Free history Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

The Autobiography of SATAN (Authorized Edition)

by William Glasser

The Story of Satan’s Many Struggles, Across the History of Human Existence, to Unshackle the Human Mind, and Open the Gates to Forbidden Knowledge.

The Incredible Sixties, A Generation of Innovation and Imagination Revisited

by Lily Silver

Was Grandma a flower child? Did Grandpa run off to join a commune?

The decade of the 1960’s was one of the most challenging of the twentieth century. The sixties brought us the Summer of Love, the Beatles and the civil rights movement. It was a time of communes and drug experimentation. Take a peek back into this exciting era to discover a generation fighting for massive social, religious & political changes we take for granted today.

Meet the “Sex Professor” and find out why he was fired from a prestigious university for his progressive views on sexuality and courtship. Leo Koch was vilified by the media and by the establishment of the ’60’s, but his experimentation with social mores made him a champion for a better society.

Read about ‘Dope Churches’ and the rise of communes as young people sought a different way of living than their parents before them.

This is a brief essay about the challenges and innovations in thought and philosophy of the turbulent 1960s. Includes bibliography and references for further study of subject matter discussed.

Family Genealogy Queries: Sampler No. 7 (Southern Genealogical Research)

by R. Stephen Smith

Once again, editor R. Stephen Smith has chosen some of the most interesting family mysteries to include in this sampler (the seventh) of reader-submitted queries that first appeared in a genealogy magazine published several years ago (but that is now out of print).

Genealogy queries are a time-honored way for family researchers to share information with others working on the same family lines. A typical query includes information on births, deaths, marriages, children of a given couple, family migrations, etc. Some trace several generations of one family. Some even include colorful family stories that have been passed down through the years!

Like previous samplers, this volume highlights some most interesting of those stories. If you like history — especially southern history — you’ll enjoy reading them, even if you are not currently working on your own family tree. But if you are into genealogy, you’ll be pleased to discover that you’re not alone in dealing with those often stubborn family puzzles.

Besides providing some enjoyable reading, this inexpensively priced sampler (which follows six previous ones) shows the types of information contained in the queries that appeared in the magazine, as well as in the surname-specific volumes in this series, also available in Kindle format.

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