Free religious fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 15


by Karen Baney

Niki Turner has finally arrived. Her career is soaringâ??she has just been offered the company’s most sought after account, Helitronics. Life would be perfect, if she could stop her roommate from playing matchmaker.

Then Kyle Jacobs mysteriously re-enters her life. As painful memories resurface, his presence turns her life upside down and threatens to waylay her career. She must find a way to work with himâ??after all, he’s the helicopter flight consultant for the new flight control system she’s programming.

Kyle Jacobs struggles to find his place in the civilian world following a tragic accident in Afghanistan. He must learn to move beyond the guilt he feels. As he picks up the pieces of his life, he longs for a second chance with Niki, the girl he carried in his heart during the war.

Can Niki forget the past and see Kyle as the new man he has become? Or will her resentment keep her from finding what she has always been searching for?

This contemporary novel is an upbeat and compelling story set in the Phoenix Metro Area. Karen Baney shows a new side to her writing with great whit and banter between the main characters. Inspired by her love of romance and of computers, this story takes readers on a journey filled with laughter and tears.

Moonbow Over Charleston

by Terry Ward Tucker

Cultures clash in a big way when saucy sassy teenage project princess, Larissa Harold, blows into the life of retired Southern widower, Dr. Bedon Calhoun, Sr., and permanently knocks his ordered existence off its aristocratic foundation. When Larissa shares her personal problems with Bedon, problems so horrific they appear to have no solutions – poverty, violence in her home at the hands of her mother’s series of deadbeat boyfriends, not to mention her own advancing pregnancy that not even her mother is aware of – the good doctor forgets about the miserable loneliness that has plagued him since the death of his wife, Hildie, and takes Larissa on as his secret charity. But as he reaches deep into his bank account and deeper into his inner soul in repeated efforts to provide healing for the sweet and salty girl, he somehow finds healing for himself, plus a special kind of love that turns out to be far more meaningful than simple romance. But then enters Buddy, his grandson, and a juicier kind of attraction to the beautiful and intelligent Larissa begins heating up the story. You’ll laugh and cry as the pregnant little stray sprinkles her special mix of spice and magic into the lives of Bedon and Buddy. Enjoy this fast fun read about this fast fun gal as she revs up the engines of two sheltered male Charlestonians who never saw the antics of a gen-u-ine project princess coming their way. They – like you – will never be the same for having fallen under her spell.

Dust Storm: A Christian Western Short Story

by Cliff Ball

In this Christian western short story, fifteen years after the Civil War, Matt Taylor comes through Tucson as part of his travels. He stops at the local Cafe, meets a woman he instantly falls in love with, only for her father, a former Confederate Colonel to order him to leave town. Matt doesn’t, the Colonel tries to bribe some Bandidos to force Matt to leave, but instead, his daughter is kidnapped. So, Matt and the Colonel have to lay aside their differences to rescue her. Find out if they do in this short story.

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