Free poetry Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

THE SOUL: Poems of Life

by China Cancio

When life is too hard and there’s no one else to hold on to, this book will bring you to passionate journey of varied emotions: voices from the pain of loneliness and yearning for love, the glory of innocence and renewal, the ardent passion of the youth, the joy and sadness of love in the rain, and the desire of death for losing one’s love.

This is a tale of emotions delivered through poems. It conveys its message to the people from all walks of life through the depth of feelings reflected in the words that can touch your soul. This is the melody of poetry.

Read it. Embrace it. Love it.

A New Beginning: Love Poems and Others

by Samrane Savangsy

A collection of my personal poems will take you back through time, way back to my high school years and few years thereafter. Most of them echo love’s smiling and laughter and agony and tears, and some others deal with life’s miscellany.

Saint Crow: poems

by Ruth Harrigan

This volume of poetry contains six poems, ranging from the whimsical “Saint Crow” and “In a Stew” to the reality of a factory worker’s short vacation and what Independence Day means to one family. Who Wrote This Poem is an autobiographical piece about what happened when I wrote my first poem – in school.

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