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The Mistress, Part One

by Lexie Ray

Everyone thought being someone’s mistress would be easy, but not everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Cheater” that’s all she sees when she gazes into the mirror.

I should be wearing a fucking scarlet letter” she growls towards her reflection.

Full of guilt and disgust, Haley’s mind reels to the man that caused it all – that disgusting, cheating man. That cocky smirk and those egotistical remarks made her scowl with annoyance and frustration.

But it was those glorious full-bodied muscles gleaming beneath the beads of sweat that both of their bodies produced during that oh-so-sensuous act which entrapped her thoughts. The feeling of his body pressed against hers, the ripple of his abs rubbing against her flesh – it all was enough to cause her body to shiver, even now, when she was on the brink of a full-blown meltdown.

Haley pulled her muddled hair into a ponytail, and tried to remain calm. Afterall, people cheat all the time. She wasn’t the one cheating, right?


No matter how much of a lying and deceitful ass Preston was, she was still as guilty – if not more so. She was guilty not only of sleeping with another woman’s husband, but the father of the children she had been the nanny of since the oldest one’s birth twelve years ago.

Note to reader:

This is part one of two, and ends with a cliffhanger.

It is filled with A LOT of steamy love scenes – definitely not recommended for readers below 18!

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