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beauty redefined: solve skin and lips problem at home

by jasmin grey

lips and skin suffer the main loss in today’s pollution full enviroment and day by day routine and yes how can i forget the weather..and with all that we still dont have time to look for them

.so i wrote this book so that with minimum money loss and ofcourse time also you can get your brilliant lips and skin back to you

various topics included are:

– Lips:

 Tips for chapped lips

 Tips for improving lip color

 Tips for getting perfect nude lips

 How to get great. In fact awesome lips

 How to shape upper lip

 How to make lips look bigger

 Tips for getting soft lips

 Homemade lip balm

– Skin:

 Get rid of winter itch

 Tips to get fair skin in winter

 How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Skin

 How to get rid of dark knees and elbows

 How to get rid of skin tags

hope you will be benifitted.

Can You Smell That? (Can You series Book 3)

by Kim Flewelling

Book 3 in the Can You series of Emergent Early Readers. Many animals have a KEEN sense of smell that helps them survive in the wild and find food too! Can you guess what surprising juice a butterfly likes to drink or what vegetable a vulture might devour?! Do you know the only leaf that a koala eats? Explore and learn what animals in the wild have a super sense of smell! Share with a reading buddy. Read aloud with small group or whole class! Expand the language learning and discussion with funny questions about what each animal smells and eats!

Reading Tip: Early literacy strategy to build meaning requires using a child’s background knowledge and context clues to develop comprehension. We encounter opportunities to engage in reading, writing, listening and speaking every day. Help young children develop the skills to navigate first books by pointing to words, repeating words, clapping syllables, and defining new vocabulary.

60 Basic Speaking Topics with Sample Answers Q31-60 (120 Basic Speaking Topics 30 Day Pack)

by LIKE Test Prep

60 Basic Speaking Topics

This Book Contains

-30 Speaking Topics

-30 Sample Answers

-120 Practice Questions

-180 Useful Expressions

Great for

-Secondary School Students

-Basic Level Writing Students

-ESL Students

*60 Basic Writing Topics & 60 Basic Speaking Topics share the same topics.

Visit for free downloads!

Can You Feel That? (Can You series Book 4)

by Kim Flewelling

Book 4 in the Can You series which completes the set. Did you know that unique animals have a strong sense of touch and can also predict the weather? It is a matter of survival! Amazing! Explore on your own or with a reading partner at home, in class, during individual and small group speech and language therapy sessions. Filled with age and grade level ‘must know’ words, Pre-K through Grade 3. Any age for English Language Learners!

Five Low-Tech Careers for the Liberal Arts Graduate: 5 Low-Tech Careers for Liberal Arts Majors (Low tech Careers Book 1)

by Erin Sweet

This is a 20-page e-book on five low-tech career paths for liberal arts graduates. It details how to get a low-tech career now despite the dead-end job you’re currently working.

– Why you don’t need to earn an advanced degree, which is just more debt.

– The specific technology I studied for a few weeks and started my current career. It’s is a growing and in-demand field. It’s a career, not a dead-end job.

Two of these careers center on technology that you can learn in a few weeks.

– The best online tutorials, books and websites to study this technology.

– The best forums to post in and ask questions.

– Information on the networking event centered on this specific technology.

– How to prepare for the job and salary expectations.

Take action now.

Download: Your Degree Isn’t Worth the Paper It’s Printed On: 5 Low-tech Careers for Liberal Arts Majors

How I Survived Grad School in the Ivy League: 10 Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks For Success From Start to Finish (How I Survived Series)

by Alicia S.K. Harden

Have you always wondered what it took to ‘make it’ in grad school in the Ivy League? This book will offer you 10 tips, tricks, and life hacks that are useful for one’s success from start to finish–gleaned directly from the author’s personal experience as a grad school student at Columbia University.

How To Learn English Successfully: The Path To Becoming a Fluent Speaker

by Thiago Alencar

Hey there,

My name is Thiago Alencar; I’m an English Teacher from Brazil. I’ve been teaching English as a second language for ten years now. I decided to write this eBook because I notice that students usually experience the same problems when trying to learn English. Over the past decade, I have heard countless times students telling me things like: “English is too difficult for me; I’m never going to be a fluent speaker; I’ve studied for years and years at many language schools and I still don’t feel confident when I speak English; It’s difficult for me to think in English”, etc.

However, the truth is that learning English well doesn’t need to be a stressful experience, not even a difficult one for that matter. In this short but comprehensive eBook, you will find valuable information that will help you become a fluent speaker of English.

In this eBook, you will find information on:

-Having the right mindset (What you should have in mind to learn English successfully);

-Getting into the English zone (Practical tips to make English a part of your life);

-How to work with videos, music and texts the RIGHT way (How you can use these tools to your benefit, thus improving your English considerably);

-The power of phrasal verbs and idioms (Contains a list of 100 expressions – 50 phrasal verbs and 50 idioms -personally picked and explained by me to help you sound more like a native speaker);

And more!

In addition, what is special about this eBook is the fact that it was written by a non-native speaker. It is a book from a non-native speaker to another. I know exactly how frustrating learning English can be, because I have been there. I’ve been studying English for over 15 years now, ten of which I’ve been teaching. It is very good to have a native English speaker as your Tutor. However, unless your English Teacher has learned a second language him/herself and also speaks that language fluently, they will never know what learning a second language and becoming fluent at it feels like.

Finally, I’d like to point out that this eBook was written to people who want to take their English learning seriously. This book was not written to people looking for â??quick fixes’. If you’re ready to take your English learning seriously and are determined to be a fluent speaker, the information in this book will benefit you plenty.

Here’s to becoming a fluent English speaker!


Thiago Alencar.

Kindergarten Math Book 2 Student Edition – The Kindle Kindergarten Homeschool Series

by Stacy Arnold

Kindergarten Math Book 2 Student Edition – The Kindle Kindergarten Homeschool Series: This is a part of a two book Student Math Series. The two book series introduces students to the basics and fundamentals of Math. Taking a very progressive approach, This E-text utilizes hands-on activities as a means for engaging the student. An assessment is given after every nine Lessons to review and reinforce material in manageable increments. There are 180 Lessons provided within this the two textbook series.

The contents provided in our comprehensive K-12 homeschool series provide the same comprehensive lessons contained in Complete Curriculum’s All Aboard, Voyages, In Fight and Higher Altitudes E-Texts, but rewritten to address the instruction done by the homeschool parent.

Shaping America’s Future: My First Election Story, Millennials, and Why Voter ID Laws Kill Democracy

by Hunter Koch

The ever-changing political landscape through the eyes of an 18 year old political figure. My Story, The Millennial Generation, and Voter ID Laws v. American Democracy

Topics in American Government: Various Short Essays on Modern American Government, Author Opinion Essays, and Miscellaneous Article Reviews (Collection of Topics Book 5)

by Hunter Koch

Book on many topics of Modern American Government — Including: The Affordable Care Act, MLDA, President Obama, The Constitution, and many more…

Topics in Political Science: Lobbyists, Gun Control, and Korean Relations (Collection of Topics Book 4)

by Hunter Koch

Three Great Essays of Political Issues in One Book:

Part 1: Lobbyists

Part 2: Gun Control

Part 3: Korean Relations

Fun Sports: A Cute Sports Book For Kids

by Steven Lioy

“‘Fun Sports’ is a fun picture eBook that your little ones will enjoy.”


A picture book that can only be described as fun. “Fun Sports” is a sweet children’s book that introduces them to sports, why we play sports, and perhaps some they have never heard of yet. Your little one may be inspired to jump rope, race their friends, or even want to try a cartwheel or two.

A great story for children 1-5 that is sure to delight (even adults will find plenty to smile about)!

Other books by Steve Lioy:

– An Owl Year Months And Seasons

– Springtime

– Fish of the Sea

– A Kids’ Journey Through The Solar System

– A Day With Jack

– Police Officers

– What Color Is Your Easter Egg?

The Catastrophic Demise of American Education: Common Core, NCLB and the Destruction of Education During the Testing Era

by George Bailey

These are the real-life adventures of educators in a highly respected Texas district. I’ve had to change names to get this book published and avoid possible litigation, but the events and representations of the actual recorded occurrences are intended to be accurate.

The purpose of this book is to expose the contemptible disaster that is our current education system. For decades, the lack of student achievement in this country has been widely publicized and analyzed by a multitude – make that a veritable legion – of degreed experts. In response, a contiguous string of often confusing, sometimes overlapping, and frequently debilitating set of mandates and directives has been deployed to plug the endlessly leaking “edu-dam”.

This book will hopefully provide answers to those specific questions in a way that parents, laymen, and relevant officials can understand and hopefully be inspired to instigate relevant changes. I will break it all down and offer the cold brutal truth of how the NCLB act and its latest by-product, the new Common Core type standards, has actually manifested in the classroom and in our homes.

We have had an absolute and fanatical obsession with the quality of our teaching for the entirety of my life and yet the people who make the informed decisions concerning it hire and promote people with similar perspectives – as all businesses do. How has it not occurred to them that whatever their kindred philosophical perspectives are – they are most likely the wrong ones or we would have vastly improved by now? Education is not a business and therefore should not be limited by the pragmatic or practical limitations of “tried and true” prior experiences -especially when no net gain has been demonstrated.

For all those gifted teachers and competent administrators who have devised uniquely brilliant methods of instruction and procedures, but have failed to produce substantive changes in the learning landscape; there is hope in my realistic, unflattering, unsavory, and often crude portrayal, of an actual “flourishing amongst the ruins” campus and district. Hopefully, the insidiously corrupting results of single test accountability standards; such as Common Core standards will be demonstrably revealed. As opposed to a dispassionate analysis of the potential flaws in the current American education system, I offer the stark, palpable, reality of education’s current dreary, oppressive, creativity stifling reality.

You are in for a ride. When I think on it all, almost comically, images of the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah come to mind – or maybe the “wild west”. Through the retelling of my adventure, I recall the violence, the cheating, the fights, the adultery, the scamming and scheming, the death threats, the possible malfeasance, the fraud, the persecution, the lies, and the anarchy; and I wonder as I read the recorded portrayal, “was it real?”. I assure you it is to the best of my ability to recall and relive. My goal here is to accurately weave a cautionary tale about my personal journey through NCLB testing hell.

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