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Herbal Remedies: 11 Little Known Herbal Remedies To Treat And Prevent The Common Cold (Cold and Flu – Natural Cures – Herbal Remedies – Holistic Medicine)

by Jason Alan

11 Herbal Remedies for the Common Cold

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11 Little Known Herbal Remedies To Treat And Prevent The Common Cold

With the temperature dropping, winter brings along incessant sniffling, sneezing and coughing – yes, the notorious common cold is back with a bang yet again. When you sense its arrival, the first thing you do is google for some instant remedy that will help you get over it quickly.

While there are innumerable, amounts of information, present online, separating myths from what really works for you is quite difficult. Further, you are sure to be bombarded with well-meant but confusing advice from everyone you encounter. And there are the readily available over the counter remedies and alternative medications that promise instant cure.

So what do you do? Most often people try out different kinds of treatments right from taking supplements and hot drinks to gargling salt water and taking the popular cold medicines available without prescription. But how far these are effective is not known yet.

Do you know that viruses are the main cause and there are countless number of virus types that cause common cold? The real and honest truth about common cold is that there is no permanent cure for it.

In this technology driven age, you may be amazed at how such a â??common’ condition is yet to be resolved completely. While there are vaccines, drugs and other treatment forms for most illnesses, a permanent cure for common cold has not been found yet unfortunately.

But herbal medicine offers respite to those who suffer from common cold. There are time tested and effective herbal remedies that have been used with success in several countries over the centuries. This ebook gives you a glimpse into the herbal world and the ways in which you can cure your body of the common cold and protect against further infection. You would be surprised at how powerful common herbs you use daily are when used in the right format.

What you will learn after purchasing “Herbal Remedies”

– The bare facts about common cold

– Why medications don’t work

– Are home remedies the right choice

– The natural healing power

– Why herbal remedies offer the best solution

– Pros and cons of herbal remedies

– Common herbal remedies

– Why people prefer herbal remedies

– Herbal remedies you’ve never heard of before

– How herbal remedies work on your immune system

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Reverse Diabetes Now: A Step by Step Guide to Curing Diabetes with a Vegan Diet (Diabetes Cure Book 1)

by Anna I. Jäger

Amazing Transformation

How to Avoid the Conventional Medicine Trap and Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Have you been recently diagnosed with diabetes? Are you a long time sufferer from diabetes? This book is here to help you. You do not need to spend months researching how to reverse your diabetes.

In this book by the bestselling author Anna I. Jäger of many diabetes and vegan books; you will get the answers you have been searching for. No longer will you feel the victim to your illness. Now is the time for you to put your superhero cap on and reverse your diabetes today!

Targets the cause of diabetes, not just the symptoms

If You’re (Pre-)Diabetic You Need This Book.

You will learn how to:

  • Prevent Diabetes
  • Reverse Diabetes Naturally
  • Dramatically Improve Your Health

Based on Scientific Research

This easy to understand book will guide you through the steps you need to know in order to take control of your life and beat your diabetes into the ground.

It is never too late to make a life style change!

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Healthy Eating: Spring Healthy Eating Guide and 60+ Recipes Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine to Detoxify the Body and Achieve Optimal Health

by Tracy Huang

Healthy Eating: Spring Healthy Eating Guide and 60+ Recipes Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine to Detoxify the Body and Achieve Optimal Health

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Did you know that your body sensitively reacts to external changes and send you signals from time to time? For example, in spring the blossoming season, some people easily develop hay fever, while others may have dry, rough, and itchy skin.

The 2,000-year-old practical seasonal eating based on the teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful because it understands the body, respects how it works in different seasons and advocates a series of principles and guidelines to help you heal the body from the inside, so that you can restore health, beauty, and natural glow inside out.

Yes, natural whole foods can be served as medicine. If you have them in the right way and consume them in the right time of the year, they can improve your health conditions, slow down aging process, promote longevity, and help you restore radiant skin.

As an example, in spring the windy season, you could consume more moisturizing foods such as whole grains, pears, lotus seeds, and white fungus to hydrate the body and skin from the inside. It is good to have brown rice, honey, red dates, needle mushrooms, and carrots, if you have a sensitive body that can easily have allergies. These are just a few examples from this book to show you the powerful healing benefits in foods for spring.

By the end of the book, you will have a complete understanding of how to eat healthy in spring.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Basic guidelines for spring eating and best practices
  • How spring the three-month period can be divided into six shorter periods of time (each period describing a subtle change in atmospheric characteristics and animal behaviors) and how ancient Chinese used this type of categorization to plan for what to eat to promote health
  • Your own body in a more precise way and how to customize your food choices to fit only your body type
  • More than 60 recipes for you to choose from to get started with healthy eating in spring

Grab a copy to start enjoying how foods can bring you magic in this spring!

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A View From the Inside: A Survivor’s perspective

by Tom Schuck

A brain injury/stroke survivor describes the personal journey from injury through the depths of grief of personal loss.

Essential Oils: Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils

by Kathryn Browning

Do you know the essential oils that are right for you?

There is tons of information out there on essential oils. There is also tons of misinformation available; treatments that are more fantasy than fact. One needs to be properly versed in essential oils to be able to apply and use them correctly. Improper use of natural oils can lead to no results and wasted money.

Educating oneself about essential oils is the first step in gaining a real appreciation of what these oils can do, and how they do it. Kathryn Browning starts from the basics in Essential Oils – Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils and works her way up to more advanced treatments and applications, all written in language that is easily understandable.

Don’t waste your time or money on all the misinformation or fiction floating around out there about essential oils. Come and learn about essential oils from the very beginning, and develop a deeper understanding of what essential oils can do for you.

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cure of stammering, stutterinng and speech problems drugs practice aids remove stammering in best way: win and get cured

by alam .MB.BS.

this is a book telling causes ,formation ,adaptation and treatment of a habit called stammering .we all know consequences of this problem .although many think that there is no definitive cure of it but it is ignorance .this problem is not only modifiable but also get corrected fully .how? yeah by mixed approach of medicines and exercises .this book has dealt its treatment in detail with all aspects quick as well as long term approaches

Organic Home Remedies Vol.2 – The BEST No Prescription Needed Guide to Using Natural Remedies to Cure and Detoxify Your Self (Organic Home Remedies Guide, … Healing, No Prescription Medicines)

by Janelle Watkinson

The Best Natural Medicines To Cure And Detoxify Without Prescription Needed

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The only thing standing between you and perfect health is information. With the right information, you can direct your own path to health. The human body already knows how to detoxify itself. The kidneys, pancreas and liver do the greatest job of being a janitor and doctor of ourselves. Just give it abundant nutrition so that it can heal disease and rebuild health, then avoid the foods that cause toxicity and disease.

7 Reasons To Buy This Book

= > 1. Its Short And Informative No Fluff!!

= > 2. This Book Is Straight Forward And Gets To The Point

= > 3. It Has A Great Concept

= > 4. Learn What You Need To Know FAST!

= > 5. Don’t Waste Hours Reading Something That Won’t Benefit You

= > 6. Specifically Written To Help And Benefit The Reader!

= > 7. The Best Compact Guide To Learn What You Need To Learn In A Short Period of Time

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

  • Organic Herbal Medicines Advantages
  • The Herbal Remedies To Cure And Detoxify
  • The Lists Of Organic Herbals To Heal
  • The Abundant Nutrition To Heal Diseases
  • The Practices And Habits For Detoxification

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Thinking, Fast and Furious

by Jacob Tudor Baruch

Have you noticed that when you take out a Band Aid slowly it hurts but when you pull it out very quickly it does not hurt as much? Gary Klein PhD has said that firefighters that make decisions quickly tend to make better decisions than those that think slowly. This is especially true in high stress emergency situations.

The legendary poker player Stu Ungar, who won the world poker championships a record 3 times, claimed that when he took time to make a decision his bets, raises, calls, checks, and folds were often wrong. However, he discovered that when he made “automatic” decisions (ones in which he was almost bypassing thinking) his decisions and plays were often not only accurate, but they were “magical” as well.

In this e-report (which should take you a fast and furious 12 minutes or less to finish reading) you will learn a unique method that will help you train your mind to think faster while simultaneously making better quality decisions.


“Steve Jobs Death Motivation Secrets”

Mathematics Question Bank For 11th Class and 12th Class (Intermediate): Maxima and Minima (Calculus)

by Science Inspiration


1. Basically targeted to all engineering entrance exams.

2. Useful to 11th Class and 12th Class (Intermediate) Mathematics students for public examinations.

3. We wish that this study material will win the hearts of the students and teaching faculty also.

4. Useful to Class-I competitive exams like Civil Services, Bank Probationary Officers and Staff Selection Commission etc.


1. Maxima and Minima Definition

2. Maxima and Minima Problems and Solutions with Diagrams


We have many efforts to present this book without errors. If you bring them to our notice, we will correct them in our next edition.


Please first of all write a review of this Question Bank.

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