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Buffalo Soldiers (An Upstate New York Mafia Tale Book 2)

by Nicholas Denmon

Amazon #10 Bestseller in Organized Crime
Amazon Top 100 True Crime
Amazon Top 100 True Accounts
Amazon Bestseller Crime / Suspense Fiction
Amazon Bestseller Thriller Series

Book II in: An Upstate New York Mafia Trilogy


Notorious assassin Rafael Rontego is kidnapped from his hotel room moments before FBI Agent Sydney Price and her team close in on the man she believes can provide enough evidence to bring down the Ciancetta crime family. As she chases down the prize of her investigation, she enlists help from former Buffalo undercover cop Alex Vaughn. The ensuing blood bath leads them on a trail that exposes corruption, terrorists, and the realization of their deepest fears.

Meanwhile, Ivan Nivsky is released from prison after eleven years of keeping his mouth shut. Within twenty-four hours of leaving his cage behind with a vow never to return, he finds himself lost in an underworld he used to call home. With a Russian crew laying siege to the Italian family that took him in and the FBI closing in, Ivan finds himself released from the zoo and tossed into a concrete jungle where only the fittest survive.

Silent No More: Breaking The Silence of Domestic Violence and Abuse

by Virgie Townsend

This is an autobiography on how one woman broke free from the generational curse of domestic violent relationships. How one woman broke free from child abuse and overcame childhood bullying and sexual assault leading to a teen pregnancy. This is a true story about the author, however the characters names have been changed. There is a two paged journal with words of inspiration at the end of each journal page, along with scriptures and statistics in the back of the book. The book concludes with a prayer for victims and survivors.

The Chronicles of Three Finger Jack: A Life Cut Short

by Mills Rackley

The Lightly-Fabricated Tale of Seattle’s Most-Liked Street Busker, Cult Video Personality and Bullshit Artist

Three Finger Jack represents the old Seattle: a town of grit and hard characters. Today’s prototypical Seattleite â?? a software engineer with smooth hands â?? would not have survived for ten minutes in Jack’s world. Seventy hardscrabble years of grubby subsistence living and violent encounters with Ted Bundy, corrupt Tacoma vice cops, and space aliens: not a safe place for the iPhone crowd.

There were no sushi bars or guest chefs at the Boeing cafeteria back when Jack worked there in the mid 1960s. Hot dogs, turkey, gravy if you’re lucky, 1960s coffee. The days of employee massages and stock options and food trucks were decades away. No lattes. No marijuana delivery services. Grim.

Jack claimed he was fired from Boeing for hitting his foreman in the face with a wrench after an argument over a porno magazine. No charges were filed. Later he took over a quaint waterfront bar in Gig Harbor â?? a family place, with ice cream sundaes and steaks and martinis for grandpa â?? and turned it into a hippie biker bar.

For years after, Jack remained embittered about his experience as owner of Three Finger Jack’s Tides Tavern. A river of whiskey and too may late nights and suddenly 3FJ lost the place and basically became a drifter.

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