Free war Kindle books for 26 Feb 15

Faceless: Earth Turns a New Chapter

A young soldier is thrust into a war he did not want to fight. The enemy he is faced with are far more superior than he could of ever imagined. He can only rely on his training and courage to see him through the early stages of the conflict.

The ferociousness of the new threat will take his young mind through hell and back as he battles with stress and fear. Something changes in him forever. This event grows a true hatred for his new found enemy. Along the way he becomes a vital key to defeating his foe. Can he survive his plight?

New Age Warrior

by Brandon Minturn

A long lost culture reborn has an unprecedented impact on national security….madness or genius?

Hyde, an average kid from the Midwest, is chosen to join an elite school. Accompany him as he and other students learn an innovative way of life. But when students don’t perform according to the primary plan, the situation must be dramatically rectified. Will Hyde and the others be able to adapt to the military’s new plan for them?

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