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Rational Morality: a science of right and wrong

by Robert Johnson

  • How do we formulate a coherent moral code in a world without religion?
  • How can we show natural ideas like ‘moral relativism’ and ‘egoism’ to be irrational?
  • Moreover, how can we create a genuinely scientific and rational theory of morality which, so far, has evaded academics?

Rational Morality sets out to answer these questions by presenting a new form of ethics for the Brian Cox and Richard Dawkins generation; creating ‘moral science’ from ‘moral philosophy’ in the process.

In this passionate, thought-provoking and often radical thesis, Robert Johnson presents both a refreshing theory of morality based on science and a guide to the practical consequences of what a truly rational concept of morality involves. Exploring rationality, atheism, animal ethics, determinism and politics in the modern world, Johnson uncovers some surprising and original arguments in each area.

5 Tools I Use for Decoding Illuminati Symbolism (HINT: most are FREE…)

by Isaac Weishaupt

Learn the tools I use for decoding Illuminati symbolism and conspiracy theories that surround us on a day to day basis. This invaluable beginner’s guide will allow the reader to find a launching point in which to begin their life long journey of investigation into the unknown…

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle: More Tips For Young Travellers, New Philosophers, and Older Searchers (Socrates 4 Today Book 2)

by James Head

This eBook contains three succinct introductory essays on the philosophy of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. New readers of Plato or Aristotle may be surprised to learn that â??real’ Greek philosophy is just as much a practical subject as it is intellectual or academic pursuit. Philosophy simply means the love of wisdom and making ourselves a little bit wiser as we go through life. It is something we should all take a practical and intellectual interest in as we go through life. It is not the preserve of a small group of people.

The first eBook of three essays in this â??Socrates 4 Today’ series (â??Essential Tipsâ?¦..’) finished with an essay on Plato’s book The Phaedrus and Plato’s mythical charioteer driving his chariot (representing the soul) high up through the clouds until he can stare at the heavens and all the beautiful things there. This second eBook starts with our feet firmly back on the ground with an essay on Aristotle’s practical philosophy, and concerns down to earth matters like how to improve our personal happiness and the wellbeing of the cities and societies we live in. Aristotle says that the only way to improve our societies is to improve ourselves and gives his practical ideas about how to set about this. This first essay also touches on sustainability, the environment, the methods and goals of our education systems; and fundamental political questions like what it is we really want our political leaders to do for us. The essay also gives a few examples of Aristotle’s â??tips’ for new statesmen and women should they find themselves in positions of leadership, and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

The second essay looks at Plato’s book The Phaedo which discusses Socrates’ views about whether the soul exists or not, and if it does whether it is immortal. Socrates gives these views on the last day of his life while talking to his close friends while in prison in Athens on the very day he is to be executed. The Phaedo is also therefore a moving account of the death and martyrdom of Socrates. The Phaedo also encourages new and experienced philosophers to question what real being and reality actually is. In true Socratic style mere opinion is not enough, and Socrates gives reasons and â??proofs’ for thinking the way he does and these are clearly outlined in this essay .

In the third and final essay the author, James Head, allows himself to begin expressing rather more personal views of what it means to lead a philosophical life in the modern (â??Western’) world today. The essay draws on some of the threads from the previous five essays of the two eBooks in this series, and adds some further comments on what the â??Philosophical Path’ actually is. This essay also suggests how one might start along that path, perhaps taking a few of those words of advice that Socrates gave to his friends (and perhaps to us all) from his prison cell in Athens more than 2,400 years ago. This final essay also looks briefly at the second Delphi Maxim of Miden Agan (â??Nothing to Excess’) and considers what it actually means and how to begin applying it to our lives today.

(All Amazon eBook publishing royalties received for this eBook during 2015 will be given to the UK registered charity Centrepoint. This organisation helps homeless young people get their lives back on track in the long term, and helps them stay on a better path. See for details.)

The World of Groups: Sociology and My Experiences in Senior Seminar

by Joseph Evaldi

The World of Groups discusses the author’s experiences in his Sociology class about 10 years ago.

In this book, many sociology subjects are discussed in this book such as

Wilfred Bion and his idea of The Work Group and The Basic Assumption Group.

The ideas of stuckness and understand Group Think in groups and how it can be a problem.

This book discusses the downside of looping and how what you say can comeback to you.

Also, it discusses the idea of responsibility and scapegoating comparing and contrasting the two.

It also discusses the idea of paradoxes in groups. In this idea of paradoxes, I discuss how the group will want to move one direction and go another.

This is a book that explains many topics of Sociology and it is a good read for understanding how the group behaves.

500 Things to Know About Faith: Spiritual Discipline, Living in the Moment, Mediation, Pray, Balance, Optimism, Fruits of the Spirit, Journaling, and More (50 Things to Know)

by Amanda Walton

This book is 10 50 Things to Know Books in one to guide you in your walk of faith. The titled include:

50 Things to Know About Practicing Spiritual Discipline: Ideas to Strengthen Your Soul

50 Things to Know About Living in the Moment: Surefire Tips to Truly Make the Most of Every Moment of Your Life

50 Things to Know About Meditation for Beginners: Tips and Tricks for Easy Meditations

50 Things to Know About Prayer: Practical Prayer Tips from a Mom

50 Things to Know to Have a Simple and Balanced Life at Home and Work: Keep Yourself from Experiencing Burnout from Trying to do Too Much

650 Things to Know to Think Optimistically: You CAN Change Your Life!

750 Things to Know To Be A Fruity Christian: Ways To Live By The Fruits Of The Spirit

50 Things to Know to Support a Grieving Person: Giving Comfort during Times of Sorrow

50 Things to Know About Journal Writing: Exploring Your Innermost Thoughts & Feelings

50 Things to Know to Live a Stress Free Life: Reduce Stress and Relax

Other Helpful Resouces

So grab your copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

For each 50 Things to Know book that is sold (not including free days), 10 cents is given to teaching and learning. Go to to find out more.


by Isaac Weishaupt

There’s nothing more interesting than the predictions of how the world will someday end. Many people have contributed various theories as to how this will come about, but none of them are pointing out the obvious: Google is going to be leading the charge towards our demise.

In THE TRANSHUMAN AND OCCULT APOCALYPSE: HOW GOOGLE WILL “SOLVE THE PROBLEM” OF HUMANITY author, podcast host, website publisher, and conspiracy theorist Isaac Weishaupt provides this unique foresight in what he sees as what could be the tragic error in integrating too much technology into our daily lives.

Something as seemingly innocuous as using a smart phone or search engine could have dastardly consequences as shadowy organizations collect personal data for purposes unknown to us. Isaac provides his theories on what precisely these NSA and other data mining programs could be used for: the digital hell prepared for us by the occult…

Learn about pop culture symbolism of this bizarre topic through Katy Perry’s PRISM links and Lil Wayne’s admission to being an alien.

Find out why Lady Gaga, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Google’s Sergey Brin were all groomed in the same environment.

Discover the Google X secret society and Mark of the Beast symbolism that further justifies this peculiar theory.

See how Ray Kurzweil will be the critical master mind in building this immortal realm for the Illuminati, and how they will fulfill their occult goals right under the noses of the apathetic and unsuspecting public.

The Tower of Babel is being built right before our eyes, only most of the public is asleep in the wheelhouse and doesn’t see it. Read this mini e-book and become aware of what is the battle for billions of souls worldwideâ?¦

“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” -Eric Schmidt, Google Executive, 2009

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