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Cut the Cord: Free TV Made Easy: The How-to Guide to Free Over-the-Air TV and Streaming TV

by Edward Jones

Ditch your cable TV or satellite TV subscription and SAVE with FREE TV!

If you’re tired of paying thousands each year for cable or satellite TV and getting horrible service in return, you need this book! Learn how to ditch your cable TV or satellite TV provider, and still watch the shows you love. Cut the Cord: Free TV Made Easy will show you how to get over-the-air free TV, what streaming hardware options are available and how to install and use popular ones, and what streaming services will deliver the entertainment you desire. You’ll discover the pros and cons of the newest services like Sling TV, and your DVR options like TiVo’s Roamio line. Join the ranks of the “cord-cutters” and save thousands annually with the help of Cut the Cord: Free TV Made Easy.

About the author

Cut the Cord: Free TV Made Easy comes from the pen of Edward Jones, the principal technology writer behind the “Tips, Tricks and Traps” series of computer books. Jones is an experienced computer and technology writer, database applications development analyst, consultant, and trainer who understands the issues faced by people dealing with technology, day in and day out. His career spans years of technology training, database development, and consulting services for major law firms and government agencies in the Washington, DC area, and he currently resides in Charlotte, NC where he is concentrating on providing publications to the rapidly growing digital marketplace. Jones is also a best-selling author whose printed titles have sold over one million copies, and he has served as a technical editor on numerous computer books.

Why lie, I need a beer

by Jason Daughtry

A satirical look at a self professed philosopher, and his quest for a beer. The first in what will be a series as this man waxes philosophical on a vast array of topics. Truly the works of a man who spends a lot of time at the Walmart.

Dungeon Code

by Brad Ashlock

“Dungeon Code” is a retro-style role playing game (RPG) set in a gritty fantasy setting. The mechanics of the game are fast and simple, with a strong emphasis on narrative. Unique combat and magic systems. This book includes a readymade adventure module so the reader can start an adventure straightaway with a group of friends.

The Amazing Tale of Steve: An Excited Novel Based on Minecraft!

by Innovate Media

From the Bestselling group comes the new amazing novel, The Amazing Tale of Steve! Immerse yourself into the story with great characters, an incredible plot-line, and so many twists and turns that your head will be spinning.

Who could ever expect a young, inexperienced, silly underdog to ever become the deciding factor in a full-scale war? This novel follows the adventures of Steve and his two closest friends, Marvin and Jack. Ride with them through the hills and trees, fire and smoke – follow their story, and become immersed in their lives. Keep an eye out for Herobrine and the Huntsmen as you travel, though!

Out Of The Frying Pun

by Phil Maund

A second collection of hilarious and zany poems to enchant readers of all ages. From the love at first sight story of “Humbug the Hippo” to the unusual romance of “Peter the Peacock” you will be thoroughly entertained. Discover the secret of Woody the Woodpecker’s success, why “The Real Three Little Piggies” are not happy, what the cannibals are cooking up and who The Greatest Golfer in the world is. And much moreâ?¦

The Worry

by Chris Bishop

A truly remarkable novel. Uniquely surreal, comic and immensely satisfying. You’ll not have met anybody like Luke: ex-rocket scientist, with a failed degree in pillaging. When he wins a warehouse full of traffic cones in a dubious card game, a strange chain of events leads him into an equally dubious â??career’, exploiting this improbable asset to earn a living.
Mysteriously enough, no matter how many traffic cones he takes from his warehouse they never seem to run out. Luke is determined to get to the bottom of this, and he embarks on some amateur sleuthing that results in a series of surreal situations, and lands him in a police cell in Germany.

The Worry is a polymorphic journey from the bizarre to the ridiculous that will make you laugh and get you thinking. Fresh, original, unpredictable yet strangely familiar: like its protagonist, it’s funny – and great fun.
Not a book to be easily pigeon-holedâ?¦ unless you have a very odd-shaped pigeon.

Cubiclehacks 2: You’ve Made It To Manager

by Gordon Akinpelu

The sequel to the unexpectedly popular and EXTREMELY relatable Cubiclehacks!

Julie and Patrick are back. They (mostly) followed the 12 rules from the first Cubiclehacks to work their way up to middle management. Now they are getting schooled on how to spend that managerial salary, the different types of employees they will need to manage, and new bosses they will face. Ultimately, they decide if the newfound perks are worth the stress. If you’ve ever been in management, you have LIVED this book already!

CAUTION: May contain a subversive life message.

30 pages, illustrated humor.




The Elvis Conundrum and other Stories

by Hans Field

Just a few of my Blogs and stories of the last 2 Years brought together in one Volume

Death of the Haiku: Book One

by Kevin Gillespie

Offbeat poems for you to enjoy. Please laugh at them. Cry too.

Shitfaced at the Laundromat

by Kevin Gillespie

Sometimes you have to be drunk at the laundromat to get through the horror of washing your clothes.


by Bill Yancey

Coming in March 2015: Deadly Practice.

Who’s trying to murder Sarafea
Seville, why, and will they succeed?

It’s M*A*S*H meets student health. Spencer Dodd is a doctor of student health at an university tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia. He has a new supervisor. In Dodd’s opinion, Neal Abramowicz is a pathological liar interested mostly in securing his next promotion. Abramowicz is not one to let the practice of good medicine get in the way of political correctness.When the battle lines are drawn between Dodd and his supervisor, Dodd suffers. Dodd has two allies: Cody Cray is a computer science major who lives in the attic of the student health center and the other, Beebee, is a raven. When the son of a prominent school supporter nearly dies from alcohol withdrawal, Dodd is blamed. This event brings to light the conflict raging in the Student Health Department.

Irving Titans

by Jeff Dawson

In 1989, the Irving Titans achieved an all time low of 1-15. They hadn’t been this bad since the team’s inception in the ’60’s. The glory days of NFC Championships and Super Bowls were a distant memory. That was about to change as the collapse of the Savings and Loans scandal would force the current owner, Bum Reason to sell the storied franchise to unknown billionaire oilman, Reuben Weitzman who promised the Titan faithful he would rebuild the team and make it, the dominant force in the NFL To accomplish this he would have to release the Titan’s beloved head coach, Steve Osborn and replace him with one of his old college classmates and the current top collegiate coach, Marshall Jankowski.

What he couldn’t imagine is how his lifelong dream of owning the Titans would propel him and the team back into the limelight on more than one front: Super Bowls, scandals, sex and a long awaited reckoning from the one gal who can bring the whole regime down, Charlene Rivers.

Prepare yourselves for the most raucous, rambunctious, risqué ride in sports history!

Get a copy today and follow the rise and fall of the Irving Titans.

Death of the Haiku: Book Two

by Kevin Gillespie

More haiku in the vein of Book One. Laugh and cry.

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