Free war Kindle books for 01 Apr 15

Angel Visions

by John R. Monteith


Doctoral student Nick Slate can only stand by and watch as his dreams come crashing down. Seven times, he has interfaced his brain with the central nervous systems of cybernetically enhanced falcons. Seven times, the birds have not survived the experiment.

Then, comes Peregrine Falcon Eight, and Nick knows that he is only a heartbeat away from success. For a few precious minutes, he is there! The link is active, and his consciousness rushes into the mind of the bird. Nick can feel the wind swell under his pinioning wings, and he owns clouds, and the very sky. Then, the eighth falcon dies, just like all the rest, and yet another experiment ends in disappointment.

Now, it’s all over. Disillusioned by the continuing string of failures, the U.S. Air Force has pulled its backing. The grant money for Nick’s research project is cancelled.

But Nick refuses to let go of his beloved project. He may have to go begging for the money, but he knows that he can make the interface work. He knows that he can bridge the divide between animal and human being. No matter what it takes, he will flyâ?¦

A Thief in the War

by Fahad Mahmood

This is a short fictional story about a thief in the midst of a city caught in a brutal war. It attempts to describe his view of the human nature and his feelings for his city. Also, there is a chance encounter with an old lady with whom he develops a close relationship which brings about a welcome change in his life.

The story develops in this troubled phase of this once beautiful city and attempts to highlight the flaws of human nature and sufferings of common people.

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