Free war Kindle books for 28 Feb 15


by Misty Alfonso

In Germany in World War II, a young nineteen year old American soldier hears the cries of a sick little girl and pulls her from a mound of rubble that was once her home. The child has a small baret shaped like a blue butterfly in her hair. She dies minutes later. Sixty-eight years later and now eighty-seven years of age, a strange woman in her sixties comes knocking on his door, and thus the telling of this story of the resurrection of a child with a blue butterfly baret in her hair and the mission God had planned for her life. With the stranger present, the story is told to the old man’s Sunday school class but through the eyes of a nineteen year old American soldier, and the class is stunned when a miracle occurs at the end of the Sunday school lesson.

The Tarnished Gentleman

by Mark McCarrell

In World War one Jonathan Treadwell felt it honorable to join the military and do his part, aching for action and adventure. But as war goes it never seems as it appears, falling him into the horrors of battle and the pain of combat that no man can imagine. After becoming wounded in battle he befriends another man while recovering in the hospital; closely bonding with the fellow American only becoming more distraught as his friend’s growing love interest, Emily Stroud, eats at his soul as he witnesses the writing bond the two share. Upon his death bed his friend’s last wish was for Jonathan to deliver his final letter if he ever perished. Honoring his friend, he sat out after the war to deliver his comrade’s wish; only helplessly falling in love with the beautiful French girl, taking his friend’s identity rather than chance on losing her affections. Torn as to whether to reveal himself or pursue the dishonesty, he battles a feeling more destructive than the enemy, as Emily herself has professed her love for him.

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