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The Lean Startup: A Complete Summary For Busy People

by Vocreo Publishing

We know you’re busy, so we’ll keep this short. This summary of The Lean Startup (written by Eric Ries) is designed to give you the main ideas you need to know from this great book in the quickest format possible.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to manage and control a new startup
  • How to use experiments to eliminate wasteful processes
  • How to create a “Minimum Viable Product”
  • How to use smart measurements to guarantee long-term success
  • How to change directions and adapt quickly in a fast-paced, competitive environment
  • How to scale an incredibly efficient new business using growth engines and innovation
  • Many more hacks and strategies to build a lean and profitable startup

What Is Inside This Summary:

  1. A comprehensive overview of the entire book
  2. Detailed summaries of each chapter
  3. Important and memorable quotes from each chapter
  4. A bulleted list of key takeaways from the book

Excerpt from the summary of The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup Method

The Lean Startup is comprised of five principles which make up the majority of the book. These principles include:

  1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere. Ries states that you don’t have to be a business owner to be classified as an entrepreneur. This means that entrepreneurs can be found everywhere, in every sector of business, and in companies of varying size.
  2. Entrepreneurship is management. A startup is more than just the product or service being sold. If you think of a startup as an institution that constantly grows and changes based on the extreme uncertainty of the market, you start to get the idea. In fact, Ries even suggests making the term “entrepreneur” a managerial job title filled by someone who is adept at reacting to market changes as they occur.
  3. Validated Learning. One of the major benefits to creating a startup is learning how to build a sustainable business. In other words, it’s about more than just creating products, making money, and serving customers.
  4. Build-Measure-Learn. The fundamental idea behind every startup is to turn an idea into a product, measure customer feedback, and then decide whether to change course or persevere. The Lean Startup method encourages accelerating this feedback loop as much as possible.
  5. Innovation Accounting. Measuring progress, setting up milestones, and learning how to prioritize tasks will help to improve entrepreneurial outcomes while holding innovators accountable. This is accomplished using a new accounting method designed specifically for startups

Many of these principles are ideas originally developed by Toyota – a company which has spearheaded the lean manufacturing movement. Ries has taken the time to apply many of these same principles to businesses of all sizes, both startups and established companies. The result of Ries’ work is known as the Lean Startup methodology.

This book was written to welcome what Ries refers to as Management’s Second Century. Modern startups cannot rely on what has worked in the past. Rather, startups require a new set of tactics – tactics that have been incorporated into the Lean Startup process. These tactics will ensure the future success of entrepreneurs around the world.

The Sales Secret

by Rick Davis

FINALLY! The Sales Secret offers something new to the profession of selling. In his ground-breaking book, master sales expert Rick Davis will have you rethinking everything you’ve ever been taught about selling. He guides you on a delightful journey to give you the tools to enhance your future success.

Adam is a frustrated young salesman who has entered what he percieves to be the hapless profession of selling. He encounters a wise mentor, Abe, who reveals the powerful secrets of the Non-Linear Sales Formula, Aikido Selling and Selling from Scratch. But will these lessons be enough to transform Adam from a passionate but undisciplined seeker to the exceptional sales warrior Abe knows he can be?

This book is for every salesperson, manager and business leader who ever wanted to triumph by producing more results while finding internal balance and happiness in the very challenging career of selling.

You need a method to cope when clients throw curve balls and objections that take you off course. Clients are not always cooperative and The Sales Secret arms you with everything you need to know about handling sales calls in the real world. Join Adam on his adventure as he discovers the secrets for lasting success.

Polishing your sales game was never such a fun ride.

How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days

by Ria C. Newbold

How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days

The Amazing Secret To Understanding How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days Is That It Brings You To A Place Of Being Debt-Free, Stress-Free And Worry Free!

Many persons at some point of their lives have experienced financial strain as a result of debt, which resulted in possibly a whole lot of stress and worry. If this is you, do you want to turn things around with a simple step by step process to take you through the next 31 days? Do you want to transform the way you look at money going forward so that you can now be in a position to watch it work for you? Then, it’s all up to you. The opportunity for you to get your finances back on track is with this short e-book: “How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days.”

There is no doubt that you have heard of many how to get rich quick nuggets which did not work for you and you are still in a whole lot of debt. If you are frustrated with how things may be going now for you – then this book is in its’ simplest form daily nuggets that will help you to put steps in place to create a healthy financial habit.

With “How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days”, you’ll be able to:

– Properly assess your income and expenses

– Put in place the necessary plans to get out of debt

– Properly manage your expenses

– Put in place a savings plan for emergencies, vacation, college education etc.

This book has been set up with short, yet practical applications for each day to ensure that you are actually doing the things required to get you to the place of being debt-free, stress-free and worry-free. Also, in this book there is a bonus with quick tips that can be implemented where you are now. Make this a part of your journey over the next 31 days!

Twitter Followers: Building Your Twitter Followers in 2015

by Daniel Silver

Twitter Followers

Building your Twitter Followers in 2015

That latest book from Daniel Silver (of teaches you all the effective techniques you need to build up a highly effective Twitter Following in 2015

Over 4 Years of practical Twitter experience has been condensed down into this book to give you only the most useful and actionable of Twitter Audience Building Techniques and Tools

Included in this book:

  • Twitter Basics
  • Twitter Best Practices for 2015
  • Twitter SEO Techniques
  • Follower Building Power Tool!
  • Post Scheduling
  • Building Great Content
  • Stealing your Competitor’s Key Followers
  • Active Engagement Techniques
  • Psychology Hacking
  • Lots of FREEBIES & PromoCodes

This book is a no-nonsense guide filled to the brim with practical techniques you can use instantly to grow your Twitter Followers and Twitter Interactions. There is no wasted time or speculation. All the techniques included in this book have been used by Daniel Silver and most are still being used by him in his Powerful Twitter Building System.

How To #Win: A Code for Finding Purpose, Activating Productivity and Uploading Hidden Potential

by Nikoya Jones

If you only read one book on personal transformation, “How to #Win” should be the one. A quick and problem solving read, this book acts as a guide to assist in answering important life questions. Is college for you, or not? What industry will you choose to work in? How can you use your gifts and talents? Should you date? Should you marry? How do you make the most of your time? What is YOUR purpose?

How to #Win presents the steps to find your purpose in life, and demonstrates why knowing your purpose naturally supercharges productivity. This information takes a close look at the elements of life purpose and becoming a top player in the world’s marketplace, instead of becoming a human commodity.

The Confidence Code: Hacks to Calculate Ultimate Creative Confidence

by Kristi Jefferson

Hacks to Calculate Ultimate Creative Confidence Code

Some individuals are blessed with creativeness from birth, some realize its impact at a certain age and become creative, then there are some who are thrust with it and finally some who learn to get hold of it by building their creative confidence over their entire lifetime.

This book: The Confidence Code: Hacks to Calculate Ultimate Creative Confidence is primarily dedicated and devoted to the last lot. The one’s who learn how to be creative, even though they are blessed with it already but does not know it because they have been under a lot of pressure and their confidence factor has been on a decline over the years.

Why You Need to Buy This Book?

This book dedicates itself to the primary purpose of providing you with an instinct to make you feel good about yourself. To make your confidence level grow to an extent where you will finally understand your very own potential to be creative and you finally get hold of the confidence level that you were unaware of from the beginning.

This book aims to develop and make the reader realize what they are actually worth and how to attain their maximum boost level to achieve the creative goals and objectives that they have been aiming for quite a long time.

Let See The Preview of This Book:











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Habit: How to Break Bad Habits in 10 Weeks or Less and Use it to Build Good Habit Instead and Achieve Long-Term Success

by Evert Green


How to Break Bad Habits in 10 Weeks or Less and Use it to Build Good Habit Instead and Achieve Long-Term Success

This eBook is about the process of changing your life by kicking a bad habit. You will come to realize that changing a bad habit is not as difficult as you think. Thanks to this guide, you will learn how to change a habit that inhibits your personal growth by identifying patterns that shape your life. So far, you may have felt frustrated with the discovery that you are lagging behind in terms of personal development. You may have felt discouraged by your futile efforts to change a habit the wrong way: usually by following an express method that is based on a dubious logic and that fails to stimulate and maintain your motivation to follow a healthy routine.

Are you a busy professional struggling to build a career? A young mum juggling different roles and responsibilities? A student with great aspirations and expectations after your graduation? A retired senior concerned with issues affecting your health? Regardless of who you are, the methods proposed will give you guaranteed success. You can follow a program tailored to your personal needs. You will be given the tools to analyze your own behavior and understand your individuality thoroughly. You will then proceed methodically to bring about the necessary modifications to your routine, which will turn you into a more productive, active, optimistic, and successful person. You will apply methods based on a widely accepted scientific framework for human behavior. You will be given the chance to live life to the fullest and thrive. Letting go of your old self is fundamental to this. As a result of your transformation, you will benefit from a significantly enhanced quality of life. The good news is that this transformation can occur in any phase of your life, because habits are constantly pliable.

You will obtain results quite fast; in 10 weeks, you will have laid some foundations for improved health and prosperity; you will take life in your own hands by mastering the art of manipulation to effectively control your behavior. It cannot be denied that the things you do regularly make you the kind of person you are; they decisively affect your beliefs and character. You will learn how to do the right things to change a habit the easy way; in fact, the transition from a bad habit to a healthy habit will be so smooth, it will feel like a breeze. You will learn how to turn your back on your old habits by enjoying appropriate rewards that will reinforce your new behavior. You will also be prepared to deal with potential problems that may arise during the process of rebuilding good habits.

You are free to choose from two terrific action plans according to your individual preferences, lifestyle, and character in order to be the person you always wanted to be. â??’How to Break Bad Habits and Achieve Success” is a fine and rare companion in your journey towards self-awareness and self-improvement. Read on to discover how you can start this thrilling and empowering process.

The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Professionals (3rd Edition)

by Simon Stapleton

I make no apologies that the title of this book is inspired by Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Covey’s book is one of the most quoted and referenced management book around, and although in 2015 the book is over twenty-five years old, it still remains fresh and highly valuable. This is because it shares with us the essential behaviors of success, in whatever field of work you’ve chosen.

So in this book I have adapted the concept and applied it to the pursuit of success by professionals. With the help, insight and brainpower of many colleagues and associates from across the globe, I researched the behavioral traits of very successful and highly effective professionals.

The result: We have identified the Top Ten most effective behaviors consistently and continuously exhibited by the most successful and influential professionals we have had the luck to work with.

So let me show you how the very best do it. I’ll show you how to join the Professional Elite in the most powerful way of all – forming habits that only the Highly Effective Professionals do.

Right Entrepreneur Mindset: 55 Powerful Steps to Create, Cultivate, and Develop Your Entrepreneur Mindset for Success (Successful Entrepreneur, Mindset for Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Mind)

by Kristi Jefferson

55 Powerful Steps With The Right Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneurs do not emerge by themselves; they are created through a strong urge to achieve success. Success rarely happens by chance and it will not last long if it does happen in this manners. When you decide to become a business owner, you need to make sure that you have the entrepreneur mindset. While this may sound easy to achieve, this is actually where a lot of people get tripped up badly. Being an entrepreneur takes a certain kind of view on the world, and without it, you’ll never get anywhere.

You Should Buy This Book If You…

– Want to be successful entrepreneur

– Want to have a right Entrepreneur mindset

– Want to know successful tips for startup entrepreneur

– Want to have more clear thinking strategy

Let see the Preview Strategies:

*Learn Large Monetary Rewards

*Manage Stress Levels

*Stress Management Courses

*Annual Physical

*Decisions (Make a Change)!

*Write Down your Goals

*Visible Goals

*Realize Your Worth

*Realize Your Value

*Build Confidence

*Resume at Bay?

*LinkedIn Up-to-Date?

*Search Google: (Your Name)

*Add Relevant Data

*Sign- Up for Other Professional Websites

*Join Online Groups, Make sure They are Reputable

*Research Financial Newspapers on a Daily Basis



*Observe& Attention to Detail is Important!


*Decide an Industry

*Gain Solitude




*Company Slogan & Words

*Copyright I.P.


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Day trading technical setups from Blue Donkey: Feb 17th, 2015

by Blue Donkey

Every book in this series contains a single day from a trading journal of the author. Every chapter demonstrates setups a trader can meet 2-3 times a week. The series goal is to provide examples of typical bullish and bearish setups in major indexes. The author assumes that a reader is aware of some trading strategies like trailing stop loss.

Stop Being Lazy: How to be Productive, Beat Procrastination, and Get More Done

by Peter Odell

Stop Being Lazy

Stop Being Lazy

Stop Being Lazy

Stop Being Lazy

Kindle Publishing & Marketing: Kindle Direct Publishing – Publish A Book In 14 Days, & Kindle Marketing: Kindle Marketing Secrets Revealed to Make Your … Self Publishing, Kindle Marketing)

by The Boost Your Business Professional Group

Do You Want A Step-By-Step Guide To Write, Publish, And Market YourBook In Only 14 Days?

If so, the this Special Package is for you because you will learn EXACTLY how to write your book, publish it, and market it – so that it sells – and potentially becomes a bestseller.

Here Are A Few Of The Topics Covered:

– The Step-By-Step Process To Creating, Publishing, & Marketing Your Book In ONLY 14 Days!

– The #1 Way To Get Your Kindle Book SEEN By Customers On Amazon

– How To Design An Amazing Cover VERY Inexpensively

– The BEST WAY To Get 5 Star Reviews

– Things You Can Do To Become A Bestseller!

– How To Significantly Boost Sales With Kindles Free Promotion

– How Important Key Words Are For Kindle Marketing, & How To Select The Ones That Are Best For Your Book

– Easy Strategies To Properly Format Your Document For Kindle

– Kindle Publishing Secrets That Only The Top-Earning Publishers Know

– How To Use Specific Social Media Sites To Promote Your Book

– The Advantages & Disadvantages of Choosing 35% Royalty Versus 70%

– The Benefits To Non-Paid Advertisements Versus Paid Advertisements

– The Best Marketing Strategies To Get Your Book To Be A #1 Bestseller

– And Much, Much More!

If You Want To Save Time, Energy, And Money, Then This Special Package Is For You!

Tags: Kindle Publishing, KDP, Book Marketing, Self Publishing, Kindle Marketing, ebook marketing, kindle marketing secrets

Wake Up Successful: How to ALWAYS Start on the Right Foot

by Karina Hughes-Eperson

Nothing beats starting each day on the right foot.

In this “short read” eBook, which will take you less than 5 minutes to read (but that would take close to an hour to implement), you will learn how to do the 2 simple daily actions that can help you to guarantee that the first waking hour of your day is a winning one.

By locking in a win on your very first hour, you can give yourself the emotional and mental momentum that you can use to help make the hours that follow winning ones as well.

If you religiously implement these 2 daily actions regularly, a winning first hour can be virtually “safe in the bank” for you.

Business Plan Tips: Crucial knowledge and helpful tips to win investors

by Joshua Nuyen

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Good business plans are written from the investor’s perspective. That simply means weighing risk against opportunity, because investors have a strong drive to reduce risks while looking for investment opportunities that provide above average returns and a suitable opportunity to realize those gains by cashing out.

Table of Contents

    Why write a business plan?

    What investors look for, and look out for?

    The preparation process

    Basic business plan outline

    Executive summary

    Company description

    Market and competition (Industry analysis, Target market, Competition)

    Marketing plan and sales strategy (Sales and support)


    Management and organization

    Long-term development and exit plan



    The investment

    Making the pitch

    Business plan checklist

This is the only business plan guide you ever need that helps you write persuasive business plans to win investors! Grab your copy now!

Escape Debt and Financial Ruins: 69+ Tips to Save More Money (saving money, how to save money, saving money tips, ways to save money, easy ways to save … to become wealthy) (69+ tip topperz Book 3)

by David Scott

Escape Debt and Financial Ruins: 69+ Tips to Save More Money

We all want to save more money don’t we? We aspire to achieve that great beautiful house, that luxury car, that dream vacation, a wedding of magnificent proportions, that extravagant honeymoon or any other thing. However, too many times are we unable to put the necessary effort into actually saving funds, through cutting back whilst still maintaining an optimum standard of living. The goal is not to embrace an impoverished lifestyle, but instead cut back on the â??not-needed’, those things that you can definitely live without. In the following segments of this book, you will be exposed to a wide variety of information, particularly tips that will allow you to, if used properly, exponentially cut back on the fund wastage per annum.

If used properly and optimally, these tips will effectively allow you to cut back on spending, thereby alleviating debt, and even allowing you to have that dream vacation you’ve always wanted. Debt is not a joke; it can have you flat on your back in a few years, filing for bankruptcy and all those good stuff. It is imperative that you avoid debt at all cost, think about the future and think about your children and family. Your goal is to make life better for them not increase life’s impediments.

Speak and be Feared: Public speaking, how to dominate an environment and how to motivate and influence!

by Julia Lovecraft

Welcome to Speak and be Feared!

I have never seen myself as a pack leader, neither any other kind of influential leader, but in my years of public speaking I have learned a thing or two about making your mark in the mind of people you come into contact with. I was an advocate for over ten years, a lawyer for three and a public speaker for fifteen. I believe in one thing and one thing only.

Make the people who believe in you look like rockstars!

Learn the exact “science” method here.

Public speaking is the process or act of performing a presentation (a speech) focused around an individual directly speaking to a live audience in a structured, deliberate manner in order to inform, influence, or entertain them. Public speaking is commonly understood as the formal, face-to-face talking of a single person to a group of listeners. It is closely allied to “presenting”, although the latter is more often associated with commercial activity. Most of the time, public speaking is to persuade the audience.

Get quick and easy tips for how to prepare and present an award, use visual aids and props, incorporate body language into your presentations, and more. With time and practice, you’re sure to see improvement in your ability to communicate and an increase in your confidence as well.

Organize your speech in a logical sequence: opening, main points, summary.

    Practice and rehearse a speech frequently prior to delivering it. Ask friends to be your audience, or practice in front of a mirror. Be sure to use a timer to help you pace your speech.

    Become familiar with the stage or the setting where the speech will take place. Get a sense of the size of the stage, where any steps or obstacles might be, and where to enter and exit.

    Choose comfortable clothes to wear, but always maintain a professional appearance.

    Visual aids should fit a speech, whether they are funny, serious or technical. The main goal of visual aids is to help the audience understand what is being said, and reinforce the points of a speech in unique and interesting ways.

From Failure To Happiness: It’s Up To You To Smile Or Not When You Fail (Failure Success, Learn from Failure, Stay Happy, Positive Attitude)

by Shawn Petersen

From Failure to Happiness…

This book entitled From Failure to Happiness is all about appreciating failures and recognizing the long-standing fact that success cannot be achieved with just one try. This book will also reinforce the positive belief that you are capable of anything– everything is just mind over matter.

Reading this book is a must, not because it only contains positive aspects, but because in here you will realize that you control your own game. Should there be something you want to accomplish, all you have to do is embrace failures are mere stepping stones– not obstacles that will forever hinder you from your goals.

What you’ll get from reading this book:

â?¢ Tips on how to boost your self-confidence

â?¢ How to “enjoy” your mistakes

â?¢ What to do to make your mistakes turn into stepping stones

â?¢ Tips on how to be optimistic

â?¢ What’s the magic of a smile? How can you make smiling a habit?

â?¢ Why is it important to perform positive actions?

â?¢ How to give up failing

â?¢ Tips on how to believe in yourself

â?¢ How to stop yourself from making excuses

â?¢ And many more!

Hurry Up Before The Price Go Up!

Why Startups Fail: Deadly Mistakes of Business Startup Founders Explained

by Can Akdeniz

When you’re starting your own venture startup, the last thing you want to focus on is failure. Nevertheless, if you explore the common reasons for failure in advance, you will be significantly less prone to succumb to them yourself. This book is a collection of the main reasons why startups come up short and tips for avoiding them.

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