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Is He Dead?

by Rick Drew

During the fall of 1984 as this case was reaching its tragic conclusion I was a detective in Central Florida and this homicide case was assigned to me.

This story is about the lives of two children, a brother and sister who endured unthinkable cruelty at the hands of their step father. Their journey lasted for nearly a decade in the bowels of Southern Tennessee and came to an abrupt ending in Central Florida. As you read through this book you will learn of the horrific experiences forced on these two kids and the failures of our system to protect them. You will be inspired by their will to survive and the love that they had for each other.

“Is He Dead?” will take you on a journey that will affect all of your senses. Their intimate thoughts will be revealed to you as you watch their childlike plans to steal a gun and execute their step father. You will be on the edge of your seat each time their plans fail.

I was with this monster when he died, I watched his last gurgling breath as blood oozed from his wounds. Not knowing what he had done I actually felt sorry for him.

Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa Greatest Quotes and Life Lessons (Inspirational Quotes Book 2)

by Mark Johnson

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When it comes to unconditional love and support, Mother Teresa is a name that stands out from the rest, and there’s good reason for it. Mother Teresa, born in Uskub, Ottoman Empire on August 26, 1910, has devoted an entire life to unconditionally help the poorest of the poor, people that many others didn’t even glance at. Even though she herself faced incredible hardships, she continued putting her own individualist needs aside, and only focused on the pain of others, something she said had helped her live a life with the purest of joy.

When it comes to healing the suffering of others while managing one’s own, Mother Teresa intuitively knew a secret: there is eternal power and love when removing the pain of another. What follows are her wisdom on life, lessons that could radically transform your own life into strength, grace, and abundance. As a beacon of strength amid suffering, her lessons on life are not to be taken lightly; they have helped millions. Scroll up and grab your copy today.

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Donald Trump: Donald Trump Greatest Quotes and Life Lessons (Donald Trump Insights Book 1)

by Frank Miller

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At four billion net worth, Donald Trump has gone on to create extraordinary wealth for himself and others. He is well-known for his TV personality, living a lavish lifestyle, and not only creating a massive amount of money, but also losing it, and filing for bankruptcy in 1990. But that didn’t stop Donald Trump from rebuilding his wealth and dreams and having a current net worth of four billion. That’s what makes him a legendary example of what is possible with the right attitude and mindset. What follows are some of Donald Trump’s greatest life lessons, a way of living that brings out the best in life. As a man who’s lost it all, suffered great adversity, and then gone on to rebuild everything again, his lessons on life are golden. Scroll up and grab your copy today.

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A Bridge Away

by Brian McSperrin

On a warm November day, a boy hitches the ride of his life. If a few short minutes his life is turned upside down and finds him fighting to survive.

Turning Lepage: A French Girl’s Story of Life, Loss, and Love

by Eva Kostka

Having to clean house meant digging into the past that had been locked away. The pain and the memories that had faded were now coming back. The good memories centered on my childhood, as my parents made sure to give my sister, Vicky, and me everything we ever wanted. Then there were funny memories, like the time a professor stared at the pink playboy bunny on my t-shirt as she asked me to make sure I wore something appropriate for a presentation in front of the faculty. And finally, I recalled the bad memories and the pain of losing loved ones.

I didn’t always fit in and never said the right thing, but those are the things that made me the person I was becoming. I put away the past, thinking it was just thatâ??past. Little did I know, my past had been vital to my future.

My Life Erased

by Gary Epton

The author writes about a real life experience after

suffering a major medical setback, which would change

his life forever.

In April 2008 he collapsed and was rushed to A&E,

where he was revived after having suffered several fits

and tonic clonic seizures.

After some thorough medical checks he was allowed to

leave hospital after it was thought he had developed a

very severe reaction to a vaccination, which he had for

an upcoming family holiday.

He remained well and got on with life normally having

regular medical checks. But on the 16 December, 2008

he was again rushed to hospital under similar


He was motionless and struggling for survival having

died for a short period but, amazingly, he received a

second chance.

This book details in diary format and without

exaggeration what happened. He tells of the upset, joy,

laughter, determination and strength to win and get

well again.


by Kay Millward

I dreamt of owning a black stallion,as a child but in the war torn years this was an impossibility. Britain was at war and horses were not high on the agenda. But, if you wish for something hard enough and long enough it’s bound to come true. My story will tell you of the realisation of my dream, how this wonderful horse and I engaged on an adventure. The highs and lows and the love of a horse.

All pictures are supplied by the author.

Get Your Motor Runnin’: Travels Through Europe by Motorcycle

by David Hill

Life began to make sense in the summer of 1971. With his best friend George, the author travels to England where they buy BSA motorcycles tor a trip lasting the summer and crossing a dozen and a half countries. Sleeping on the ground, eating at markets and traveling the back roads, they see a continent of magnificent beauty, full of fascinating people. While traversing Czechoslovakia they see the misery caused by communist rule. First on the scene of a fatal traffic accident, they learn how fragile life is. From a farm family in Austria they find kindness and friendship more powerful than cultural and language differences. This is the true story of a summer spent by an eighteen-year-old boy who grew up quickly in those three months. The author shares what life was like during one summer of youth, how he felt and what he learned as he crossed the threshold to adulthood.

Biography of a Good Boy

by James Gruber

“Biography of a Good Boy” is a candid look into the life of a boys suffering through abandonment and abuse by his own family and later by society only to triumph through years of reflection and self denial. The author does not sugar coat any portion of the series, it is painful, funny, sad and joyful. A roller coaster of emotions are to be expected.

Closet Wide Open: A Child’s Words

by Vivian Emery

In my career, I have been asked many questions about people and the choices they make in life. How can a person choose to harm themselves because they are in pain? how can a parent harm their child? How can complete strangers look at an innocent child and judge her as damaged, and worthless because of the actions of others?

Sure I have a formal education and professional answers for these questions, but what I know for certain is how it happened in my own life. My own words contained in these pages answer those questions applied not to the masses but to me. This story is how I went from being an innocent, brave and faithful child in an abusive home, to a throw-away teen bounced from home to home and losing all hope in people, to an outwardly successful college student with dirty secrets of her past and the razor blade in her bathroom, and finally a healthy adult who is guiding others on their healing journey.

I cannot claim this as fact, nor will I pretend that it is fiction. It is simply my experiences as I know them, told by me. This story is in remembrance to those who hurt me, and the love I had for many of them, in honor those who assisted me out of the situation I was born into and later those that I got myself into, and most of all to give a voice to the words I used to be afraid to speak in hopes others will no longer feel alone.

The Short Story of a Nineteen Year Old Girl

by Casey Forest

Read about the hard times of a young girl, and growing up in a mentally abusive family with no mother.

Sins Dyed In Blood: In Search of the Newcastle Pirate

by Paul Brown

Edward Robinson was a British pirate who sailed with Blackbeard during the Golden Age of Piracy in the early 1700s. Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, local legend says he fled to sea after slitting a man’s throat and dumping the body in the river. Robinson crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean and the Americas, where he lived under a black flag, attacking ships, plundering gold, and murdering those who got in his way. In 1718, he was captured and sentenced to death by hanging in Charleston, South Carolina. “You caused your terror to be on all that haunt the sea,” his Judge told him, “and your sins are dyed in blood.” Almost 300 years later, Robinson has been virtually forgotten, and his story obscured by pirate myths and clichés. Was he really a murderous sea-robber, and did he deserve his brutal fate? Paul Brown retraces Robinson’s voyages on a quest to uncover the true swashbuckling story of the Newcastle Pirate.

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