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Content Marketing: Recycling & Reuse – How your best online content can attract and engage new customers

by Derek Slater

Do you own or manage a website, or are you responsible for growing online sales, leads, or engagement? “Content Marketing: Recycling & Reuse” will show you how to recycle existing content to attract and engage new customers. It’s not just a matter of republishing old articles, case studies, and blog posts. For just 99 cents, author Derek Slater will give you a crash course that shows how clever repackaging and new combinations of old favorites can attract readers and new customers. Besides describing a strategic approach to content recycling and reuse, Slater includes dozens of examples from well-known websites and niche industries.

“Recycling” has negative connotations in mass media. For instance, who wants to re-read old news? But certain types of content are suited to recycling and reuse. A content marketing strategy that integrates recycled content can breathe new life into information that has resonated with readers and customers in the past. New readers — and new customers — can derive value from this content, even if it’s years old.

In addition to selecting suitable evergreen content, content marketers have to consider the format(s) that will be used to resurface the content. Slater describes eight ways in which content can be repackaged, ranging from “best of” link lists to content reborn in a new format, such as a video or ebook.

This short guide is for content marketers, bloggers, journalists, e-commerce managers, inbound marketers, social media managers, and SEO specialists. For less than one dollar, you’ll learn how existing content can bring thousands of new readers — and potential customers — to your website. Buy it today!

Membership Cube: How to Create a Passive Income in Just a Few Simple Clicks

by Robert Plank

Find out how to make passive income on the internet from membership sites selling digital downloads.

Minecraft Brewing Essentials: The Ultimate Enchanting and Potions Handbook for Minecraft

by Victor Lopez

Brewing Essentials for Successful Potion Making

Brewing potions is an important process that you need to learn especially if you are planning on fighting with mobs or joining a multiplayer game. Potions are very useful because they can be used as part of your offensive and defensive strategy as they can either improve your attack damage or render your enemies slower. There are many types of potions that you can brew and the procedures can be daunting for first timers. If you want to brew potions, then this book will serve as your guide on how you can be successful in brewing potions effectively.

With this book, you will be able to learn about the following:

  • Understand the basic information in brewing potions in Minecraft. Chapter 1 also discusses about the different types of equipment used in brewing potions and the tiers of potions for successful brewing.
  • Chapter 2 discusses about the different types of ingredients in brewing potions in Minecraft. This chapter gives a detail discussion about the base, secondary and modifier ingredients to help you create different kinds of potions in Minecraft.
  • Chapter 3 is dedicated to brewing potions. To make it very easy to understand, several tables were provided to make it easier for you to appreciate how the brew different potions. This chapter also simplifies how different potions are made and how they function.
  • Lastly, chapter 4 gives helpful information on how you can effectively brew potions. This chapter also provides tutorials on how you can automate potion brewing and how to create a brewing stand.

Brewing potion is a challenging task and you need the right information to become successful.

Let this book serve as your guide on the brewing essentials so that you can have a steady supply of potions that can help you improve your efficiency and fight against hostile mobs as well as other players.

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips: Build a Successful Marketing Business

by John Maisenhelder

Affiliate marketing tips to help you become successful in your business.

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