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From Your Head to Your Heart: The Change You Long For Is 18 Inches Away

by Maria Durso

Make the Connection.

The change you long for is just 18 inches away!

Have you ever declared in frustration that your head knows what to do but your heart won’t agree? The truth is, although the head and heart are only eighteen inches from each other, most of us spend our entire lives trying to make a genuine connection between what we profess to believe in our heads and what we actually believe in our hearts. We believe that God loves us, but our hearts still cling to lies from our pastâ??lies from society, our families and friends, and the enemy of our souls.

Don’t allow these voices to keep you trapped any longer. “From Your Head to Your Heart” exposes how your negative thought patterns can keep you from the future God wants for you and reveals the secrets to achieve the long-term transformation desired by many, yet missed by most.

With powerful examples from the Bible and redeeming stories from the author’s own testimony involving abandonment, loneliness, rejection, and drug use, this book will give you the keys to access the power in God’s Word. Begin the renewing journey from your head to your heart today.

Forward written by Jim Cymbala with Endorsements from Bill Hybels, Chris Hodges, Nancy Alcorn and many more.

“The heart and soul of the Christian life is learning to hear God’s voice and then developing the courage to do what he asks us to do. “From Your Head to Your Heart” must be added to your life and library. If leaders aren’t leading with their heads and hearts, the local church will never reach its full redemptive potential. Well done Maria Durso! This book will be a lifeline for so many people.” â??Bill Hybels, Founding and Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church

“With honesty, wisdom, and encouragement, Maria Durso helps readers draw closer to God as they seek to know him and not simple knot about Him. From Your Head to Your Heart offers biblical wisdom and practical suggestions for connecting your mind and your heart with your faith. I recommend it for anyone wanting to experience more of God’s power in their lives.” â??Chris Hodges, Pastor of Church of the Highlands

“In my travels over the years in ministry I have seen many people who have a “head relationship” “with the Lord, but not a close personal “heart relationship” with Him. From Your Head to Your Heart explores the depths of having an intimate walk with Jesus that will transform every part of your life and bring about a whole new level of victory and freedom!” â??Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President of Mercy Ministries

The Curse of Fear (Breaking the Curse Series)

by Jerry and Glynda Linkous

Is your life cursed or blessed right now? Which one sounds more like your experiences? Blessed or cursed? Most people have a combination until they learn about curses and break them.

A curse is basically the legal right for demons to afflict you or cause you harm or loss in a particular area. A generational curse is a legal right for demons to afflict you based on evil done (sins) by your forefathers that they never repented of, that you then opened the door to. You are not guilty of their sin, but the tendency to sins they didn’t repent for may fall on you, until/unless you are a believer of Jesus Christ who has the knowledge to break the curses off your life.

Have you spent your life in anxiety and worry? Are you being held back from being all you can be because you are paralyzed by fear? Do you fear being around people? Trying new things? Going new places?

You don’t have to stay stuck in the rut you’re in and you no longer need to be a slave to fear and worry. With one prayer, you can break the curse, break free from fear and live the life of your dreams. Break the curse of fear off you and move forward into all God has for you! Step into the blessed life Jesus died to give you by breaking the curse!

This book is the first in a series on breaking the curses.

* Learn how to quickly identify if a curse is operating in your life

* Learn four different types of curses and how to identify each one, as well as instructions on how to break each one

* Learn how to know if you have inherited a curse and how it affects your life

* Includes a prayer to break the generational curse of fear off your life!

Christian: Breakfast With Jesus (A Young Man has a Conversation With Jesus and Learns the Meaning of Life) [Christian Books] (Spiritual Growth, Christian … Books for Teens, Christian Books Book 1)

by Ivan King

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If you have read William P. Young’s, The Shack, and Max Lucado’s When God Whispers Your Name, and Lee Strobel’s, The Case for Faith, then you’ll love Ivan King’s Breakfast With Jesus: A Young Man has a Conversation With Jesus and Learns the Meaning of Life. [Christian Books]

[Publisher’s Note: This book is an Amazon #1 Bestseller.]

[Joel Osteen and Billy Graham – thank you for inspiring me to write!]

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Hear What the Critics are Saying

“Wow, Very inspirational and powerful; everyone must read this book. Breakfast With Jesus is by far one of the best Christian books to have come out in the last decade.”

-Mary Jones -Valley Daily News

“I give this book Five Stars all the way! This book makes my list as one of the top reads in the Christian genre. Any one of Faith will enjoy this book very much.”

-Theresa Davis -Valley Group Media

“Breakfast With Jesus was a very powerful and thought provoking book. Every generation, young and old, should have to read this book. Ten Thumbs Up.”

-Dave Baker -Book Bloggers of America

“This was an excellent book; it was short, I ended up reading it in less than two hours, however it has a very strong and positive message. A must read; Five Stars All the Way!”

-Lisa Cooper -Literary Times Inc.

“This was a very powerful book; very solid message about love and forgiveness. I highly Recommend this book.”

-Emma Righter -Writers United Group

“Amazing book! I fell to my knees at the end and cried. This book reminded me why became a born-again Christian. Its messages are not only powerful, but also true.”

-Carl Mosner -Readers Cove Unlimited

“A friend from work recommended this book to me. Though I am not a Christian, I was Moved by its message.”

-Lee Ratner -Daily Media Trends, Inc.

Editorial Review

Breakfast With Jesus is a very spiritual and powerful book. Its messages are time tested and true. This book really made me think; but more importantly, it made me feel.

If you are looking for a book that will move you to tears, then look no further than Breakfast With Jesus; a masterful book that will not only inspire you to become a better person, but will also teach you some of life’s greatest lessons.

David T. Williams

About the Book

A young man has breakfast with Jesus and discovers the meaning of life. What lessons will he learn? What secrets are going to be revealed?

Jump in and you will find outâ?¦..

If you could have a private conversation with Jesus Christ and ask him anything you wanted, what would ask him?

Message From the Author

My goals:

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My Personal Goals as an Author Are:

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Reiki:Master the Art of Reiki -Instantly Dissolve Stress, Create Deep Relaxation, and Clear The Mind To Improve Focus (Reiki, Reiki Healing, Chakras, Energy Healing, Auras Book)

by S.J. Morgan

Natural Solution For The Ultimate Healing!!!!!

Reiki is a natural and quick solution when it comes to getting rid of the stress and aches and pains when it comes to the body. By simply adding Reiki to your daily routine you can eliminate the money you spend on doctors and medicine and ultimately improve your overall well-being.

The purpose of this book is teach you how to effectively use Reiki, and learn how to heal yourself with your own energy. Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative that has been around for years and is finally getting the recognition it deserves and spreading across the nation. Anyone can learn how to master this healing technique and learn how to heal others too!!!

Take A Look Inside……

  • Reiki: An Overview
  • Basic Concepts of Reiki
  • The Pros and Cons of Reiki
  • Reiki for Wellness
  • Using Reiki to Overcome Obstacles
  • The Additional Advantages of Reiki
  • How to Use Reiki Successfully
  • Form of Treatment
  • Much, much more!

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Transformed by Love (The Story of the Song of Solomon)

by Kevin King

King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, called this his ‘Song of Songs.’ But through the centuries many have struggled to make sense of it. Who is the mysterious woman with whom the king is so in love? What is her story – and why is it in the Bible? In this devotional exposition and modern English translation, we follow the heart-searching highs and lows of their relationship as we unravel the answers to these questions. We see how lovingly and patiently Solomon wins her heart and confidence until finally, freed from her past, she becomes the magnificent queen that he first saw her to be. But what of Solomon himself? He is not what we would expect: at heart a shepherd, an adventurer, a lover of wild, open spaces. And as the story progresses we come to understand the prophetic significance of Solomon’s vision of the ‘shepherd king’ – and why his attempts to fulfill it himself caused his downfall. Yet, more importantly, we see how perfectly it is fulfilled, and all out deepest needs met, in the ultimate ‘Good Shepherd’ and ‘King of Love,’ Jesus Christ.


by Dalibor Ivicic

If there is one aim that all people have in common, it is our personal happiness. Everything we do is inseparable from this aim, because all our actions and thoughts gravitate toward it. With your personal happiness as the main objective of this book, you will find practical ideas that will help you not only to define this aim, but to make it a reality. The following is a brief outline of those ideas.

HAPPINESS MEANS DIFFERENT THINGS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Besides good health, financial security, harmonious relationships, etc., every one of us needs something specific to satisfy our nature and make us completely happy. Without it, we can have everything else and still not be content. How to recognize and satisfy this unique aspect of your character can be found in this book.

KNOW YOUR STRENGHTS AND WEAKNESSES. Bad habits, wrong people, a limiting environment, and so on, are some of the weaknesses that we all have in one form or another. Until we identify and remove these negative elements from our lives, they will keep us from realizing our dreams. At the same time, we may be overlooking some of our strengths that can be the highway to our fulfillment and happiness. The chapter on self-analysis will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and the subsequent chapters will help you work on both.

ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. Any advice on living that is not in accord with your natural tendencies is likely to be misleading. The purpose of this book is not to tell you what to do, but to increase your self-knowledge and make it the basis for all your decisions and actions.


– Begin with your self-knowledge

– Focus on what is most important to you

– Bring out the naked truth

– Help you establish balance in your life

– Increase your understanding and appreciation of the world

– Remove guessing and time wasting

– Bring peace and joy into your life

Happiness, Success, Peace, and Purpose: A True Path

by Ellis Seal

You get from life what you have prepared to receive. A truly incredible life awaits you if you choose to prepare for it.

You can vanquish stress, worry, fear, low self esteem, sadness, insecurity, anxiety, pessimism, depression, and hopelessness.

Your life can be filled with happiness, peace, confidence, optimism, hope, love, and contentment.

You can experience success every day, be inspired and motivated by your accomplishments, and consistently advance towards your goals and dreams.

You can know who you really are and why you are here, and move through life with purpose and direction. You can have a remarkable life with the proper preparation.

Your life flows from who you are. You are what you think. To change your life, you must change how you think. You must improve your mind function by defeating limiting thought patterns and building enabling thought processes.

This book draws upon the latest brain research, timeless wisdom, and the practical experience of the author to create a handbook for preparing to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Self-Love: The Key to Happiness – Discover How Loving Yourself Will Lead To Happiness, Self-Confidence, Positivity, Success, and Healthy Relationships (Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Love)

by Henry Hill

Self-Love: The Key To Happiness

Special Launch Price Of 0.99

Learn To Appreciate Yourself

Self Love looks at how we view ourselves, whether we appreciate our abilities and are able to encourage and grow based on our own thinking. It deals with who we are at our very core, and how we propel ourselves forward through self love, to live better lives. More and more scholars and business writers are discovering that they key to happiness is self love.

Self love is not automatic. It has to be nurtured and built upon for all its benefits to be realized. The challenge many people face is overcoming their own impulses of negativity, so that they can allow the positivity that comes with self love to resonate through their being.

Loving in a society that judges everyone harshly and holds them to near impossible standards is the reason that understanding the effect of self love on happiness is so important. Through this understanding, the connection between loving, honouring and respecting yourself can be realized.

Five Powerful Chapters

This book is divided into 5 chapters, with each chapter focusing on a factor that can affect the relationship between self love and happiness. The chapters are outlined as:

  • -Self Love and Happiness
  • Self Love and Confidence
  • Self Love and Positivity
  • Self Love and Success
  • Self Love and Healthy Relationships
  • Downlod Your Copy Today And Learn How To Love Yourself!

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The Ultimate Mental Toughness Training Exercises: A Mind of Steel; How to develop an Unbeatable Mind to Succeed at an Elite Level

by Dr. Michael Smith

Discover: The Ultimate Mental Toughness Training Exercises: A Mind of Steel; How to Develop an Unbeatable Mind to Succeed at an Elite Level.

An untrained mind is weak, hence it is easier to adopt laziness over good working habits!

Inside this book is your guide to building the toughest mind to edge over your competitors and become the ultimate champion!

A limited amount of copies are available at a reduced price. To benefit from this exclusive offer try to download now.

Whether you are an athlete, executive, military personnel or professional in some other field, building a tough mind is an essential criterion to succeed at an elite level. To be the best, we cannot only rely on our knowledge and skill sets. Along with these, we need to build a set of psychological attributes that keep our mind focused, alert and able to deal with adverse circumstances. In other words, we need to build an unbeatable mind to combat all the challenges thrown at us by the world.

Mental toughness is an acquired ability that can be developed by anybody. This book is a unique approach to mental toughness because it recognises that the basic aspects of mental toughness are same regardless of the field. Unlike other books in the market, it is not field specific when it comes to outlining mental toughness training and exercises.It classifies 8 psychological attributes that are the characteristics of every tough mind; and gives a set of tried and tested ways of developing each of these attributes.

Adopting this idea of mental toughness, this book will give you:

  • A basic but thorough knowledge of all aspects of mental toughness; definitions by various researchers, terms that are intrinsically related to this quality, studies and surveys to show the attributes of a tough mind and how it contributes to success.
  • A detailed analysis of the psychological and cognitive qualities that together constitute mental toughness.
  • A collection of easy-to-implement, step-by-step exercises for building each of the constituent attributes which have been testified as effective by leadership experts and psychological researchers worldwide.
  • An FAQ section that answers all your additional questions about mental toughness
  • A Notes and Bibliography section that gives you a long list of books and sources consulted, so that you could peruse them yourself and gain a more comprehensive idea of mental toughness.

So if you’re a budding competitor looking for motivational tactics, a professional wanting to branch out and achieve greater success or just anybody who realises the value of the disciplined mind and wants to build one; this book would be a good one to start with. It is an all-in-one guide that will remain your companion for life!

Take you first step to building a mind of steel by downloading now.

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The Technique of the Disciple (Rosicrucian Order, AMORC Kindle Editions)

by Raymund Andrea

The Technique of the Disciple is a book containing a modem description of the ancient esoteric path to spiritual illumination, trod by the masters and avatars of yore. It has long been said that Christ left, as a great heritage to members of His secret council, a private method for guidance in life, which method has been preserved until today in the secret, occult, mystery schools.

In this book, Raymund Andrea has created a masterful account of the challenges and rewards awaiting those who dare to venture on the ancient path to mystical awakening. He reveals the method for attaining a greater life taught in these mystery schools, which perhaps parallels the secret instructions of Christ to members of His council.

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