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When the Crows Fly Low

by V.J. Patterson

When the crows fly lowâ?¦rain is coming.

In 1926, Will Lawson learns far to early in his life that there are many versions of Hell. One he witnesses on a rainy August morning. One he creates, turning away from all he loves and turning into everything he hates. And one is where his eternal soul will resideâ?¦

The memories are alive in Will’s sixty-nine year old mind. They torment him, yet they comfort him. When a lost man journeys through his past is it possible to find his way home? As Will relives the tribulations in his life, he attempts just that. Witnessing a vicious murder as a young boy sets in motion a story of a life thrown off course by tragedy. The young boy grows into a bitter man as reckless living becomes Will’s escape from his troubled mind. But meeting Sarah, a beautiful young woman running from her own ghosts, changes everything. Finding his salvation in her, Will wades into the unfamiliar waters of love. But when a familiar face returns to Will’s small town of Doyle, Tennessee, a wicked twist of fate forces Will to decide between the girl he loves and his need for revenge.

In this debut romantic drama, When the Crows Fly Low weaves a story full of suspense, loss, and love. It is sure to stay with the reader long after the final page.

People Speak 7: Real Life Stories (People talk about themselves)

by Chaim Walder

Collection of true stories

Written by real people

People Speak is a collection of true stories written by real people about their own lives, collected by popular writer and editor Rabbi Chaim Walder, bestselling author of the series Kids Speak.

Rabbi Walder’s storytelling prowess continues to take us on a journey into people’s live, painting for us a vivid picture of their hardship as well as their triumphs. These real life stories have been hand selected from the multitude of letters that fill Rabbi Walder’s post-office box, each for the meaningful message it conveys and the life lessons to be learned from it.

The People Speak series has been translated into six languages and has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people the world over for its unique ability to retell people’s life stories in an incredibly touching manner. This is the 7th book in the series.

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The Retro Man

by Amit Pandey

“Taciturn, loner and honestly quite a bore…Neel lived with his clichéd views of life belonging to some bygone era when humility was a virtue, courage was unobtrusive, strength was courteous and movie heroes were well dressed gentlemen.”

The habitually reticent Neel is maneuvered into sharing the secrets of his queer yet happy existence with a friend who happens to be an antithesis of Neel’s idyllic views about life. Although the man can’t stand Neel’s idealistic, old-fashioned ways, he must bear with Neel’s hackneyed wisdom for one whole night to fulfill a personal agenda. The story unfolds in an ensuing dialogue that spans faith, destiny and most of all relationshipsâ?¦within a family and with the Almighty. Neel unravels how he eventually found his footing in life after a turbulent childhood and then used a shattering personal failure to turn all the negativity in his life into a mantra for lifelong happiness. Tempted, Neel’s friend can’t wait to use that mantra to find some happiness for himself and soon finds an opportunity to do so; but are the results up to his expectationsâ?¦?

In The Forest Of The Night

by Larry Ellis

A story of violence and corruption in the coalfields of southern West Virginia. A State Trooper is dispatched to a rural, mining county to solve the murder of a local UMWA operative. He meets a woman who says she wants to help and a local policeman who apparently wants to sabotage his investigation.

Russian Roulette (A Lisa Becker Short Mystery Book 3)

by Falko Rademacher

Lisa Becker and Fabian Zonk are dealing with a young man from Marzahn who evidently has shot himself. Both forensic medicine and CSI agree. But Lisa suspects that the boy is actually the victim of a malicious trick.

A shorty mystery from Berlin with Lisa Becker and an almost perfect murder.

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by F. P. Adriani

Two books in one book: a contemporary novel and a speculative-fiction novella.


When Tommy takes a job as a “caretaker” to his friend Brad’s wife, Ann, Tommy gets more than he bargained for in the eccentric Ann. And a life-weary Ann gets exactly what she wants in a handyman: someone available to be around. Even though Ann and Brad are separated, Brad lives in the apartment attached to the house, keeping his possessive eyes on her.

With the help of her live-in band of misfits, Ann sets her sexual sights on Tommy, but he’s still smarting from his own disastrous marriage.

Will he ever learn to let go of the past? And will she ever learn to embrace an uncertain future without fear?


Isolation. An experiment. The unexpected.

Hoping for a new start for life, a group of humans rebuilding an island encounter new–and old–problems.


(Notes from the author: The two books inside Duet have been previously published. Duet contains explicit language and very explicit sex. The novel is contemporary/literary fiction about loneliness, relationships, sex and love; the novella is one of my sci-fi/mystery stories. Duet is like a sampler of my longer writings.)

Labyrinthine (Interior worlds Book 1)

by Ruby Allure

Olivia, the visionary artist, who fell by the wayside, discovers a way to access her creativity through the inner labyrinths. After visiting Labyrinthine, she awakes to find a mysterious figure holding a gun to her head. The episode triggers a series of events that reveal her boyfriend is attempting to swindle her, her agent has defied death and there is an underlying structure to people’s life timings.

Rapidly, her world spirals into chaos. She learns that everyone on the planet has a divine blueprint contained within the iris of their eye. Unfortunately, there is a loophole in divinity. When death erases the blueprint, those who defy death affect the timing of everyone else on the planet. It seems the answers lie within Labyrinthine. However, the wisdom comes at a price.


by Elena Bogatyreva

Camilla used to have everything she wanted. Then one day she lost it all by a stupid coincidence. She was forced to leave behind everything she loved – everything that gave meaning to her life. Now a letter from the past hits her heart like a 45-caliber. A déjà vu. She goes back to Arcachon, a gun in her purse. She’s back to get her revenge. Who can stop her?

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