Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 04 Apr 15

Guitar theory in 40 pages

If you had an exam of guitar theory tomorrow and knew nothing about music, you would love to have this book. Reading it overnight you would at least pass the exam. Fortunately, you are in no rush. I am presenting you with all you need to experience the magic of musical theory. I wrote this book trying to minimize the information, but keeping all necessary topics and explaining them in detail. It is a theory book, but I added some practical tips at the end of most topics. These tips come from my composing and improvising experience. Some topics are quite difficult: inversions, scale degrees, harmony… even if you think that you know musical theory, you can find something new in this book. I would offer you to read this book carefully from beginning, as topics are arranged depending on their difficulty. Beginners can find useful information about the music itself, how it works, notations explained and, theory handling in practice. Advanced players can deepen their knowledge and understanding. I have always been fascinated about the amazing world of musical theory: maths, logic and complexity which enables us to enjoy this beautiful art.

My Joy

by Christian Cashelle

From the author of, Ava’s Story, “My Joy” is the struggle of how being ignorant to things around you will not stop things from happening to you. The key is to find joy through the pain.

Out of all the years Camryn had been involved with Gino, she had never expected things to go this way. With her best friend leaving for college and her grandmother in and out of the hospital, Camryn relied on her dream of being Gino’s woman to get her through the days.

Gino was known for illegally employing the town and showing no mercy to those who didn’t follow his command. He was all about his business and keeping his private affairs, private.

When Camryn’s ignorant, yet persistent quest to be his woman gets her caught up in the world Gino tried to keep her from, Camryn finds out that she can’t search for joy in the arms of a man. The life she thought she desired turned out to be a life of torture, paranoia and hiding. Meanwhile, Gino struggles to keep his empire afloat and he drags his business partner and a few others into his sea of secrets.

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