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The Trial of Tompa Lee (The Trilogy of Tompa Lee Book 1)

by Edward Hoornaert

Only her enemies can save her from alien injustice.


Tompa Lee is a homeless ‘street meat’ who has clawed her way up to the bottom-most rung of the Space Navy . . . but her dream job plummets into a nightmare when she’s framed for mass murder on an alien planet.


Dante Roussel is the Navy policemen who surrenders Tompa to the Shons . . . but he is horrified to learn that their justice requires trial-by-combat, so Tompa must conquer three hundred accusers.


Awmit is an old, lower-class Shon who is the sole witness to Tompa’s innocence . . . but to prove it, he must find the valor and the strength to fight to the death at her side.


Can Tompa learn to trust and love not only a member of the alien race that wants to slaughter her . . . but also the policeman who betrayed her to cruel alien justice?

Children of RIVA (Vanishing Aurora Book 1)

by Lilly Birdsong

Aurora never knew what it felt like to walk on grass, or wood. To feel the wind on her face, or to shelter from the rain. She grew up in the metal and glass world of the space station Magellan. Life was happy and peaceful in her loving family, until her sister Gaia was taken away as a child. They said she was going to the “Elite School,” that she was chosen to be a part of something special. They said she would grow up to be one of the leaders of the next generation.

They lied.

Aurora fights her way through life, struggling past all the boundaries that are thrown up in front of her. She has one goal, and one goal only: to save Gaia.

She never could have realized that in order to save Gaia, she’d first need to save the world.

Already Seen

by Scott Hughey

5 Star Praise for Already Seen:

“A thrill ride through time!”

“Loosely based on the idea of video game save points, Already Seen is a well-written, original take on the idea of time travel. With shades of superhero awesomeness, and infused with moments that are both heartfelt and poignantly human, this novella is easily one of the best things I’ve read so far this year. The prose is effortless and laced with Hughey’s signature wit. My only complaint was that it ended.”

It isn’t every day your wife dies in a car accident, twice. For Nathan Summers, discovering he can reset time, and change the future by focusing on a moment in the past, is easily the best thing to happen to him…this week. Okay, ever.

He can’t wait to use his ability to get one-up on his perfect, cocky, and successful brother-in-law, Wade, who’s the kind of son his mother always wished she had. Only, Wade knows all about resetting time, and he warns Nathan that they aren’t the only ones who can do it.

Alice, is a mysterious woman who will do anything to gain power while eliminating the competition. She learns that Nathan shares her talent for twisting time. Now she’s kidnapped Nathan’s wife, and framed him for a horrendous crime.

With time for Nathan’s wife running out, Alice offers an exchange. Nathan’s wife for his reset point, and his life.

The Bridge (Isaac’s Story: London Book 1)

by C L Walker

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London, 2035

Howard finds himself between a London street gang and the prince of the Forty-Seven Kingdoms when a cyborg former soldier comes looking for his wayward son.

He enlists the help of Angel, a gamer whose only interaction with the real world is through his avatar, and they enter London’s abandoned boroughs, a world Howard wants nothing to do with.

At the center of it all is Hil, a child of the Forty-Seven Kingdoms. Someone messed with her head and turned her into a weapon. Now, with her mind splintered and the city after her, she needs to piece herself back together and remember.



Book 2, The Algorithm, is now available –

Jenna (The Helmsworth Project Book 3)

by Madison Key

Book Three Of The Helmsworth Project Suspense Series

Jenna Helmsworth is well educated and extremely intelligent. So why can’t she understand or control the immense pain running through her head and thoughts?

She finds herself with and FBI guardian and they both try to find relief in a place they shouldn’t be. Luckily they find a helpful ally to get them some help and to cover their tracks.

Alone with the FBI agent in the mountains, Jenna starts to think that things are taking a turn for the betterâ?¦or are they?

Does Jenna ever reunite with her brother and sister?

Why did the FBI agent take her to the mountains?

Does their helpful ally turn out to be an undercover bad guy?

Will Jenna’s head ever stop hurting?

These and other answers await as you follow Jenna through her adventure to find a safe place for her pain to stop.

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