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Gypsy Movements

by Jud Nirenberg

A novel based closely on insider experience, Gypsy Movements brings the reader into the middle of human rights struggles in new and shaky democracies, following Roma (Gypsy) leaders from late-night parties in Budapest to the camps where war refugees are denied news of home. Here is the truth about flawed people aspiring toward the noblest goals.

After the fall of communism, the Roma (Gypsies), Europe’s largest and poorest ethnic minority group began a civil rights movement. An American from small-town New England, Jud Nirenberg became one of the Romani movement’s key personalities, working for a Romani political party, running billionaire George Soros’ charitable support of the movement and working as the right hand to each of the movement’s most charismatic figures as they rose up, taking one another’s places in the dawn of Eastern Europe’s freedom.

“[Nirenberg] makes a significant contribution to Romani communal memory with realism and wit, without losing his grounding or honest engagement with the movement.” – Rebekah Klein-Pejsova, Professor, Purdue University

Other Views of Naval Battles

by Gatot Soedarto

The success in a war is mostly determined by the morality, in addition to the factor of weaponry superiority. In a war there are various kinds of situation and conditions, in which the morality can be up and down, and the situation in which morality can be built up and motivated.

However, in every situation, the soldier morality needs to be maintained and sustained.

Precision Decision Making: How To make Powerful Choices, Take Action & Live A Better Life

by Seth Cohen

Would you like to have the decision making skills of insanely successful people?

Powerful Choices = Better Life

Have you ever second guessed yourself? Of course you have, who hasn’t. This second guessing comes from having failed to make good decisions in the past. Or worse, you made a decision you thought was great only to have it blow up in your face.

It is this decision baggage we carry with us that impedes our ability to make powerful choices in life. Decision makers are confident to make a choice even if it might be the wrong one. A powerful choice is not necessarily the best one but one that was made with confidence and belief in oneself.

Educated Guesses

Elite decision makers balance their instincts with the evidence that is in front of them before making a decision. They listen to what their gut is telling them while taking into consideration all the facts, possibilities and unknowns. A decision is at best, an educated guess. No one really knows what will happen and decision makers accept that fact.

They don’t let the unknown hold them back. By committing to learning what you need to learn to make a decision you are setting yourself up for success. Be aware of analysis paralysis though. You could gain knowledge forever but eventually you will need to make a choice.

You Are Your Decisions

We are a product of all the choices and decisions we have made over the years, but that doesn’t mean we cannot change. Inside” Precision Decision Making: How To Make Powerful Choices, Take Action & Live A Better Life” you will discover:

  • decision traps and how to avoid them
  • a systemized plan to make decisions quickly
  • how to learn from your mistakes without feeling like a failure
  • methods to make quality decisions you are less likely to regret

When you combine all these powerful tips, you will be a decision making master. Your spouse, boss and friends will wonder what your secret is. If life has made anything obvious, it is that decision makers get what they want in life.

Are You Ready To Get What You Want?

You are a decision maker now so what are you waiting for?

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Achieve Prosperous Living Through Spiritual Empowerment

by Jason Vancelette

The ultimate guide to prosperity and financial success through the strengthening of the Mind-Body awareness.

Eleven Prayers of an Asshole: A New Way to Pray

by Curiostic

A snap shot into the mind of an asshole and God.

Zodiac Secrets: Your Guide to Zodiac Signs, Astrology & Horoscopes

by Sharon Fitzgerald

Zodiac Signs And How They Influence Your Life

There are many things that influence our lives and one of the invisible forces that drive our personalities and even our future are zodiac signs. Zodiac sign, in astrology, is a circle of signs and symbols based on the influence of celestial bodies. The alignment of sun, moon and celestial bodies can heavily influence a person and astrologers need to consider a lot of things in order to calculate their prediction. If you are interested to know about zodiac signs, then this book is for you.

With this book, you will learn about the following:

  • Learn about the history of zodiac signs. Contrary to the beliefs of many, astrology was first documented during the Babylonian civilization and the beliefs were transferred to modern astrology today.
  • Learn about the difference of western and Chinese zodiac and astrology. This book gives in-depth discussion of the differences of the various types of zodiac that exists today. To understand the differences of the many zodiac signs, a table was given to easily understand the different zodiac signs.
  • This chapter 2, a discussion about the different types of astrological signs that influence the different types of zodiac signs. These include the elements, modalities, planetary rulership and houses.
  • This book also discusses about how horoscopes are made. It serves as a guide on how astrologers make predictions for different people.
  • Chapter 3 also discusses about how you can understand your sign. This chapter gives a general description on the temperament and behaviors of different zodiac signs.

With this book, you will be able to understand the different types of zodiac signs and the elements that influence them.

Zodiac signs might be difficult to understand but this book simplifies everything so that you can easily understand how zodiac signs can affect your life.

Back to Basics: The Ignorance of the Simplicity of the Brain

by Kristina Marie

Philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, or landscaping…whatever your forte, you are sure to learn a lot from this book. The author breaks down ideas that seem overly complex and make them easy to understand, all the while teaching you how to do the same thing. If you want to challenge yourself, your knowledge of life and existence, or just enjoy a good, thought-provoking book, this is the one for you.

Preppers Survival Box Set: 75 Super Easy Survival Tricks to Get You Ready for a Disaster in Dangerous Situations And in An Urban Environment (Preppers … survival books, preppers survival guide)

by Ashely Hall

Preppers Survival Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Preppers Survival: 48 Super Easy Survival Tactics That Will Save You In Danger

Most of us have witnessed a lot of cases, mostly in TV or internet where people died because of disasters or accidents. A lot of people have lost their lives because they are not prepared for it.

And simply being aware of the approaching disaster doesn’t help sometimes as well. Just think about the Hurricane Katrina disaster that happened in New Orleans back in 2005. Millions of people knew that there the worst hurricane to hit the region in a century is coming, but there were still a lot of people could do nothing but wait what’s going to happen next.

Planning for the calamity is to take on an organized approach to rather shun the calamity, and when disaster is unavoidable, to lessen the harm and to do the essential approach to at least protect your life and the basic necessities that are going to help in keeping you alive from dangers.

In most situations, your survival plan should be based on the preparation of shelter, supplies, and common sense for the period of the disaster situation.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • 48 super easy survival tactics that will save you in danger
  • Understand each step and apply it to yourself to save yourself and your family from natural or manmade disasters that may occur any time.

BOOK #2: Preppers Survival: The Preppers Sophisticated Guide to Get You Ready for a Disaster in an Urban Environment

When talking about the subject of preppers, many people are a little confused as to who these people are and what exactly it is that they are prepping for. This book is designed to help and educate you about this world and show you the reasons why this culture exist in the world today.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • What are preppers and exactly what is it that they are prepping for?
  • How the end of the world can mean the end of the financial world as we know it.
  • How many states are actually prepared for the world coming to an end?
  • How to build a house/shelter to survive the end of civilization?
  • What materials you will need to make sure that you have on hand when the end does arrive?

BOOK #3: Preppers Survival: 27 Survival Tricks that Will Save Your Life in Dangerous Situations

This book contains a lot of information about the prepper’s survival. Here all the steps from first to last are given only for your best survival. This book keeps the ability to help you by giving the best survival. If you read the book, you will be able to know about all the works which you will need to do for survival.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • This book will give you knowledge about prepper’s survival
  • Learn about the most important equipments
  • How to set up the equipments for your survival?
  • Survival foods
  • Survival medicines
  • Weapons which you need to use at the time of danger
  • The precautions which you will need to take for better survival

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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