Free humour Kindle books for 26 Feb 15

Leeds House

by T/James Reagan

Leeds House is a post-Empire horror novel about the millennial generation that asks the question, “How do you scare a group of kids who have already seen everything on the internet?”

T/James Reagan, after satirizing celebrities and the fashion industry, moves on to the horror genre for his most twisted novel yet.

In Leeds House, members of the metalcore band “Lies As Language” end up in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, where they’re confronted with every millennial’s ultimate fear- being held accountable for their actions. With no one else to blame, each character is forced to pay the debts they’ve accrued through their own narcissistic actions.

The story plays out as Eastbound & Down meets The Evil Dead, and the novel explores such topics as Christianity, homosexuality, and the crumbling music business.

Offensive humor, VHS horror movie nostalgia, and an immersive narrative all converge to make Reagan’s third novel a unique experience for those readers willing to step inside Leeds House.

Please note: If you’ve recently typed an internet comment or text message that started off with the words, “I’m disgusted by…” then this is not the book for you. You will dislike this book greatly. This novel is ceaselessly profane and finds humor in dark places. If you think you might be offended by this book, you’re probably correct.

TOO MUCH TO THINK: The Adventures of a Solipsist

by Antoine Tarser

Antoine Tarser has reasons to believe that he is the only person in the universe, but he suspects that he may be wrong. This is his diary that documents his relentless and painful search for the truth among all the ideas and assumptions about reality that he cannot accept.

His search leads him to several unexpected places and characters, all offering clues about where next to look.

This is a unique debut novel, combining serious philosophical analysis with the most outrageous black humour.

Seriously? You’re Gonna Name Your Kid Almondine? That’s Nuts!: Unique Baby Names Parents Should Never Give Their Kids As Jokes, Puns, Double Entendres, Bon Mots, Amphibolies & Silliness

by Joel Martin Kohn

A humorous book of jokes, puns, one-liners, double-entendres, bon mots, amphibolies, comedy and silliness about outrageous, unique baby boy names and baby girl names parents should never give their kids, and the comical reactions one might have to them. Written as a one-sided dialogue rhetorically questioning the over 300 bizarre names proposed by fictitious parents for their offspring. You’ll groan, laugh, smirk, chortle, titter, guffaw and wonder: How’d you get that name?! This book makes a great gift for birthdays, showers, pregnancies, childbirths, anniversaries, holidays and every day!

This book covers topics including humorous jokes, children’s names, baby names, comedy nicknames, parenting, maternity, paternity, parenthood and so much more!

A very first book on chess tactics: A first step for young beginners

by Job Rodrigues

Kindle version FREE if you buy the paperback edition.

[+] THIS LITTLE Book was written for you, beginner looking for an easy starting point for your studies on chess.

[+] NO THEORY, Just diagrams with practical tests.

[+] IF YOU Have learned how to play chess last week, this book is for you.

[+] IF YOU Are looking for an easy book for a child, any 9-years old boy is able to read this “diagram-based” book.

Fun Quizzes For Everyone: Book Two (Your Personality Unmasked 2)

by Amey Coleman

This is another fun quiz book with more personality quizzes. This will help you find out more about yourself and pass time by. If you are interested in knowing more about yourself, then this book is just for you.

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