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So Much Owed

by Jean Grainger

January,1918 – Dunderrig House, West Cork, Ireland.

Dr Richard Buckley returns to his beloved Dunderrig, disillusioned and damaged by the futility of war. At his side is Solange Allingham, his best friend’s widow who has lost everything she ever loved.

Richard’s wife Edith is bitter at what she sees as her husband’s betrayal of his country by wearing a British uniform. After giving birth to twins, she withdraws into a silent world, finally leaving her family for strange new bedfellows. Solange is obliged to overcome her own heartbreak to become the mother Edith’s children so badly need. James and Juliet are inseparable and incorrigible and the life blood of Dunderrig. As they grow up, they come of age into a world where despite the horrors of the past, war looms large yet again.

From tranquil West Cork to wartime Belfast, from neutral Dublin to occupied France, the twins lives diverge in unforeseen ways as Dunderrig waits anxiously once more for the safe return of its children.

A June Bride

by Teresa DesJardien

A HASTY MARRIAGE to redeem her reputation is bad enough, but Alessandra’s punishment for an innocent moment in the park is not to end there. Her groom comes to her with the puzzling proposal that, despite the terrible scandal it would be, she may ask that they go their separate ways if she finds that they simply do not suit. What is a bride-even one forced to wed-to think of such an offer? Particularly when her new husband had been meant to marry another woman, a beauty who seems to be constantly in the company of Alessandra’s bridegroom…

IF GEOFFREY NEEDED an example of a poor marriage, he had only to look to his estranged parents. So he listened to his mama when she pleaded with him not to forever trap Alessandra in marriage if theirs proves to be loveless. But now that his word is given, how to carry on with his new wife? It will take a scrupulous consideration of Alessandra’s sensibilities, a modicum of self control, and pillows dividing the bed her father insists they share. But the sight of his bride, adorably attired in modest night clothes, is distinctly unsettling. And he’s increasingly hoping he sees not rejection but warmth in his unintended bride’s eyes…

A Few Dangerous Men (Will Lascelles / Dangerous Men Series Book 1)

by Kevin Logan

The year is 1700 and going into partnership with a sea merchant is a potentially profitable – and dangerous – proposition.

Will Lascelles had become little more than a vagrant in the West Indies. Well educated, the third son of the High Sheriff of Yorkshire, yet no apparent opportunities awaited him until the day he met John Farmer. Unfortunately, Mr. Farmer made an ill-advised business deal with the Lowes brothers – very dangerous men – leading to his early demise. Now, a young man accustomed to little responsibility and still a mere apprentice to John in Will’s own eyes, Will Lascelles has to figure out how to protect and care for John’s widow, act as master of his ship and crew, repay an egregious debt, and most importantly, avenge his dear friend John’s death.

Carl’s Story: Student, Soldier, Hippie

by Edwin Erickson

This book is a story recalling the life of a young man’s experience navigating life from the last year of the fifties to the last year of the sixties. It is an American story about an average American man. Go along with Carl through his high school and college years, his service in the U.S. Army and his life as a hippie in Hollywood.

Natural Causes: …a Martin & Lydia Penn story (Searching for Summerland Book 2)

by Barry Friesen

The year is 1989, back when “til death do us part” was what a lifelong marriage meant, as far as Lydia Penn was concerned. But at 62, Lydia finds that not only do men age differently than women, her newly-retired husband, Martin, is underfoot and driving her crazy. Love has to change form when life does, but it’s not easy with a husband who keeps moving full grown trees twenty feet to the left because he has nothing to do, who who paints her kitchen to remind him of the shacks he loved her in back when they first married. He wants her to give up the independence of her own car, and abandon their comfortable life on the farm to move up into the mountains to live in a shack again. And he’s begun to flirt, and not with her. Lydia has to put her foot down for the first time in their marriage, or lose a new part of herself that she’s only just discovered. And Martin is a bull.

The Dream of Macsen

by R A Forde

Magnus Maximus, known to the British as Macsen, was a real person, a Roman commander based in Britain. He rose to be one of the joint rulers of the Roman Empire in the late 4th century, just before the collapse of Roman rule in Britain. The setting is a time of great political and religious upheaval, and the story is seen through the eyes of his British wife, Helena.

The story opens when Helena is a little girl, the daughter of minor British royalty in the town of Segontium (modern Caernarvon) in Anglesey, North Wales. She is introduced to the turbulence of her age by witnessing an attack on Segontium by Irish raiders. Later she heets and marries Macsen and travels with him to York and later London, where she saves him from a plot to arrest him. Instead, he seizes power and defeats the western emperor, becoming recognised by the other two joint emperors.

Meanwhile Helena, feeling spurned and lonely, turns to Julius, a young officer, putting both of them in great danger. However, Macsen overreaches himself in a bid for ultimate power as sole ruler of the Empire, and Europe is plunged into war. Meanwhile, Helena finally uncovers the secret which has haunted Macsen’s private life and their marriage, narrowly escaping with her life.


by William Brennan

Boston in the 1850s may have been a focal point for Northern Abolitionists, but the movement hardly garnered universal support. Outside of the Transcendentalist movement and the often-abstract morality of the upper classes, abolition often met resistance. The working classes, in particular, feared economic hardship should freed slaves flood the workforce with even cheaper labor.

In this volatile environment, John Harrigan struggles with multiple crises. A member of Boston’s oft-reviled community of Irish immigrants, Harrigan’s resistance to abolition leads to clashes with his son Jack, a liberal minded young man increasingly involved with the Transcendentalist movement. For the staunchly Catholic John Harrigan, Jack’s actions betray the family on both religious and personal levels.

When a mob of Bostonians threatens to lynch a runaway slave, disaster strikes the Harrigan clan, a tragedy used by proponents and opponents of abolition alike to strengthen their own beliefs and agendas. In a conflict where the needs of immigrants are pitted against Southern slaves, no winner can emerge unscathed.


by A.S. Johnson

Back Blurb:

Isabella Roche is a French orphan who came to America with hopes and dreams to tame the Wild-West. Little did Isabella know a storm was brewing that would change her life forever bringing undeniable true love in its wake.

Alberto Santiago fled Spain for a simpler life giving up his place in the royal court to become a local ranch hand in the Arizona Territory. Alberto wanted to earn his keep, buy land, and create his own way in life. That’s what he wanted, until fate put a twist in those plans and love in his path.

Is this budding romance destine to grow or will it be washed away in an unforeseen storm that is brewing?

Ravens Cry

by Colin Kertland

A compelling story that will immerse you in the passions, hatred and ferocity brought by the Roman invasion of Britain. Entwined in this drama is a convulsive love that struggles to survive being thwarted on all sides by angry prejudices and superstitions. But it is a love so potent it irrevocably changes the lives it touches, bringing both joy and despair. The story is told through the eyes of its three main characters: Caesernius is an experienced, battle-hardened Roman career officer determined to make his mark in the world who has long regarded women as a recreational pleasure. Cresalena is a strong-willed, passionate and vivacious Celtic noblewoman whose looks enthral men. She is self-assured, independent and shrewd. She is intensely loyalty to her father Conubus a well-respected Celtic chieftain of proven bravery.

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