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Boundaries: Take control of your life and learn to set boundaries in your relationships

by Dr. Fred Cremone

Welcome to your guide on how to set various life boundaries!

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Do you often find people abusing your private space?

Would you like to know the basics on how to set your boundaries and prevent people from crossing them?

A concise guide for parents, workmates, children and every other person to learn the best tips on creating reasonable boundaries. The guide outlines the limits, responsibilities and other aspects of human relationship with their families, friends, workmates and children.

This guide will provide reasonable rationale for anyone to benchmark while making the bold steps in life. Any successful man or woman can always bank their capacities on the influence of their life goals. It is a healthy life skill when you understand the boundaries of your life. This is a culture you should develop from young age through your adulthood. This book will discuss on the various boundaries and how to set them in life. It is a resource that is gold mine for parents as they instill the culture of setting limits in their children; seniors as they come up with structures on how to relate at work among other aspects of life.

You do not have to be a specialist to come up with your life boundaries. With this guide, anyone can learn the best tips on how to set up limits in their families, at work and with their friends. Additionally, the resource considers the inputs of trained counselors who could expand on the knowledge gained here so as to come up with the outright life boundaries. The book places emphasis on the need for boundaries.

Life that has no boundary could be really flawed. The book will highlight on the various opportunities, healthy and balanced lifestyle chances one could miss with such a lifestyle. Some of these may include the basic spiritual growth opportunities such as what and how much to give. This guide will illustrate the limits of any life boundaries, their importance and what they are founded on. Life is a package of highs and lows- from marriage to work place and friends- we need to understand the best ways of solving the conflicts that may arise.

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Recovering From Control Issues: How to Rebuild Your Self-Esteem and Confidence (How to Love Yourself, Feel Confident and Be Happy Book 1)

by Carla Loving

Underlying Control Issues- Learn How to Love Yourself

This book is for those who are healing from control issues, you may be dealing with the need to control others or have someone in your life that has been trying to control you.

  • People who try to control others may be expressing underlying issues, such as; past neglect or abuse, or an indication of jealousy, low confidence, and self-esteem.
  • People that are dealing with controlling people may lose their independence and the relationship makes them feel as if they are under the other person’s thumb. In the process, they may also lose their self-esteem and confidence.

This book can help you overcome these control issues by helping you gain more confidence and rebuild your self-esteem.

Self-esteem and confidence are vital components of being happy, and many people who find themselves plagued by insecurity have low levels of either or both. If you are struggling, it is our hope that this book can help you build your self-esteem and your confidence enough to show you that you deserve the happiness that the world holds for you.

Here Are a Few Things From The Book: How to Have More Confidence and Self-Esteem

People with confidence and high positive regard for themselves often experience more success, come off as more attractive, are deemed more trustworthy, experience more upward mobility, and are better rounded, in general. Of course, this may not apply to all cases, but there is no denying that appropriate levels of self-esteem and confidence help us on the road to success.

Here is a list of what self-esteem and confidence really do for us:

  • Helps us stay motivated in all aspects of life
  • Helps us have and pursue goals
  • Helps us achieve independence
  • Allows us to have healthy relationships with others
  • Protects us from stress
  • Enables us to be ambitious
  • Generally increases levels of happiness

There are different factors that affect self-esteem and confidence negatively. It’s useful to know what these are in order to know what you need to steer clear of.

These factors include:

  • Experiencing negative criticism and receiving insults on a regular basis
  • Neglect in the home/domestic abuse/child abuse
  • Experiencing major life changes (losing one’s job, marriage, etc.)
  • Being unable to forgive oneself for past failures and shortcomings
  • Illnesses and bad physical health
  • Isolation and a lack of relationships or connection to others
  • Bullying by peers, superiors, etc.

If you find yourself at a low point, it’s important to recognize that there are techniques and strategies you can use to turn things around. There is always hope, and you deserve only the best out of life. Becoming proactive about your journey to success, happiness, and contentment starts with making better choices and adapting strategies to evolve and become better over time. It is our hope that the things we’ve discussed can help you heal from old wounds and find your way to a newer, better and happier you.

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Snake of Many Faces: Fully illustrated Short Story For Kids. Children’s Mystery Books. Bedtime Stories: Short Bedtime Story (Snake of Many Faces: Mr Fox Outwits Luther Book 1)

by Nola Baldwin

Snake of Many Faces

Book One Mr Fox Outwits Luther

Welcome to this short story which has been fully illustrated.

Bedtime Stories: Children Stories: Children Mystery Books.

A short page-turning book telling the story of Luther, a lazy, evil, sneaky snake who comes up with a devilishly mischievous plan to hoodwink local children to feed him and be his slaves. Can the savvy and canny Mr. Fox save the day and find out who is behind the mystery of the missing children?

Meet our lovely characters Brad, Annabelle and Eddy. What happens to each of them? Why do they all disappear! Buy this Kindle edition now to discover what happens. This children’s book is number one in a series featuring our canny and smart Mr Fox.


1 out of 5 children use the Internet unsupervised?

Over 50% of children have experienced cyber bullying?

54% of UK parents do not have parental control tools in place

60% of nine – sixteen years old In the UK use Instant Messaging to communicate and 15% use webcams and chat rooms.

As parents, grandparents and teachers, we aim to protect our children and this need has never been greater since the growth of the Internet and social media platforms. This story gives a cautionary message for children today to question people’s identities. It can be difficult to discuss this aspect of Internet safety with our children. I hope that you will be able to use this story to make children more aware.

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