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Annie And The Homeless Man

by Anna Alexandra

When Annie Jackson buys the fixer-upper she’s always dreamed about in the country, she’s ecstatic that she’ll finally be able to spend her time writing, gardening and watching the sunset from her porch.

Daniel is a broken man, made desperate by desperate circumstances. He spends his days holding up a “will work for food” sign on the outskirts of town and his nights harboring a devastating secret.

Their paths meet seemingly by divine intervention and each finds something they need in the other â?¦ but will that be enough or will Daniel’s secret tear them apart?

The Camino Conspiracy (The Chronicles Of Terror Book 4)

by KJ McMurray

“The Camino Conspiracy” is Book 4 in “The Chronicles Of Terror” series


Marie Jenson’s life changed foreverâ??three times.

The first time was her freshman year of college. She was a young, idealistic and carefree student with visions of making the world a better place. That was until her idealism was shattered when she lost someone she dearly loved in one of the world’s most deadly acts of terrorism.

The second time was when the US security was shaken to the core by the deadly attack on New York City and the Pentagon on 9/11. Jenson was an ambitious young lawyer working for the Governor of Virginia when a plane flew into the Pentagon. She and the Governor barely made it out of Washington DC alive.

The third time Jenson finds herself behind enemy lines working as a clandestine services operative for the CIA as she infiltrates an ISIS terror cell. Her mission is to take down the top leadership of the cell in Iraq. To uncover the stunning truth she must use her gifts and the wounds that the carries. Forced to risk it all, Jenson makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Now, pulled from the wreckage Jenson embarks on a journey of discovery. A discovery of the woman she lost, on an ancient pilgrimage through Spain called the Camino de Santiago. Far away from the perils of her work she seeks to escape the memories that she must endure.

While on her journey she uncovers a terror plot that could have lasting implications not only for the country of Spain, but the world. In search of redemption, Jenson seizes the opportunity to try and prevent the attack before its too late.

The Eighth Day

by A.W. Mosby

In a world where God has taken a leave of absence and the common characteristics of life (namely that it ends) no longer apply, Nathaniel is sent on a mission across the dangerous wild lands and into the even more dangerous mountains to safely deliver a mysterious girl for a price that he only knows to be immeasurable. The trouble is that he has only been given the direction in which he must travel. Thus, he sets out on a journey into a wasteland that God has abandoned with his companion and a small girl in tow.

Crown of Thorns – The Race To Clone Jesus Christ : (Book One): 22 October 2014


For fans of Dan Brown, Sam Bourne, Scott Mariani and John Lyman.

Book One of Two Parts: Please note that Book One continues seamlessly into and is concluded in Book Two. Trying Book One is an excellent way to get to know this exciting new author! Alternatively, readers are recommended to purchase the full omnibus edition containing both Book One and Book Two. Readers may now borrow Book One and/or Book Two free with Amazon Prime membership.


Crown of Thorns is a fictional thriller which takes place in the field of genetics and human cloning.

Hugely controversial, you will either love this book or hate it. Some will feel challenged and uncomfortable by the topic it deals with, and others will be drawn into it and unable to put it down… the question is, what will you think?

A young student at Oxford University has an idea for his doctor’s thesis (PhD), which fulfils not only the criteria for â??originality’, but goes far beyond it. For if Jason Dyke is right, his idea will soon change the world and shift the delicate balance of power from one nation to another.

Jason’s idea is simple: In the genetics laboratory at Oxford University, he will clone Jesus Christ.

But when the CIA finds out about his plan, the President of America realises that if the UK succeeds, the balance of power will shift from the USA to Europe. And he realises that the only way to stop this happening is for America to create its very own clone of Jesus Christ.

The race is on…

Genetics is the future. In the coming years, or maybe even months, the single most important scientific development in the history of mankind will be the development of human cloning. This book is based upon a simple idea, which takes the inevitable science of human cloning, one step further.

What makes this book stand out from other novels that deal with a similar concept is the way the author makes the science seem plausible, by explaining simply what genetics is and how cloning works. By leading the reader through the latest advances in cloning techniques until even the impossible seems possible, the reader cannot help but get sucked into the story. Right to the very end the author successfully maintains the thrill of the ride, and manages to keep a surprise up his sleeveâ?¦

Whoever reads this book will never forget it. And they will askâ?¦.one of two questions:-

1: Is it really possible?

2: When will it happen?

Reviews from Amazon UK Omnibus Edition:

Five Stars: By B Baynes “Head Bookworm” (Worcestershire, England)

I just happened on this book while browsing through Amazon to find things to download to my Kindle. The premise of the book captured my interest so I duly downloaded it. And, I loved it! The story is utter nonsense, let’s be honest – recreating Jesus Christ through cloning?! But, it is written in such an engaging manner that I found myself drawn in unwittingly. Mid-read, I actually broke my ankle and I found myself begging my family to bring my Kindle to the hospital so I could continue reading the book! I would recommend this highly to any one else, with the proviso that they suspend belief and read it for what it is – a truly interesting and captivating piece of fiction!

Five Stars: By Mr. A. Zabinec (Notts, UK)

Browsing the Kindle store for something to ‘unwind’ me, I chanced upon this excellent gem of a book. To my mind, the Author mirrors perfectly the Biblical events of Jesus’ birth 2000 years ago and the subsequent ‘Revelations’ predicted for our time. The Characters are totally believable, able to deduce and thwart the plans of the Americans and British governments and to hide the true Messiah. A well thought out and researched book by the author, I was totally absorbed in it from start to finish. Believers & non believers alike will enjoy this thumping good read!!!

Deacons Wives 17: Marital Intimacy in Winter, Dealing with Porn

by LuziAnna Georgia

Deacons Wives Book 17: women of faith in church seminar to understand husbands’ porn addiction
Setting: Atlanta, US city in the South with home and church scenes
Audience 18+: contemporary women of faith, conversations of sexual issues
Standards pledge: This book has been edited to follow content standards found in many faith-based books on sex and marriage.
Reality fiction

1. A Pastor’s Message for Valentine’s Day
2. Don’t Condemn, Understand, Take Charge
3. Confessions of a Christian Porn Addict
4. First Porn Moments, Hidden Sex Manual
5. Hoping to Cure My Addiction in Bible College
6. Porn’s Impact on Family Budget
7. Husband’s Porn Habit, What It Does to His Wife’s Mind
8. Deacon Billie’s Presentation: Why Men Go There
9. Traveling Contractor, Almost Retired, Unemployed
10. Car Salesman and a Nurse
11. Ex-Girlfriend, Football Team, Sex DVD
12. Women’s Group Discussion, Oral Sex
13. Read It on a Women’s Health Blog
14. More Blessed to Give Than Receive

Waltz into the Waves: A Cinderella Story

by Sarah Holman

Amelia has always lived in a manor by the sea with her father, and looks forward every summer to a visit from Alex. However, her perfect life is dashed one summer when tragedy strikes. Will her life ever be happy again?

A 7,000 word short story of faith, love, and happily ever after.

Inspection (Adventures of Christian Holmes Book 1)

by Shannon McDermott

An interloper arrives at the CBI, claiming to be a data-collector from headquarters. Christian Holmes, together with Greg Belden, is assigned to help him.

As they work with the outsider, their doubts grow. Who is he, and what did he really come for?

More than one man will be tested, when inspection comes.

Christian Holmes is a detective series, offering humor and moral themes.

Revelations II: The Acid Trips of Saint John The Divine

by Mel Thompson

So just who was this elusive character, “Saint John?” No one ever knew. It is about fifty percent likely that no such Apostle ever existed. However, if he really did live and follow Jesus of Nazareth around, it is almost certain that he was illiterate, since only a small fraction of the populace could even write. In his role as Apostle, he was sometimes styled as “Saint John The Beloved,” and indeed the character Jesus had an almost motherly sentimentality toward this Apostle. But he had another role, that of “Saint John The Revelator,” author of one of four of the legendary and Biblical “Synoptic Gospels.” The problem here is that, since he was likely illiterate, he could not have been the author of that Gospel, in reality. Indeed, the age of the document was falsified originally, but we now know the book to be the last of the gospels, produced far too late to be real, and, furthermore, literary forensics shows it to be the most obvious of forgeries. Yet, the title of “Revelator” stuck, and as a nearly-infallible prophet, his letters, so-called “Epistles,” are seen as the “Word of God” also. But the person who wrote John’s Epistles could not have been the Apostle Saint John either, since the writer of the Gospel that bears his name is utterly unlike the Epistles that bear his name. The Epistles were then also further forgeries, associated with John. But none of this is central to the book you will read here. Indeed, there is a “Fourth John,” and it is he I shall deal. This John probably did live, and probably resided on a Greek or island, and his name was probably John in reality, specifically, a curious fellow later tentatively identified as “John of Patmos,” further, and most compellingly styled, “Saint John The Divine.” If ever a Saint John existed and really wrote his own work, it was this one. But next to nothing is known about him, other than he is the utterly fantastic and terrifying author of the surreal, genocidal, hallucinogenic and apocalyptic “Book of Revelations.” By some accounts, it was believed he was a practitioner of asceticism, extreme fasting, one given to long bouts of prayer and austere solitudes, in short, very likely a psychedelic madman who may very well, for all we know, have seen all of the mad dream states of which he writes. The Freudian and the Jungian know him at once, as does the Egyptologist and the Mesopotamian scholar. Saint John The Divine is the synthesizer of all archetypes of all Eschatologies. And yet, other than a few bits of possibly-identifying information and his short, spasmodic tract, he is a mystery. And this is where I come in, for I proclaim the era of “Speculative Scripture” writing to have begun, as I, not so uncoincidentally, perhaps, face many Apocalypses in my own world. In any case, this, “Revelations II,” seeks to conflate all possible Saint Johns into this one monkish verbal terrorist living on an island. However, my story perversely and willfully speculates that the daily facts of Saint John The Divine could have been, and probably, the mundane facts facing a mentally-ill man who thinks he is a prophet. And, in the spirit of merciless modernism, I make him a notorious drug and sex fiend with an associate or two who make Jesus’ prostitute friends look tame, and the criminals on the cross look like petty thieves, by comparison. The book is meant to shock the consciousness wide open and open the mind to religious possibilities that have been thought to be unthinkable by most peoples. But, unlike the others who wrote scripture, I don’t hide my identity, nor do I claim any authority for my works. In fact, I feel that you, the reader, might, in the end, write a scripture surpassing both mine and the traditional ones. The whole of the cosmic journey is really nothing but a massive conceptual art piece, from the Big Bang to the Apple Computer. And, at last, my Saint John The Divine, far from answering questions, forces you to supply the answers, as he is simply crazy.

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