Free travel Kindle books for 04 Apr 15

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Havana, Cuba: This $10 book could save you thousands.

by Patrick Jonesie

Jonesie is the Anthony Bourdain of Adult Travel. This book is the wing-man for the novice Cuba traveler looking to get the most out of their Cuba experience. Imagine knowing all the possible mistakes, traps, and scams before you make them. Well, this book will allow you to do exactly that. Which is to arrive in Havana a quasi expert.

Low Rolling Europe: Budget Travel Tips for Long-Term Adventure – Earn, Live Cheap, Be Free

by Robert Duke

If you are looking for a long-term European travel adventure there is no need to spend years saving first.

Whether you want to escape your full-time work, find the spare time to start your own work-from-anywhere business, extend gap-year travels on the cheap, or just have a great adventure, Low Rolling Europe is the catalyst. Perpetual traveler Robert Duke has spent the last 6 years exploring Europe on a shoestring. In this book he shows you the techniques he uses that will allow you to:

  • Achieve free motoring for the duration of your European travel.
  • Stay in luxury houses without it costing a penny.
  • Become a micro-entrepreneur to boost your travel budget.
  • Travel cheap but smart, using travel hacking techniques.
  • Never need to resort to hitch-hiking or backpacking.

Nothing like an ordinary travel guide; more than just a list of specialty travel tips; Low Rolling Europe is a blueprint for a new life. If you want to travel the world without it costing the earth then this book will show you how.

Top Holiday Destinations to Travel To Around the World

by Colin

We are often asked what the best holiday destinations in the world are. It’s not an easy question to answer because everybody has their own opinion. In other words, it’s subjective.

However, I do have the benefit of more than 20 years of professional travel, during which time I’ve visited more than 80 countries. My fellow editor, David Wickers, was Chief Travel Correspondent for The Sunday Times and has even more experience.

So we think we are in a reasonably good position to tell you the top holiday destinations.

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