Free sports Kindle books for 04 Apr 15

Mental Game Miracles – How to Play Golf on a Whole New Level (Golf psychology)

by Frederick Borg

Mental Game Miracles

As everyone who’s ever played a sport knows, mastering your mind can be as crucial to success as mastering your body. Nowhere is that truer than in golf, the sport of kings. A new book, Mental Game Miracles, helps you rule over your mind and your golf swing.

Mental Game Miracles takes the latest research in sports psychology and translates it into an easy-to-understand, 5 stage series of steps to bettering your golf game. You’ll learn how to put yourself in a winning frame of mind, focus properly while taking the shot, and manage your emotions.

After reading it, you’ll understand:

  • The magic of smiles
  • The dangers of “Don’t”
  • Why what happens after your shot can be as important as the shot itself
  • How to “anchor” your positive emotions so they last throughout the game
  • How to transform a negative mood into a positive one

And much, much more!

By unleashing the power of your mind, you will achieve your full potential as a golfer. Download Mental Game Miracles today, and start swinging to success!

Reelfoot Lake: How to Fish for Crappie, Bass, Bluegills and Catfish and Hunt for Ducks

by John E. Phillips

How do you find and catch crappie each day of the month and every month of the year? The simple answer is to learn from someone who makes his living finding and catching crappie every day, each month and every year. Because Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee is one of the premier crappie lakes in the nation, Blue Bank Resort’s crappie guides must produce limits of crappie for their customers all year. In this book, you’ll learn how to fish from the best crappie fishermen in the world. Also in the book are videos from pro fishermen, including Ronnie Capps, who along with his partner Steve Coleman, have won more than $1 million in crappie tournaments. He’ll give you some of his best strategies for finding big crappie at any time of the year.

Reelfoot Lake is not only a crappie lake. Monster-sized bass are caught there all year long. Once again, to be successful, you need to know where the bass are holding at different times of the year, and the lures and tactics that catch them. The men featured in this book guide bass fishermen all year, and on their off-days, they go bass fishing themselves. Catching 15-20 bass or more in a half-day of fishing isn’t difficult, and 4- to 6-pound largemouths are caught every day at Reelfoot.

In the fall and winter, Reelfoot Lake is “Duck Central” during waterfowl season. Located only a mile from the Mississippi River are three-different waterfowl refuges on Reelfoot Lake. The ducks travel down the flyway and back and forth between the refuges. Seasoned-veteran duck guides like Billy Blakely and Jackie Wayne Van Cleave study the ducks’ flight patterns and move their hunters where the most ducks are flying on any given day. Too, when hunters limit-out, they can crappie fish the rest of the day.

During the late spring and summer, anglers come from all over the nation for the outstanding bluegill and catfishing. Because Reelfoot is a shallow-water lake with plenty of submerged logs, cypress trees, old creek channels and a vast number of lily pads and grass fields, you quickly can limit-out on bluegills, if you know where the fish bed and how to catch them. This book gives you that information, so you can take a cooler-full of bluegills home with you after a few days at Blue Bank Resort.

You can’t beat Reelfoot for catching catfish. In one afternoon or night of Yo-Yo and/or rod-and-reel fishing for catfish, you easily can take 100 to 150 pounds of hard-fighting, delicious-tasting catfish. The good news about catfishing at Reelfoot is you can put-out Yo-Yos (Mechanical Fishermen), and they’ll be catching catfish, while you’re fishing for crappie, bass or bluegills.

Reelfoot Lake is a sportsman’s paradise, and the fishing tips and hunting strategies in this e-book can be used most anywhere in the country to catch more and bigger crappie, bass, bluegills and catfish and take more ducks.

“Very helpful, especially for someone new going on a trip there.” -Henry Chmiel

Self Defense Handbook: A Book Filled With Valuable Self-Defense Information, Moves and Techniques for Immediate Use and Protection

by Rick Everfield

Self-defense is a concern of many people and it seems to be more and more widely talked about subject and self-defense classes around the world seem to grow at the same speed. There is no doubt that self-defense should not be completely ignored in your life as threatening situations can come at any time. Avoiding any possibly dangerous situation is your first move to make but being able to defend yourself verbally and physically shall any such situation occur is the key for your safety and safety of your close ones.

This book serves a particular purpose. It is written with intention to provide most useful self defense information, including law enforcement and legal restrictions, non-physical defense such as verbal self defense, how to use any object as a self defense weapon, and many moves and techniques taken from most useful martial arts, war combat, and Western self-defense classes that can and should be practiced in your daily life so that you are truly able and will always be able to defend yourself and others at all times against any number of attackers.

Snook Fever: How to catch a keeper and keep your family, too (Ways to Be Alive Book 8)

by David Conway

The fever makes you do strange things and makes those things seem normal. It lights up your blood and keeps you from sleeping. The bent of your existence turns on the desire to catch fish. And when you do catch fish, the fever doesn’t end. You just have to let it burn. It might consume those around you, too. Finally, though, in days, weeks, sometimes months, it consumes itself. But in its grip, the fever made you strong and made so much else expendableâ??money, time, work, effort, strengthâ??all of it was worth using in the pursuit, whatever the cost.

This is an essay about snook fishing in Florida as a case study in fishing fever. It also explores what sport is, and why we risk so much in its pursuit.

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