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On the Wind (Redefining Romance Book 2)

by Marilyn Grey

What if one choice–one small gesture–completely changed the lives of so many strangers around you? That’s what happens to Felton. He knows Nellie will think the world of his sweet letter, but he doesn’t realize that the world will think so much more.

Everything we do, even the slightest thing we do, can have a ripple effect and repercussions that emanate. If you throw a pebble into the water on one side of the ocean, it can create a tidal wave on the other side. -Victor Webster

Book 2 of the Redefining Romance series where you can vote on your favorite characters and stories to become full length novels. More info inside the book!

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Buddha’s Tooth (Book Book 1)

by Robert A Webster

Some people are born to be heroes. Some people earn it through years of trying. Allow me to

introduce you to three likely lads who had heroism strangely dropped on their heads. Please

enjoy the first adventures of Nicholas (Nick) Godfrey, Stuart (Stu) Wilson, and Spock, three

unattached, English, horny, thirty­something lads on holiday, as they almost battle with evil

forces, almost rescue damsels in distress and almost save a country from total destruction


by Christopher Wilson

“Mischief works superbly as a social satire and examination of the human condition… At times Wilson’s story approaches Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels in its rigour, humour and moral force. Hugely recommended.” Independent on Sunday

“A sparkling gem.. a marvellous deadpan act, conjuring outrageous tricks.” GQ

Shortlisted for The Whitbread Fiction Prize

Charlie Duckworth has orange skin, crocus yellow eyes, a solitary tuft of black hair on his head, and a penis twisted like a corkscrew. Unusual for Islington, but natural for the last surviving member of the Brazilian Xique Xique tribe. Wrenched from his native home by a well-meaning zoologist, Charlie is brought to London and given an unremarkable, middle-class, English upbringing. But his strange looks and gentle spirit leave him sadly ill-equipped to deal with human prejudice…

The Red Notebook

by Celine Prevost

What if someone disappeared from your life without giving any explanations? What if you were barely eight when this happened? And what if the person who vanished was your mother?

Anastasia moved to England and got married to Peter far away from her native country, Russia, escaping a life of abuse and poverty.

One day, she finds an old recipes notebook which belonged to her mother: the discovery takes her back with vivid clarity to the day her mother disappeared when Anastasia was not even eight yet. How can she move on with her life without knowing what happened almost twenty years earlier?

The red notebook holds the key to the mystery which shaped her life and she has to face up to the past to find out what happened to her mother. She has to go back to Russia, her country, where she had to fend for herself most of her young life.

Her quest will prove to be far from straightforward and not without its dangers, and will take her to the limits of her strength and determination.

What she will find will change her forever.

What does not kill you makes you stronger.

Rock Bottom: A Novel in 12 Steps

by AA Peterson

You have to have someone to miss you before you can go missing.

Martie Newburg is a junkie. That label has destroyed everything. He’s no longer a millionaire, no longer a renowned make of video games. Heroin has taken it all. Martie now finds himself begging for money, living in homeless shelters if he’s lucky enough to find a bed, and sleeping in a drain culvert when he’s not. His entire fortune has been consumed by his addiction.

Martie is alone as a human being can be while still breathing.

There’s one chance left. Before losing everything, Martie created a trap for himself. A way to break his addiction. A prison where he will be incapable of falling prey to his personal demons. All he has to do is push a button and he won’t even have the chance to fail. He’ll disappear from the world and come back a changed man.

But can he subject himself to that kind of hell?

An inspiring story of addiction, recovery and the relationship between creators and their creations.

The Hand Holder (HSP Shorts)

by George Kempis

“The Hand Holder” is the story of a failed mathematician, and of his one last attempt to get it right, and of a young writer, and of her first attempt to get it right, and of how their two lives come together, all because he throws his life’s work into a trash bin that is never emptied, and she empties itâ?¦.


by Scott Freiheit

1968…a time of turbulence, protests, assassinations and anarchy in the streets as America seems teetering on the brink of disaster. The Tet Offensive stuns the nation and “flower power” has been replaced with more aggressive forms of rebellion. It is a very different year for the country and for two brothers and the women in their lives. From the author of “The Summer of Love and War” comes the sequel, “Revolution”, which finds the Gold brothers in reversed roles as Evan is assigned to cover the war in Vietnam while David returns to the States seeking to pick up the pieces and move on with this life. In Saigon Evan finds romance, danger and a crisis of conscience, while David, and his army buddy Zeb, explore the possibilities of starting a rock band in the garage. For both of them the year will be full of unexpected twists and turns often shaped by the larger events swirling around them. Contains adult language and situations. (Approximately 75,000 words.)

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