Free literary fiction Kindle books for 26 Feb 15

Gateway of India: Book One

by Ken Doyle

The Gateway of India, built in the early twentieth century, served as a ceremonial entrance to the city of Bombay. Today, it remains the city’s most famous landmark.

This collection of three linked short stories provides a gateway into the lives of ordinary Bombay citizens. A doctor and his wife decide to leave the city for retirement in a coastal town but soon face choices that threaten to disrupt their idyllic existence. A doctor’s assistant loses his job and tries to make a living as a bus conductor with disastrous consequences. A police inspector’s top-secret assignment promises easy moneyâ??if he can complete the task. Each story in this collection is a vignette that illuminates the challenges and triumphs of life in India’s most cosmopolitan city.

Le Soleil: A collection of Short Stories

by Farai Caldwell

Le Soleil is a colorful and engaging collection of socio-cultural short stories. Le Soleil also means the sun.

Each piece in Le Soleil allows readers to peer into the experiences and perspectives of people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and walks of life. Follow, Sony, a boy soldier in the Congo as he comes to terms with the realities of fighting Guerilla warfare as a child. Take a look into the world of Ameerah, a young Pakistani girl who experiences as an innocent bystander, the effects of the global war on terror. Relive the journey of an African American soldier in Vietnam who has to come to terms with being a second-class citizen in America while fighting abroad for American freedom.

If you are interested in gaining a cross-cultural perspective while also being entertained, Le Soleil is for you.

Life Of The Mind (HSP Shorts)

by George Kempis

“Life of the Mind” is the story of Simon Dinkovitch, a frail, ugly old man with impossibly thick spectacles, through which he sees things not as they are, but as they should be…

Absolution for a Caged Mind

by Otto Westwood

Absolution for a Caged Mind is inspired by the unacceptably large number of veteran suicides in the US and UK, and Jeremy Scahill’s brilliant documentary Dirty Wars, which exposed a secretive part of the US Army that killed suspected terrorists all over the world.

The short story explores the damaged psyche of Jacob, a US soldier on the front line in Afghanistan and part of the secretive US branch of the Army. Jacob becomes increasingly detached which sees him haunted by a grim and bloody past and the family he has left back at home in Seattle. Over four days events build up steadily and inexorably to a fatal set of conclusions affecting everyone involved.

Absolution for a Caged Mind is a powerful and emotive short story, which reminds us all of the tragic and terribly sad state of affairs where many soldiers are challenged with the psychological demands of fighting wars and consequently take their own lives to end their suffering.

The Book of Jonah

by December Nolan

Jonah didn’t understand why he’d had to leave the predictable safety of homeschool to go to public high school. He didn’t understand why everyone made fun of him all the time and why he only had one friend, or why he was always getting sent to the principal’s office when he never did anything wrong! Well, nothing that bad. Nothing that anyone probably noticed. Everything about his life had come to seem wrong and unwholesome since he had to go to public school, but maybe his homeschool teacher was right when she said it was due to the influence of the heathens he had to be around now at school.

At first he waited for God to rescue him from that den of lions, but he was coming to believe it was more like a trial God required of him, especially as he was subjected to worse things all the time. At least he didn’t have to listen to his homeschool teacher’s Bible stories about saints and prophets and holy men anymore, all these tales about people who were spoken to directly by God from forever ago; everyone knew that kind of thing hadn’t happened since Jesus’s time.

There was one good thing about public school: Joan, whom he’d loved from the day he first laid eyes on her freshman year. Then Sebastian arrived his senior yearâ??beautiful Sebastian, who was like God come to Earthâ??and he loved Sebastian, too … in ways the Bible said were wrong, but truth be told, he liked being bad, and always had, as much as he liked being good. It was hard, because everyone was telling him something different about who he should be. He would just have to decide what he believed for himself ….

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