Free historical fiction Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Love Story: Sometimes Two Lives Have A Destiny. This Was The Case With Heinrich And Ophelia.

by Reba Alsup

A love story between two lost people coming together. The challenges they face together. He arrives in America at the age of 16. He is alone, starting a new life. Her family was killed on the frontier. She has been raised by Native American Indians. Now they are together depending on each other.

Faro: A tale of old San Francisco

by Steve Bartholomew

San Francisco in the mid nineteenth century suffered a total of six major fires, each of which nearly destroyed the city. Among those recruited as firemen were laborers, capitalists, teachers, gamblers and cardsharps. This is a story of one of them.

Miracles: A Trio of Island Tales (Trio Tales Book 4)

by Judith Cullen

Welcome to paradise: the South Pacific of the 19th Century, full of ancient island cultures and Euro-Western colonialism. In this latest installation of her “Trio Tales” series, author Judith Cullen joins with native Tongan storyteller Illaisaane Filikitonga Tome to share stories steeped in the history of a kingdom, and with an intimate connection to family, and the power of belief.

“An Island Miracle – Earth” re-imagines “tuku fonua” and the journey of King Tupou I to this historic act of dedicating all of Tonga to the Christian God, rather than bow to pressure from colonizing foreign powers.

“An Island Miracle – Water” recounts how a man of faith places himself, literally, in the path of ongoing sorrow for the residents of the small Tongan island of Falevai.

“An Island Miracle – Fire” faces the reality of life on a volcanic island, where life and creation vividly part of the same continuing cycle. When a community of believers is charged with a task that seems completely insane, will they have the faith and courage to believe, when even the island itself seems to challenge them?

The “Trio Tales” series are “fiction monographs” featuring three short stories on a single theme, and are intended to be portable, enjoyable. They also make great gifts.

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“Judith knows writing and how to craft a tale so that no word is wasted or added without reason. She writes to tell a story, not to fill a page. And that . . . shows.” ~ Reader Review, A Trio of My Father’s Tales Tales

“Stories as well written as this have a way of opening windowsâ?¦” ~ Reader Review, A Trio of Irish Tales

A Trio of Irish Tales (Trio Tales Book 1)

by Judith Cullen

Meet Ireland’s legendary “Man of the Mists”, experience the life of one woman through a sacred oak tree, or delight in the old-world vs new-world clash between an annoyed pooka and a digitally savvy teenager. In this first volume of the “Trio Tales” series, author Judith Cullen celebrates her heritage inspired by family and friends, and she even invites the fairies out to dance.

Viking Moon

by Ian Haldon

From the icy waters of the Northern fjords, across wild and dangerous seas. A viking adventure of courage, daring and triumph against the odds.

The Wise Cousin: Elizabeth and Mary – a special bond

by Ceri Rhian

Rooted in Biblical Truths, this story invites musings over what impression Elizabeth’s wisdom may have had on Mary during their time together.

Young Mary had a difficult road ahead, she needed wisdom from.another Godly women who knew what suffering and shame meant.

This book also challenges the reader to consider what part God has for them in His story.

The Overseer (Pennetta House Short Stories Book 4)

by Toni Banks

An overseer questions the cruelty he inflicts on slaves.

Το Ψάρι Ï?Ï?ο ΧÏ?μα

by Î?Ï?ρÏ?ιά ΦραγκοÏ?ούλοÏ?

Î? ΧάρηÏ? Ï?ερνάει Ï?ιÏ? μέρεÏ? Ï?οÏ? Ï?Ï?ο νοÏ?οκομείο δίÏ?λα Ï?Ï?ο κρεβάÏ?ι Ï?οÏ? μικρού Ï?οÏ? αδερÏ?ού. Î?εμίζει Ï?ο μÏ?αλÏ? Ï?οÏ? με Ï?ιλοÏ?οÏ?ικέÏ? αναζηÏ?ήÏ?ειÏ? και μαθημαÏ?ικέÏ? εξιÏ?Ï?Ï?ειÏ?, Ï?οÏ? Ï?μÏ?Ï? δεν αρκούν να Ï?οÏ? αÏ?ανÏ?ήÏ?οÏ?ν Ï?α «γιαÏ?ί».

Î?εν Ï?ο ξέρει ο ίδιοÏ?, Ï?μÏ?Ï? η μικρή Ï?αÏ?Ï?οÏ?οιημένη ζÏ?ή Ï?οÏ? είναι έÏ?οιμη να αναÏ?ραÏ?εί μέÏ?α Ï?ε μία μάÏ?η ανάμεÏ?α Ï?Ï?ο θάναÏ?ο και Ï?η ζÏ?ή. Î?αι Ï?Ï?αν έρθει η Ï?Ï?ιγμή να ζÏ?γραÏ?ιÏ?Ï?εί Ï?ο Ï?άρι Ï?Ï?ο Ï?Ï?μα, Ï?Ï?Ï?ε Ï?λα θα γÏ?ρίÏ?οÏ?ν Ï?ίÏ?Ï? Ï?Ï?ο Ï?ρÏ?νο, Ï?ίÏ?Ï? Ï?Ï?ην αρÏ?ήâ?¦ Î?κεί Ï?Ï?οÏ? η αλήθεια, ζÏ?νÏ?ανή, Ï?ον κοιÏ?άζει καÏ?άμαÏ?α. Î?κεί Ï?Ï?οÏ? Ï?Ï?άρÏ?οÏ?ν οι Ï?ρÏ?Ï?οι, οι αληθινοί, οι γνήÏ?ιοι. Î?κεί Ï?Ï?οÏ? θα βρει κάÏ?ι Ï?οÏ? να αξίζει να Ï?εθάνει και να ζήÏ?ει για Ï?άρη Ï?οÏ?.

Î? ΧάρηÏ? Ï?ρειάζεÏ?αι ένα θαύμα εÏ?ειγÏ?νÏ?Ï?Ï?. Î?ήÏ?Ï?Ï? Ï?μÏ?Ï? είναι Ï?ολύ αργά;

Î?Ï?Ï?αÏ?ε η Ï?ρα για αÏ?ανÏ?ήÏ?ειÏ?.

ΠεριÏ?Ï?Ï?Ï?ερα Ï?Ï?ο

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