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Escape from the Mouse Trap! 2015: Orlando Activities to Escape from Walt Disney World

by Mary deSilva

Visiting Orlando, Florida with your family but you’re not down with Mickey Mouse? If you find yourself “trapped” in Walt Disney World with your family, help is on the way. Find lots of fun “non-Disney” activities in Orlando and central Florida to keep you busy, entertained and free of the “mouse trap!”

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50 Things to Know About How to Pack Light for Travel: Pack the Right Way Every Time (50 Things to Know Travel)

by Manidipa Bhattacharyya

Do you always have to check in some of your luggage?

Do you fear that your suitcase might burst in the middle of the airport?

Do you bring back totally unused items of clothing that you packed for vacation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you…

50 Things to Know About Packing Light: Every Time by Manidipa Bhattacharyya offers quick little tips and tricks that will help you reduce the load and travel smart. Most books on travel packing tell you to create a packing list specific to one location, the items in those lists depend on whether the destination is cold or hot or humid. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, focusing on packing light regardless of location will help those who pack their home along for any trip. Based on knowledge from the world’s leading experts, this book attempts to bring to you some really helpful ideas for all your future packing.

In these pages you’ll discover how to reduce the number of bags you carry, how to travel light with kids and sample packing lists to help you get started. This book will help you to prioritize the things you need to survive during your trips to domestic as well as foreign countries without paying extra for luggage. By the time you finish this book, you will know what type of luggage to use, what kind of clothes to pack and what things to leave behind while packing.

So grab YOUR copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

For each 50 Things to Know book that is sold (not including free days), 10 cents is given to teaching and learning. Go to to find out more.

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Singles: The Ultimate Guide for Single Travelers (single travel, single travelers, travel for singles, travel destinations)

by Raphael De Marco

Single and Don’t Know Where to Go?

Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Are you single (man or woman) and want to travel? Here we will tell you the world destinations you MUST go, where your vacations will be a blast.

Meet great people from Buenos Aires and Dance Tango, go to The Temple Bar in Dublin, relax at the beach in “the Pearl of the Adriatic”, chill with other singles in the city of Gaudi, have drink in Club Austur of Iceland, hang out in the Parque Lleras in Medellin, have breakfast in Hostel One in Prague, get yourself a ticket for the Münich Pub Crawl, check out Gänsehäufel in Vienna, and don’t miss the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Here Is a Preview Of The Travel Ideas We Will Show You…

  • Buenos Aires at a glance
  • What you need to know about Dublin
  • Why Dubrovnik is great for singles
  • Paradise on the Mediterranean
  • Heating up the single life in Iceland
  • Why you need to see Medellin
  • Living the high life in the heart of Bohemia
  • Hello Germany, goodbye sobriety!
  • The land of Mozart, Freud, and sausages
  • Free-thinking and free-wheeling in the city of canals

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Travel Scraps Vol. 1

by Jason McKenney

From Asia to South America. From Alcatraz to Gettysburg. Enjoy four unique travel articles written by author Jason McKenney as he describes the sites and sounds, food and politics, fears and joys of traveling into the unknown.

All About Guanxi – Leverage Networks and Relationships in China to Succeed in Business and Life

by Jason Luong

If you’ve been to China, you should know nothing gets done without the right amount of guanxi. The question we ask ourselves is, what is guanxi and how does it work for the average Westerner? How do you tap into world of guanxi to access the web of networks and relationships in China? This book will show you how. You’ll learn what guanxi is, how it works, and how you can utilize it to your advantage. You’ll learn how to say the right things at the right time, how to pick your battles wisely, and how to work this 4000 year old network to your whim. Quit hanging out at expat bars. Don’t make a fool of yourself in China. Get this book today and get started on your journey through guanxi!

How To Succeed in Europe Without Really Trying: Chic and Luxurious Vacation Living For Just $75 Dollars a Day

by Katarina Green

Get This Book For Free Today!

How to Succeed in Europe Without Really Trying: Chic and Luxurious Travel Living for Just $75 a Day

Are you lacking something new and exciting in your repetitive life?

Do you want to see Europe without killing your savings?

Do you want to start planning your life changing stay in a new and exciting place right now?

Are you over sleeping on strangers’ couches and skipping meals to make travel work?

Do you want a travel planning book that will help you do everything you want without compromising comfort?

Do you want to learn how to keep energy up and make the most of every day on the road?

This book is perfect for you. You will learn how to embrace the luxury of local living and learn the ways of the locals with this travel planning book. From where to go, where to sleep, how to travel, and what to eat, this book is packed with tips and experiences of how to make comfortable travel work on a shoestring budget. Each piece of planning advice is backed up with a breakdown of costs and daily averages to help you create a budget that is just right for your needs and interests.

How to Succeed in Europe Without Really Trying will help you plan an incredible trip with an incredibly low price tag, without compromising on basic luxuries.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to make travel a priority in your life.
  • How to choose your perfect vacation spot.
  • Which resources and guidebooks to use to pick your European destination and plan your trip.
  • How to embrace differences once you arrive and enjoy your trip to the max.
  • How to find gorgeous options for places to rest your head without going over budget.
  • How to embrace local eating culture and have the best meals of your life.
  • When to spend, when to save, and when to splurge on attractions and mementos.
  • How to economise on transportation and experience the rhythm of your destination.
  • How to plan day trips that will improve your understanding of the culture and the region.
  • How to give gifts that say “I was thinking of you” and not “I got sucked into a tourist trap.”
  • How to incorporate your experience into your daily life back home.
  • How to do it all for $75 a day!

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