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Conspiracy Fact: Human Experimentation in the United States: DECLASSIFIED (Conspiracy Facts Declassified Book 1)

by Kate Marcello

Did you know that American history is peppered with cases of human experimentation?

Could you in your wildest dreams imagine that it was happening through the mid-1970s? That is in most of our lifetimes!

I wish that I could tell you that it’s a load of crap, but the fact is…it’s true. Supported by dozens of declassified documents and publications, horrible human testing can be corroborated throughout our history. Conspiracy Fact: Human Experimentation in the United States introduces you to a number of appalling cases involving the most vulnerable members of society.

The book documents a handful of cases taking place between the 1840s and 1970s. That’s right, for over a century, these atrocities were regularly happening. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

With reference images throughout, you can put names with some of the faces of doctors who performed tests on United States citizens without their knowledge or consent. You will read about cases of the poor, minorities, pregnant women, infants, even military personnel were not safe from their probes and needles.

That’s not all, there’s an addendum and a wealth of sources where the information was found. This is the first book in a series called Conspiracy Facts Declassified that will take an in-depth look at our world and attempt to decode fact from fiction.

If you are looking for other starting points for your research, please check out this title as well –

Peradventures: Genesis

by Tina Strich

Tearing apart the King James bible with critical thought, blunt verbiage, humor, and a touch of sanity. Get ready for an in-your-face-disgrace of the “not so good” book! This first edition of Peradventures: Genesis is the beginning of an atheist’s staunch journey through the bible. It’s a direct challenge to the morality guide used by hundreds of millions. A brutal review of the good book from an ex-Southern Baptist, born-again, saved, dunked in the river Christian.

Have you ever read the Old Testament? New Testament? Really opened its pages and read the bible? We’re not talking about what preacher man at church or on the television is shouting. We’re talking about all the negative shit in the bible. The rapes. The incest. The murders. The prostitution. The terror. We’re talking about the actual stories found in the KJV that are rarely discussed.

It’s a book of god’s teachings they say. According to the author, it’s a book of pain, anguish, death and destruction. It contains the word of god, they say. What word? Adam and Eve? Noah? Jesus? Moses and the Ten Commandments? How about the story of the man who has heard an imaginary deity convince him he needs to slit his sonâ??s throat and burn him? How about the one where a man offers his two young virgin daughters to the mob outside his door if they will just leave his two visitors alone? How about if said virgins get their father drunk and have sex with him for the sole purpose of becoming pregnant? How about adults who feel up the thighs of children? How about one brother killing another? Not the kind of shit we were taught in Sunday School.

All this, and plenty more terrible things occur in the first book of the bible – Genesis. And, that’s what the author wants you to understand. To present this shit in a way that hopefully takes away the passive attitudes towards the bible’s horrible teachings. To arm you with a new method for defending your free-thinking views the next time you’re deep in a debate with a holy roller. To know that many, if not most, followers of the bible have never truly read it. They know only the sanitized information theyâ??ve soaked up over years and years of puppetry. This blind faith, as it were, needs to be challenged.

This book is important because there are plenty of non-believers who don’t want to offend. And, that’s just the point. They are coming out of the closet, so to speak. And, lately they are coming out en masse. They ARE going to offend. The times; they are changing. Why fucking wait?

The intention here is to bring a commoner’s explanation of the KJV bible to the world. Starting right here with the first book of Genesis. The information comes from an author steeped with a background of having been indoctrinated from birth and sent through the gauntlet of Christian rituals. It comes from a breakout from the very theist community in which she lived as a child, to a decade of living in very liberal parts of the world (The Netherlands, Germany, California). It comes from common sense and scientific fact. And, it is delivered bluntly and comically.

Through shock value, the author wants you to see the bible for what it really is – a bad, bad book. A tool for controlling the dumb. The word of god is the virus of humanity. And, this book proves it.

The World’s Most Dangerous Secret Societies: The Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderberg Group, Knights Templar, The Jesuits, Skull And Bones And Others

by James Jackson

To some the name “secret society” conjures up an image of a shadowy and elite cabal meeting behind smoke-filled rooms, discussing tactics of world domination and manipulation straight out of the most far-fetched espionage thriller. To others, the image of secluded men (and occasionally women!) banding together in exotic garb to perform colorful ceremonies and impart hidden knowledge and fancy but incomprehensible titles upon one another springs to mind.

But just how far-fetched and fanciful is the prospect of a secret society? Could it be that there walks among us, in any given echelon of the population, groups given to exercise inordinate amounts of power and influence over the rest of us? Could these exotic members-only clubs really pose such an immediate threat to our well-being that our very way of life is endangered? Well, quite frankly the disturbing answer to those particular questions are yes and yes. Right in our midst there absolutely exists clandestine organizations consisting of both men and women who wield a dangerous amount of influence and power over the entire world populace.

In his book entitled “The World’s Most Dangerous Secret Societies” author James Jackson explores these dangerous secret organizations and its members; their beliefs, hidden agenda and their ultimate goal of a New World Order and world domination. Here are a few of some of the dangerous secret societies that will be thoroughly examined.

– The Freemasons

– The Illuminati

– Skull And Bones

– The Bilderberg Group

– Council on Foreign Relations

– The Trilateral Commission

– The Society of Jesuits

– The Committee of 300

– The Knights Templar

And Much Much Moreâ?¦..

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