a member of an elite force of vampires who hunt and take down renegades, Valerie is equipped with a special set of skills. She’s used to doing things on her own, but this time she’s been assigned a partner, and not just any partner- a hunter. The two must work together or risk the lives of the innocent children that have been captured.


by Kevin G. Bufton

In May of 2053, forty years following the Separation of Wirral from the mainland, there is but a handful of people who remember what life was like before.

Geraldine Waters is one of the few.

In a land ruled by gang law, and horrors beyond mortal imagination, Geraldine lives in a perpetual nightmare, from which she knows she will never wake.

Her story is one of hatred and desperation, of living shadows and dying hopes.

It is a story about family…

It is a story about cake.

Dardenfall: West of the Earthvein

by Tony Scavone

A tale of kinship and betrayal, mistrust and loyalty, and a land plunged into mysterious darkness.

Haunted by his mistakes, Lord Duclan is fighting for his land, his honor and a chance to right his mistakes. Guilt can drive a man to greatness or to insanity. When a mysterious woman appears with a solution too good to be true, Duclan must choose between the two.

Coro has gambled his way through life, always a game away from death. His instincts have always kept him a step ahead of trouble, but a beautiful stranger forces him to court it.

Ia is too young for the burden placed upon her. Her sheltered life in training never prepared her for the role she must take now that a strange force has settled in Darda.

Boden runs from a fatal mistake to join the Usurpers’ forces. His intentions are pure but his countrymen care little for intention. He must serve two masters, neither of which want him.

A strange blight has robbed the land of fire and threatens to upend the begrudged peace. A shamed lord, a thief, a young woman and an traitor shall steer the events to come.

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