Free history Kindle books for 03 Apr 15

The Real Military: Volume Two of Two

For book & author details please read the first page of volume one.

200 Napoleon Quotes: Unique, Inspiring, and Thought Provoking Quotes by the Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte (200 Quotes Series Book 1)

by Ira Beckenham

In summary this is a book of Napoleon Quotes.

Throughout the book you will find 200 quotes from the Emperor of France himself collected from various sources. The quotes are not organized into sections but you may find clusters of quotes relating to a similar theme. It was my intention to provide as many quotes as possible all spanning different topics. The quotes you will find touch upon the following topics: government, the governing of people, love, women, life, the nature of man, death, religion, and of course making war.

Obama and Statehood for Mexico

by D. Simpson

Imagine who President Obama has found as an ally to defend and protect Obamacare. His new Ally is Big Business. Read this to find out how they will defeat the Tea Party once and for all. Because as Big Business has discovered, the Tea Party is bad for business.

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