Free historical fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

A King in Time II

by Mary Enck

Arthur, Prince of Wales and future King of England, must decide if he wants to return to his own time in 2100 A.D.

Like his predecessor, the Legendary King Arthur, the passion of the young prince is to rebuild ancient Camelot. When he visits the original site, he encounters a prophetic gentleman who seems to know the future, or perhaps he speaks of the past.

Later, as Prince Arthur ponders the true identity of the man, a total solar eclipse occurs and propels him into the Fifth Century. It is only when the prince finally accepts the eclipse has directed the event, time begins to slip once more. It is then he discovers there is more to consider than space-time theories.

Remembering the Alamo: A Novella

by Alicia A. Willis

When Pastor Mark Siegler takes his youth group on a midsummer vacation to San Antonio, he anticipates teaching them about honor and sacrifice at the Alamo. But arrival at the historic landmark brings cutting disillusionment. A troubled teen is determined to make things difficult – and spread his embitterment to the rest of the group.

Mark has two choices: give up or try again. Midst his own discouragement, he decides to give them the story behind the legendary Alamo. And his perseverance results in the unforgettable.

The sweeping events of the Alamo comes to life through the eyes of an 1800’s wheelwright named Silas Edwards. As his tale unfolds, his decision becomes a difficult one. Is defending the Alamo so important? Or are the principles behind opposing General Santa Anna worth sacrificing everything for?

Join Private Silas Edwards, David Crockett, William Travis, and Mark’s youth group to discover the gripping events behind America’s battlecry: “Remember the Alamo!”

Intensive Purposes: …an Ian Penn short story (Searching for Summerland Book 1)

by Barry Friesen

“Intensive Purposes” is about a young kid from the mountains trying to fit in to life on an orchard in a small desert town in 1957. His best friend turns on him, his teacher hates him, and his little sister can’t stop digging a hole by the river. It’s that time in life when you find out that grownups don’t say what they mean or mean what they say, and you can’t tell if you’re a bit crazy or everyone else is. And you have to protect your sister from rattlesnakes and her love of black widows.


by Pamela Nyman

Carl Becker’s father hates Hitler. Unfortunately for Carl, his dad might be the only living Bavarian willing to openly admit it. Living as an outcast has become a way of life for Carl. Arriving home one day after a fight with bullies from the Hitler Youth, he sneaks into his room and changes into his last set of clean clothes. Too bad his parents discover his dirty clothes because, as a result, he now suffers the second beating of the day.
Clearly, Carl’s problems are not isolated to his relationship with his parents. Remarks by his father have all but destroyed his life. His friends could be counted on one hand, including one young female tagalong. Trouble brews in town and finally the Gestapo snatches Carl away from his family in retribution for his father’s inflammatory remarks. Life in Hitler’s punishment camp will quickly toughen Carl, or he will die. No longer will he be afraid.
Within hours of his return home from camp, his troubles start again when two young men accost him. This time, a stronger and angrier Carl is able to fight off his attackers. Learning of the fight, his father intends to add his own typical brand of punishment. However, he snatches his father’s switch away and breaks it. The message he sends hits its mark.
For a short time, Carl’s life calms down to a comfortable routine. Approaching seventeen, he falls in love with his grown-up tagalong friend, Marie. But their relationship is cut short when the army notifies Carl of his impending induction into its ranks during the spring of 1944. Marie tearfully says goodbye to Carl as he waits for the bus. He realizes she is his reason to return home.
Carl arrives at camp and goes through six weeks of extensive training. He is exhilarated at being chosen for the SS. After graduation, he is tattooed with his blood type and sent to Russia via Berlin and Warsaw. Most soldiers he encounters on his trip to the front either avoid him or are overly impressed with his Waffen SS insignia. He’s not convinced their reactions are justified. He still is the same farm boy.
While waiting for orders during a stopover in Prague, Carl meets up with several other Waffen SS soldiers. For the first time he learns about his formidable unit. The awe and touch of fear he reads in others’ eyes now makes some sense. But he doesn’t have time to dwell on all he has learned because the train is closing in on the Russian front, and it won’t be long before he is assigned to a unit.
Before he is able to settle into a routine, Carl is forced to kill three Russian soldiers, one with his knife. This first barbaric act confounds Carl’s strong sense of morals, but his actions are now those of a soldier. One battle bleeds into another, and his personal fight to stay alive looks as if it will beat the odds. He thinks maybe the tattoo of his blood type on his arm will prove useless. But in October, only five months after arriving in Russia, Carl is severely wounded in the face.
The British overrun his hospital and, noting his SS insignia, Carl is removed from the other prisoners of war and left to die. The Brits blame him for the atrocities at the death camps. Unable and unwilling to defend against their prejudice, Carl faces abuse and starvation. Well after the war’s end, a German colonel properly identifies his brigade, and Carl is immediately released and sent home.
Facing his own mortality has transformed Carl’s thoughts on Hitler, the war and his father’s disgust of the Third Reich. Carl wonders if the world will ever return to normal, or if his deformed face will ever allow an ordinary happy life. To his relief, his parents are waiting for his arrival, and just as he was ready to give up all hope, his Marie declares her love.

The Burning Palace: An Archibald Mercer Mystery (The Brenac Murders Book 3)

by Andrew Mills

For years, Archibald Mercer has been able to track down many of the nation’s criminals and bring them to justice. Now he his tracking his most difficult opponent ever. Will Mercer learn from his past or will the past repeat itself?

1066 – Death of a Nation: Saxons! The Norman Invasion. (Historical dramatisations. Book 5)

by David Beeson

Experience Saxon life as 400 years of rule falls apart. King Harold should have beaten Duke William of Normandy at the battle of Hastings – yet he lost his life.

See the events unfold as seen by people who were, or could have been, there.

You will absorb the atmosphere of Saxon England in this lively book that will appeal to ladies as well as men.

The history in this book is accurate, so you will end the book feeling both entertained and educated. No super heroes here – just people living their lives.

Sit back and now be absorbed into the end of an era that fell apart with possibly the most famous single battle in the history of Britain.



by T. H. GEARY

At the time of the American Civil War, there were many threats to the Union. A secret intelligence network is established by the War Department to spy on Southern sympathizers around Washington D.C. Donovan Patton is a battle-worn veteran recruited to find any and all potential threats. He discovers a dangerous and secret organization that has infiltrated the government and the army and is preparing for an attack. Donovan must do everything he can to stop an attack without getting killed by enemies on both sides.

Sodom And Gomorrah: The Tale Of Two Cities

by Mark Rich

A fictional account of two of the most infamous cities in history.

The wicked, violent and evil cities of Sodom And Gomorrah.

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