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by Seymour Butts

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Ass for Days (A Picture Book)

by Seymour Butts

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Sexy Pregnant Beauties

by Seymour Butts

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Pin-Up Girls (A Stunning Collection of Drop Dead Gorgeous Women)

by Seymour Butts

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How to Make an Ebook: An Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

by D. C. Washington

We’ve all gone through the frustration of trying to turn our manuscripts into Ebooks, only to reach a frustrating end, and then we either pay someone else to do it, or we just give up. This book will go through an easy step-by-step process that I have used with success. No longer do you have to pay hundreds of dollars to “experts” so they can format your manuscript into an Ebook. Now you can do it for free, from you home, with no headache or frustration. Just follow these very easy steps, and you’ll be enjoying the experience of formatting your own Ebooks.

Royal La Familia: (The Price Of Fame) (The Illuminati Book 1)

by Jason Hooper


It was a mild and sunny morning in New York. I could feel a steady relaxing breeze drift in through the bedroom window. While I sat at my girl’s desk jotting lyrics, I couldn’t stop thinking about the move me and the crew were about to make tomorrow morning. I was eager and focused after deciding that we should take our act elsewhere. Atlanta had become a place where aspiring artist settled and kicked off their careers. I was sold on the idea.

Last month we rented a crib out there. I’d pretty much decided to take any place within reasonable condition. Honestly I didn’t care if we lived in a gotdamn cardboard box. I just wanted to make my mark in the game.

I quickly jotted more lyrics and quietly practice what I wrote. Police harassing my nigga for his open container-

And when it comes to brutality, dawg I’m not a stranger-

They tried to beat me down and claim I was resisting-

But this legendary hood shit so pay attention-

Back in the 90’s we struggled just tryna make a dime-

Me and my niggas was doing a lot of petty crimes-

I got caught by the cops they beat me out my mind-

Right on the yellow line, now that’s a hate crime-

They got us fighting a war turning niggas to soldiers-

When Democrats got elected I thought the shit was over-

They sending niggas to Iraq, Ahf-gan-

Killing niggas for something that they don’t understand-

I tried to tell my man don’t feed into the devils plan-

He signed up for the army now he’s a dead man-

And this really true, the ghetto gotta see it too-

And naw this ain’t something old, nigga this is something new!

“Ya stay talkin bout somebody in ya raps.” Tanisha interrupted me before I could spit my verse again.

Eavesdropper, I thought silently.

I threw a pillow I had resting on my leg at her. “Go back to sleep!” I teased.

“Why ya talking about ya brother like that, though?” Tanisha blocked the pillow and threw it back at me. I tried to weave out the way, but it still hit me in the head. I was thinking she was sleep all this time, but obviously she was listening to me practice. She was referring to my lines about war and the army.

“Because it’s true, Joseph ain’t got no business being in the damn army! He out there on them battlefield scared as shit.”

I was still fucked up about my older brother going to the army. He fought and stood for the same thing I despised and shunned. Lately he’d been calling complaining to me and my momma about the horrible living conditions and all of the murders he’d witness in Afghanistan. I loved my brother, but I thought he was stupid for virtually signing over his life.

“Everyone doesn’t see things the way you do, so they do their best. You should just support him while he’s out there.” She rose from the bed and stretched her arms. I didn’t want to blow up nothing simple into an argument, so I went back to reciting my lyrics again. I had my own opinion and that was that.

She strode over and kissed my cheek. “You should have more understanding, Laree. And, if you throw another pillow at me I’m gonna kick ya ass. I’m going to the bathroom.” She slapped the back of neck playfully.

I grabbed the back of my neck with one hand and patted her soft ass with the other one as she passed by. That was my girl, Tanisha. I’d met her two years ago during a rap concert at Blue Cross Arena and we’d been together ever since. She was a few years older than me, so at times she thought she could tell me what was best for me. I had a hard time listening to my real momma therefore Tanisha didn’t stand a chance. She could be a sweetheart, except when she wanted her way. Then, she could be a pain in the ass. If it was up to her, I wouldn’t be moving anywhere. When it came to my career, she didn’t really believe in me, and I could tell just from the way she talked about it. She called it a hobby, but this was my livelihood. It was all that I could depend on.

Inferno: The Art Collection

by Dino Di Durante


Do You Love Horror Books? “Inferno” will Scare You Death!

“Inferno – The Art Collection” by Dino Di Durante is a full color book of a 72-piece art collection based on Dante’s Inferno story, the first part of the literary masterpiece – The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, the second greatest Christian story after The Gospel. This is a completely new, deep and fascinating vision of Inferno by Dino Di Durante, who has studied this masterpiece in its original Italian for over 30 years.

Art was featured in a film titled Dante’s Hell Animated (DVD available here) featuring Eric Roberts’ voice as Dante. The entire collection is featured in the upcoming film “Inferno by Dante”.

Best choice as a companion and a visual reference to any Inferno book every written.

  • This book is a bargain! The canvas versions sell between $5,000 and $30,000.


“The Divine Comedy is one of the most “visual” poems in the history of Literature, and from its first appearance in manuscripts and codices the text was often accompanied by miniatures illustrating its most famous episodes. Dino Di Durante is the last of a long and illustrious list of artists who have illustrated Dante’s poem. His paintings are not just illustrations of characters and/or episodes, but such is their power that they become actual visual interpretations of the text itself.” Massimo Ciavolella, Ph.D., Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Director – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – USA

“Dino Di Durante’s paintings of Dante’s Inferno are strong, sometimes terrifying, sometimes sublime, but they all perfectly describe the beauty and depth of the human soul, the wonderful mirror of God’s image.” Monsignor Marco Frisina, Divine Comedy expert – The Vatican

“In your hands is another expression of one man’s life’s work, a true divine obsession, dedicated entirely to bringing new modern life to a classic of world literature in every possible way. Fueled by his wonder at the genius of the immortal Dante, Dino has put heart and soul into re-imagining Dante’s Inferno for modern audiences, especially young people who have so much to learn from its sublime wisdom. They will also find much to enjoy, a feast of visual delights and mind-blowing experiences that put the latest computer games and special effects movies to shame.” Christopher Vogler, Hollywood Story Advisor and author of The Writer’s Journey”

“The 72 paintings that make up the art collection of “Dante’s Inferno” by Dino Di Durante are not only the depiction of a great literary masterpiece, but also an invitation to experience them. He gives life to a series of images, that does not just tell the remarkable Dante’s journey, but also invites you to relive, with restlessness and amazement, all his emotions almost to the last detail.”

Gianmario Pagano, Priest and Divine Comedy play writer, – Italy

“Dino Di Durante’s deep knowledge of the Divine Comedy allows him to express the many nuances of Dante’s poetry in his artistic depictions of Hell. His artwork serves as an excellent introduction to Inferno, acquainting viewers not only with the characters of Italian literature’s greatest medieval epic, but also its structure and mood.” Brittany Asaro, Ph.D., Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, UCLA – USA

“Dino Di Durante has devoted his professional and artistic life to making Dante’s Commedia available to wider and now, even younger audiences. He believes in the power and relevance of Dante’s masterpiece; giving it further animation through artistic images is a further public service to the collective imagination that needs rich stories like this to understand themselves in a complex world.” Dennis Slattery, Ph.D., Mythological Studies Pacifica Institute, California – USA

Giant Jugs (A Picture Book)

by Seymour Butts

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A Night At Sea: A Play in One Act

by Tony Hyland

Tony’s work flirts with a number of genre’s especially Surrealism,Absurdism and the Theatre of Cruelty but there is an underlying humour-mostly black it must be said-that is at the foundation of each the tales he tells-and this play is a classic example of his work.. There are incredible laugh out loud moments especially that will stop you in your tracks. There are also moments that will provoke you whether you like it or not!

Japan Visit Photo Gallery; Onsen Photo Book

by Ian Ray

Photo of Onsen

Duck Feathers Photo Book: A Learn to Read Picture Book with Cute Duck and Geese Goose Photos

by Jayden Emily Schultz

PROCEEDS from each download benefit a Special Needs infant boy.


A Learn to Read Fun Picture Book All about ducks!

Sexy Hunks

by Seymour Cox

The Sexiest Hunks in the World!

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The Wapiti Spirit: Photographic Journey with Wild Bull Elk

When you come nose to nose with a 700 pound wild bull elk, life changes instantly. When an elk seeks you out and purposefully crosses your path, you open your heart and soul to his ancient wisdom. Old Man Mountain is one of only 3 documented vision quest sights in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, used by Native Americans for thousands of years. Humans have traveled hundreds of miles and climbed thousands of feet to reach this insignificant rocky crag above a river. Native Americans tested their survival skills as they searched for hope, healing and spirit guides here.

Unknown to me, so was I…

Inferno: Kolekcja Sztuki (Polish Edition)

by Dino Di Durante

“Inferno – Kolekcja Sztuki” wedlug Dino Di Durante ksiazka z 72-czesciowej kolekcji sztuki opartej na Dante Inferno historii, w pierwszej czesci dziela literackiego – Boskiej komedii napisanej przez Dantego Alighieri w poczatku 14 wieku.Wersja plótno artykule opublikowanym w tej ksiazce sprzedazy od 5000 dolarów i 30.000 dolarów, wiec ta ksiazka jest okazja nie wazne jak na to spojrzec. Wiekszosc dziel sztuki zostaly przedstawione w filmie pod tytulem “Dante’s Hell Animated” goscinnie glos Erica Roberts jak Dante.Wersja wloska, zatytulowany “Inferno Dantesco Animato”, wyposazony Vittorio Gassman jak Dante, jak równiez Franco Nero znane wsród wielu celebrytów. Obie wersje mial swoja premiere na Festiwalu Filmowym w Cannes.Cala kolekcja jest opisywany w nadchodzacym filmie “Inferno Dante” z udzialem ponad 30 artystów i uczonych, zarówno z USA i Wloch, oprócz Monsignor od Watykanu. Film ukaze sie w 2015 roku.

Reduce Stress With Music – How Music Affects Your Mood And Mind

by Jim Lee Crocket

How to reduce stress with music:

The soothing and relaxing power of music is very well established. Music has a unique link to our emotions, and it works an extremely effective stress management and stress reduction tool.

There are many experts who suggest that it is the rhythm of the music or its beat that has a calming effect on us although we may or may not be very conscious about it. They say this effect comes from the fact that when we were a baby and were in our mother’s womb, we were probably influenced by her heart beat. It gave us a sense of protection and relief and we were accustomed to the rhythmic sound of heart beat. We respond to the soothing and relaxing music at the later stages of life, perhaps associating it with the very same safe, protective, relaxing environment provided to us by our mother.

Listening to music can have an amazingly relaxing effect on our minds as well as our bodies, especially the slow and quiet classical music. This type of music can have an extremely beneficial effect on our physiological bodily functions, slowing our pulse and heart rate, lowering the blood pressure, and also decreasing the stress hormones levels.


by david jose Varela charris

Hi, this is a series of six books developed for anyone who wishes to enter the world of concrete, quality control both on site and on the ground, and for researchers, and auditors who are fascinated by the world of concrete.

In this first book find basics of concrete, approached from a pedagogy where we can all build knowledge, the story was framed building homes for a group of families, and their parents work in the work and they are in a camp very Nearby, children have entered the stage rental in school and these come together to play, and through play where knowledge is developed.

It is an educational proposal where we can all learn from everyone and everything, no matter where we are.

I cook can learn math, geometry, cienciassociales, science, nature, art, languages, physics, chemistry this is a pedagogical drive for knowledge

Work Pad 5: Starry-Eyed Workhorse Unrequited

by Aaron Daniel Purcell

The best installment of ‘Work Pad’ yet. Dig in ‘n enjoy!

Digital Photography Box Set: Digital Photography Box Set: Simple Tips and Tricks to Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure for Better Use … for dummies, digital photography c)

by Eddie Morgan

Digital Photography Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Digital Photography: Sharpen Your Eye! Tips and Tricks for Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure

You’ve mastered the basic functions of your DSLR and are ready to take your digital photography to the next level. It’s time to trade in your camera’s automatic adjustments and take full control of your photographs. A good DSLR camera is a powerful tool, offering you the ability to adjust when and how much light it takes in. By following these easy-to-read tips and techniques, your photos will go from awesome to mind blowing!

Cameras work much like your own eyes do. If it’s too bright, your pupils dilate to let less light in. You wear sunglasses in order to make your pupils less sensitive to the light. If it’s really bright, you might even close your eyes altogether. Your camera has these abilities, too. By learning the nuances of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, you’ll gain as much power over the quality of the pictures as you have over the things that you see with your own eyes!

Whit this short guide for intermediate skilled photographers, you’ll learn:

  • Advanced general tips on how to take better pictures
  • How, when, and why you need to make adjustments to your exposure settings
  • The ins and outs of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • How to unlock the secrets of “The Exposure Triangle”
  • And much, much more!

BOOK #2: Capturing the Light: Simple tips on How to Better Use the Light in Photography

Ah amazingly! This book is a true guide for beginners and an ultimate guide for the photography professionals, covering the most significant factor of photography i.e. capturing light. The core theme of this book is realistic regarding light is the root factor in photography. In this enchanting book, you will find the tips that how to capture light within photography. The numerical measures have been given in the book about the adjustment of shutter, aperture, lens and light’s intensity.

The major notions that have been covered in this logistic book embraces:

  • Importance of capturing the light in photography
  • Capturing the light: Simple tips on how to better use the low light in photography
  • Fascinating tips on how to better use the sun light in photography
  • Enchanting tips on how to better use the light in the eyes while doing photography
  • Ethralling tips to capture astounding light

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Digital Photography Box Set” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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