Free fantasy Kindle books for 27 Feb 15

FALLING (Forget Me Not Book 1)

by M. Littlefield

My name is Charlotte Argent. That much I know.

What I don’t know is why I’m in the hospital, why my friends aren’t coming to visit, and why Sam (or is it Max?) was here when I woke up. Sure, they tell me I fell from a building and went into a coma – even died – but I still can’t remember.

Then I met him. Day. His lavender eyes meet my gray ones on a walk in the hospital, and something just feels so right – and it isn’t just his platinum curls and chiseled marble physique. No, he definitely seems familiar somehow, safe, and I definitely feelâ?¦drawn to him.

But sweet and quiet Sam isn’t convinced that Day is Mr. Perfect.

And Day is convinced that Sam is a monster.

The question is, who am I to trust?

Jack’s Secret

by Jeanette Muscella

Jack has suffered with migraines his entire life. Only his adoptive parents and his doctor knew the truth but and kept it from Jack for almost 30 years. His life started spiraling out of control. The pain was making it difficult to function. Jack went to his parents for help and that’s when they decided to tell him the truth. Jack’s biological father is a werewolf and his body is fighting the change. How will Jack’s life change once he’s told the truth? Luke has been running from his past for many years. He is the only person who can help his son. How will father and son react when they finally meet? Can Luke save his son’s life?

The Hollow Church

by Amy Cross

Abby Hart, daughter of a human mother and a vampire father, is back in a new series of books charting her life following the end of the Dark Season books.

When the victims of a hideous ‘blood farm’ are found dead in an abandoned building, Detective Mark Gregory is reminded of a traumatic incident from his past. Unfortunately for him, the medical examiner assigned to help with the case is Abby Hart, a woman who has secrets of her own.

As Abby and Mark investigate the latest deaths, they discover a sinister, seemingly empty church in the heart of the city. A mysterious cult is gathering, determined to raise the father of the vampire race, who was supposed to have been killed many years ago. Soon, Abby is drawn into the heart of the cult, which is when she realizes that rather than trying to stop them, she might actually want to help!

This is a standalone book. Word count is approximately 86,000. Includes a preview from The Vampire’s Grave. Contains violence and swearing. You do not need to have read the Dark Season books in order to read The Hollow Church.

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