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Master The Art of Public Speaking Volume 2: Advanced Public Speaking Strategies

by Coach Mark Davis

Following on from the #1 bestseller Mark has written another great book for beginner speakers and veterans alike.

More great practical how-to tips and ideas to make your next talk great

* Powerful insights on Audience Participation, engagement and connection.

* Creating the interactions that bind the speaker to their audience strongly and powerfully for maximum impact.

* Learning about the style of presentation that will assist you, based on thousands of presentations given and watched by the author.

* Strategies for your message being transmitted effectively.

* Learn the keys to maximising the impact of a presentation and getting trust and rapport from your audience.

No fluff, just proven success strategies from an international public speaker who has been delivering talks and trainings for over 20 years.

Upcoming books at the website, will focus on training, corporate presentations, and particular industries where confident presentations will be important for financial and personal reasons.

“Don’t let the messenger get in the way of the message!” Mark Davis

Confused About Your Cell Phone Bill: How To Avoid Bill Shock From Your Wireless Provider

by Laron Henderson

Learn how to compare different wireless plans among the wireless carriers.

How to Get Financing on Multiple Investment Properties

by Mark Ferguson

Many investors run into a road block when trying to purchase multiple investment properties or even their first. Once you have four mortgages in your name most banks will stop financing you. They will also tell you can’t get more than four loans anywhere, but that is simply not true. You can get more than four, more than ten or even more than 20 loans if you know where to look. I am not talking about borrowing money from your brother or seller financing. There are banks that will finance multiple properties for investors.

I am an investor myself with 11 rentals and number 12 and 13 under contract. I fix and flip 10 to 15 houses a year and all my properties are financed with banks. I talk a lot about my investing at, but in this book you can get the details on the best ways to:

Finance bulk packages of rental properties

Finance fix and flips

Lines of Credit


Qualify for a loan

Use hard money

Use private money

Finance more than four properties, more than ten and an unlimited amount

Best use financing to increase returns

Find loans with little money down required

Bonus material included in the book:

How to make one million dollars with real estate

How I would invest one million dollars into real estate

I have 11 loans in my name and another six loans in the name of one of my corporations. I am not trying to hide my identity through a corporation; my bank knows I control all of the properties. In fact Fannie Mae guidelines say lenders can give up to 20 mortgages to an individual. However, most banks have their own policies that prevent supplying that many mortgages to one person.

The trick to financing multiple investment properties is to find the right bank. My bank will actually finance as many properties as I want as long as I qualify for the loan. They place no limits on me, have competitive rates, competitive terms and actually require less paperwork than the big banks! I am able to put 20% down, when the big banks would require 25% (if they would give me loan).

In this book I tell you exactly how my bank works, what type of bank they are and how to find a similar bank (they are not national). I also talk about many other strategies you can use to obtain financing on multiple rental properties as well as advanced strategies like hard money refinances, financing fix and flips and investing with little money down. I plan to buy 100 single family rental properties and there is no way I could do that without a great bank that will finance me.

For more information on myself please check out, my real estate blog with over 200,000 views a month. I am a real estate broker who sells over 150 homes a year, I invest in long-term rentals and have completed over 100 fix and flips in the last ten years. I have published five Books that can be found at my Amazon author page.

Evernote Essentials! Evernote App At Work: Evernote Tips To Organize, Remember And Achieve Your Goals (Master Evernote, Get more done, Evernote for beginners Book 1)

by Kristina Marchant

Evernote Hacks That You Are Going To Love

Get this kindle book for $2.99 only! Regular Price $4.99

Read on your Mac, Pc, Tablet, Smart phone or Kindle device.

Get ready to leave the chaos of Post-It notes, bulging file folders, and overstuffed business card holders behind. Let Evernote come to the rescue by organizing and simplifying your life so that you can concentrate on the things that matter most.

Evernote is the top-rated time management app for busy people. Every day, all over the world, it is being used to create meeting reminders, shopping lists, to-do lists, and more. It tells you where you have to be and when. Evernote can also save and organize your Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos, and diary entries. Whatever you need, this amazing and versatile software has you covered.

Inside “Evernote Insights: Being Productive and Paperless at Home and Work” You Will Learn How To:

* Create and use notes and notebooks

* Forward emails to Evernote and store them as notes

* Generate reminders so you don’t miss important meetings and appointments

* Automate certain tasks using IFTTT and Evernote

* Send receipts for your online purchases to a special notebook

* Archive your starred Gmail photos, and even transcribe voicemail

* Use WebClipper to capture web page details for easy sorting and retrieval

* Use OCR technology to search handwritten notes and scanned documents

This kindle book provides plenty of practical examples for integrating Evernote into your life and using it. Although powerful and multifaceted on its own, Evernote’s capabilities can be expanded by using add-ons such as DocuSign and Business Card Reader, turning it into your virtual assistant and, as some users have put it, your second brain.

Would You Like To All That And Much More??

Invest in yourself and make your life easier by taking action and downloading this book now!!

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Extreme Frugality! Save More And Spend Less: Money Saving Tips And Tricks You Wish You Knew ((Frugal Living, Frugal Tips) Book 1)

by Kristina Marchant

Learn How You Can Save Some Money On The Side

Grab this kindle book for $2.99 only! Regular Price $4.99

Read on your Mac, Pc, Tablet, Smart Phone and Kindle device.

Don’t like that you don’t ever seem to have enough money left over at the end of the month to do something really fun with your family or friends? Or what about the dream for a vacation with the family, but you know you could never afford it? Do you live hand to mouth, with public assistance, and you still struggle to meet your bills?

If these situations describe your current living situation, you’re probably living outside of your means, as in, you’re spending more money than you make. That’s terrible! Perhaps the above scenarios aren’t you, however, but you want to be able to save more and you’re not entirely sure how it can be done. If this second set of circumstances belong to you, you’re in luck!

Extreme Frugality addresses both sides of the spectrum offering time testsed tricks and tips to get you saving money. Just be forewarned, it’s not called extreme for nothing. Be prepared to test your strength and self-control by considering some pretty outlandish alternatives to the normal way things are done in terms of entertainment, food, and living.

If you’re serious about changing your lifestyle to save more money and get ahead financially, this is seriously the book for you. While it’s much too short to provide an in depth way to save in every area of your life, it really is a great starting point. Learn what you can do todayâ??yes, even nowâ??to really start seeing some savings in your life!

Inside You Will Discover:

* How and why to save money on cars, housing and renting

* How tiny changes in your eating habits can help you save more

* Things you would never thought about you clothing that can save you some money

* How to stop Free Spending

* Cut the expensive crap out of your life

* Health and exercise

* Don’t forget all the money you save being frugal is the money you can invest and make more money in return

Would You Like to Know All That And Much More??

Grab this kindle book and start saving some money!!

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What Should I Write? 101 Get Well Wishes for Greeting Cards (What Should I Write On This Card?)

by Madeleine Mayfair

Do you freeze up every time a greeting card gets passed around the office? Everybody else seems to know exactly what to write. Why does your mind go blank? What do you do?

Consult this book!

It contains 101 unique sentiments you can write in get well cards for friends, family members, or co-workers. You’ll find everything from tender reassurances and heartfelt well-wishes to cheerful rhymes, as well as realistic expressions of hope, care and concern. If someone in your life is injured, under the weather or battling illness and you just can’t seem to find the right words, then it’s time to grab a copy of this ebook!

Kick your fear of “Blank Inside” cards to the curb. Or put your artistic skills to use and make your own! No need to worry about what you’ll write inside.

You can conquer any get well card with “What Should I Write? 101 Get Well Wishes for Greeting Cards.”

Make Money on eBay: Start Your Own Business by Selling Used Laptop Parts

by Steven Yonge

This eBook is created for anyone who is looking to make money online. I will provide you with step-by-step guidance to show you what you need to do to make money on eBay selling used laptop parts and how to start your online business with minimum investment.

Why selling laptop replacement parts on eBay?

EBay is a virtual market with a huge potential where buyers can literally buy anything, anywhere. There is a very profitable opportunity of selling all kinds of laptop replacement parts on eBay! By replacement parts I mean items that can be used to fix a broken laptop or to replace a used part. Screens, motherboards, hard drives, memory modules, batteries and others are highly demanded products and are being sold on eBay every day.

There are 4 major advantages for this market:

– Less competition: The best thing about laptop parts market is that competition will be usually less as most people focus on selling brand new items.

– Higher profit margins: Profit margins with most of electronic items will be good, especially if you’re the only one selling that particular item on eBay.

– Higher conversion rates: Imagine your laptop battery is dead – how long you’ll wait to replace it? In situations like these, people are not just browsing eBay, they are in active buying mood and if your offer matches what the buyer is looking for, you’ll get an easy sale.

– Parts availability: There is no shortage of laptop parts.

This eBook really gets down to the important steps, concise, detailed instructions on how to get the parts, what items to sell and what sell best, how to set a competitive price, and how to write an eye-catching item description.

Here are the main chapters of the book ‘Make Money on eBay: Start Your Own Business by Selling Used Laptop Parts’:

1. Introduction

2. Why Sell Laptop Parts

3. What You Need to Get Started

4. How to Get the Laptops

5. How to Extract the Parts

6. What Parts Sell on eBay

7. EBay Listing Tips and Strategies

8. Summary

Time Management: How to Get Things Done Effectively,How To Wake Up Early, Build your Daily Routine and Increase Your Creativity: Proven Strategies To Maximize … To Develop a Successful Routine Book 1)

by Serena Richards

My goal is to help you become aware of how you use your time as one of the most important resources in organizing, prioritizing and succeeding in life. I hope that I will achieve it . Remember that time is very precious, so you have to waste it wisely, because the way you spend your time defines who you are and what you will become one day. Remember that the purpose in our life is to take advantage of every minute we have to work on creating great goals and outstanding achievements. This is your time to change things! So, do it!

How to manage time: 4 simple steps to get more time in life


I am Ritwik Chakraborty and in this book I will guide you to find more time in your life. Let me first break a big misconception about time. Most of us think that they have not much time to do many things, and for this they are delaying many important works. They become angry about their life and become upset that others are having more time than them and enjoying their life. The funny thing is we all have same time. Same 24 hours, same day and night we all share. We all share the same time. The thing that creates difference between is how we maintain and mange it. How you use your time is how you get time use you. All trick lies in maintaining it.

This book “How to manage time” is totally built on how I manage my time. Earlier I was confused by multiple tasks that I have to do in given amount of time. It was really a horrible stage when I could not finish my jobs and stayed awake all the night before the last day of submitting it. It was totally uncontrollable by me, which made me finding ways to manage my jobs within given amount of time. I learned the ways to manage time from punctual people and through internet. It helped me a lot. And now I want to help you to maintain time and live a well-balanced life.

The book is divided in to four main chapters. The chapters are to the point and are in easy language to help you.

The chapters’ are-

1. T for to do list

2. I for importance

3. M for maintain

4. E for exercise

Hope this will help you to the way of managing time. All the best!

Live Life Cheap: Take what is yours

by Benjamin Friedland

Learn to take what is being offered to you totallt free! Life can be cheap and full of richness at the same time.

“Greed is good” is the well-known slogan of advertising. If you look under “Free food”, “Free”, “And All For Free” for example, on the Internet, Newspapers, etc., then you find homepages with many free offers.

”” is a gem with many free options. There are people who have made it into a good employment. In their homes they stack backpacks, pens, CD players, books, towels, watches, samples of all kinds and much more. It really works. Often it is indeed only cheap mass-produced products, but whoever is smart learns to make money on the Internet.

In a time when the Dollar, gasoline and heating prices always make the purse empty, it’s worth investigating any “Free taps”. Especially since the fixed price for branded goods has fallen, the Germans are often looking for new consumers. It is worthwhile to haggle over percentages and prices. The concept of potential customers has become a popular gimmick. The potential customer will eventually become locked into using a product; this is called “Baiting”. So companies use a worm to attract the fish. There are so many ways to obtain compensation and to scrounge around the world. Why not?

Frugal Innovation (e-short): How to do more with less

by Jaideep Prabhu, Paul Polman, The Economist Navi Radjou

This free e-short excerpt from Frugal Innovation: How to Do More with Less includes the foreword by Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman, the preface, a detailed case study on Aetna, a leading US health insurance company, and the conclusion from the book.

Long practiced in resource-constrained emerging markets, frugal innovation is now being adopted in developed economies by pioneers like Unilever and Aetna to serve the needs of cost-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers in the US and Europe. With an estimated trillion-dollar global market for frugal products, and with potentially huge cost savings to be gained, frugal innovation has begun to revolutionize business and to reshape management thinking worldwide.

The complete edition of Frugal Innovation is available in paperback and ebook wherever books are sold.

How To Build Wealth: The Simple Guide to Budget, Invest and Create Income for Life

by Paul Drope

Discover How To Build Wealth to Create an Income Stream for Life!!

Get this Kindle e-book for $0.99 for a Limited Time, regular priced at $3.89. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to…

Create an incredible Revenue Stream for Life using this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Measure your financial fitness
  • How to develop an easy to follow budget
  • Where to invest even if you know nothing about investing!
  • How to find that extra cash that you’ve been wasting
  • How to make every dollar you earn work for you!
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book.

5 Marketing Ideas That Work for Interior Designers

by Jerry Krull

For the Interior Designer who may be starting out, or the local designer who wants to increase their business without spending thousands of dollars on ads. Marketing for a small business owner is not something taught very well in Interior Design degree programs. It’s up to you to do marketing each week to keep business flowing. These are five of the easiest and most powerful ideas that I and Interior Designers use with great success. Working on these five ideas over the next two weeks will get you started on bringing new streams of business.

Beat the Clock

by Donald Wetmore

You CAN get more done, in less time and with less stress.

Beat the Clock, by noted time management guru, author and professional speaker Donald E. Wetmore, will provide you with easy tools and techniques to get more out of every day.

In nine chapters you will learn how to leverage your time for more results in both your work and personal lives.

Don is the founder of the Productivity Institute. He has personally conducted over 2,000 time management presentations for audiences from around the globe. He is also the author of Organizing Your Life and The Productivity Handbook.

NLP Techniques to GET THAT JOB NOW!!!

by Jacob Tudor Baruch

Times are tough. There is no question about that. But when times get tough, so do tough people. In this brief (takes 15 minutes to read) yet powerful e-manual, you will learn how you can use NLP techniques to GET THAT JOB NOW!!!

Specifically, you will learn how to:

Utilize the skills of “mirroring and matching” to gain instant rapport with key people during your job search

“Chunk down” bigger career goals into manageable “bite sized” portions

Use sub-modalities to inspire yourself to be your best during these difficult times

Use re-framing to turn any obstacle into a learning opportunity and every rejection into inspiration

Use the “New Behavior Generator” to Ace that highly dreaded “Behavioral Response Interview” that many of today’s employers are using more and more!

Become a positive V-A-K “anchor” for the decision makers in your job landing process

And much more!

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a very powerful methodology that leaves in its wake waves upon waves of useful techniques. It is time to use these NLP Techniques to GET THAT JOB NOW!!!


“NLP for Smart Poker Players”

The MBA Bible: All the Papers I Wrote For My MBA

by P. Claybrook MBA

In simple terms, his book encapsulates the entirety of the papers I wrote to meet the requirements of the MBA program through City University. I also received an A on every one of them. Of course there is more to an MBA program than just writing papers, but doing so is by far the most time consuming and involved. So if you are looking to see what an “A” paper looks like, want to get ideas for your next paper, or want to find out if an MBA is right for you, this is the book you want. Other books may tell you what an MBA program is LIKE, but this book tells you what an MBA program IS!

Get A Grip On Getting Rich: Mastering Money Management & Personal Finances To Live The Good Life

by Seth Cohen

Are you tired of living pay check to pay check, if you are even managing that?

Too Busy Earning Money To Make A Living?

How many hours a week do you work to barely make enough money to pay the bills? More than 40, 50? Chances are you do if you are looking for a book on getting rich and worst case scenario is you have two jobs and still don’t get ahead.

It isn’t your work ethic or poor parents that are to blame. Your money management and budgeting skills are not as fine-tuned as they need to be. Today you can make the choice to change your financial situation or just keep trying to make a living.

You have work to do, but you can pull your butt out of debt starting today.

Your Mind Then Your Money

Your mindset is holding you back because no one in their right mind wants to work as many hours as you do just to stay broke. They work them to get even richer.

Depression and stress are two very real consequences to having money problems and stop you from progressing forward. We will discuss in chapter one how to get out of your own way by changing how your mindset works.

You don’t have to follow the Law of Attraction, but I believe it will get you there a lot faster. Anyone I have worked with or met who were financially comfortable worked hard but also believed money would come to them. One guy I know went from being a normal guy to having a billion dollars in less than a decade.

Now if you thought that was a long time to make that much money just give yourself a light whack on the side of the head as your negative mindset is at work. Ten years for a billion dollars – count me in!

Money Does Buy Happiness

Let’s get controversial for a second here. People say that you can’t buy happiness with money and to a point that is right. You may not find happiness in materialistic items, but I bet you would be a lot happier having money in the bank at the end of each month. Money that can make you more money with wise investing and compound interest.

I know I am a lot happier when the bank account is overflowing vs. worrying about how I am going to make my payments. Wouldn’t you agree?

Inside you will discover ways to make your money do what it was meant to do and make you more money. This doesn’t happen by magic and like I said you have to work hard and make intelligent decisions with your money.

Even if you don’t buy this book and this is as far as you go make sure to set your financial goals. Without clear goals, your money will keep disappearing on you. Definitive goals provide you the motivation you need to do what it takes to get rich.

Are You Ready To Get A Grip On Getting Rich?

You deserve to have pockets full of cash and I want to help you get there.

Scroll up and hit the buy button today!

Paycheck-to-paycheck budgeting with YNAB: The unofficial guide to reaching a full buffer

by Steve Mudie

FREE for a limited time! Ends Sunday March 1st

Ever wonder what it would be like to pay all of your bills for the month and still have money leftover?

I used to ask myself the same thing years ago and could never get there. In fact, I had no idea where to start despite having absorbed all I could about personal finance. As a result I remained stuck in a paycheck-to-paycheck life feeling rich every payday then broke soon after.

The solution of course was “budgeting” but even that seemed daunting as I was supposed to guess at what was coming my way for money and somehow apply it to bills I didn’t know about yet. If you’re at all like me then you know how difficult that approach can be. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Enter: YNAB

I first discovered YNAB back in 2006 while searching yet again for a solution to our money woes and the approach that it takes changed my life. With the steps outlined in this book it can change yours as well.

What you’ll learn in this unofficial guide:

  • The basics of the YNAB approach to budgeting
  • How to use the YNAB software on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis
  • How Accounts work and how to nail down the starting balance
  • What to do on your first week out
  • The excitement of seeing progress as soon as new income arrives
  • How to keep things going
  • Why working toward a full buffer is where you want to go
  • How to recognize when you’re getting near to the finish line

Also included:

  • How importing works
  • What reconciling means and how to do it quickly
  • How importing and reconciliation work together

Download your FREE copy and get started today!

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