Free poetry Kindle books for 02 Apr 15

Life: Love and Lust: Him, Me, You

by Keisha D.

In this premier offering by seasoned poet Keisha D., she delves

into the vast emotions of relationships. From the fear of abusive partners, to lack of self esteem, and unrequited love. Her passionate exploration of pain, and pleasure will have the reader entrenched in a world of love, agony and lust. This heartfelt journey is an inspirational work of art for anyone that has ever been abused and taken the long road towards freedom and self restoration. Laced with gut wrenching honesty, tear jerking sadness, and triumphant self discovery; Life: love and lust volume one will have you begging for volume two by the end.


by Thom Young

This is my collaboration with Haley Bartlett. She is one of the most talented young poets writing today and brings a female’s perspective on love and life. Her poems take center stage and I take the reader into a land of nightmares from which one can never return.


by Alice Bridge

A collection of poems on many different topics. Some of which have very important meanings about our world environmentally speaking.

The Catalysts For Our Desires

by Frederick Landyt

Hope. Hate. Love. Loss. These are things that affect us all, and Frederick uses their poetry to explore these themes.

Sore: fantasies and inhibitions

by Robin A. Sams

This poetry collection is a journey through relationships and fantasies. Taste the bittersweet delights within. You’ll be sore come morning. (Promise.)

Leaves of Grass (Xist Classics)

by Walt Whitman

Leaves of Grass is the magnificent collection of the poestry of Walt Whitman. Featuring “Song of Myself” and other expamples of classic American poetry, this collection is essential reading for students and lovers of the written word.

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