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I Am The Codyman

by Linda Stubbs

A fun read for people 12 to 100, this unique book tells the story about a dog helping people find happiness. It will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. Let Cody Nudge Your Heart and Speak to Your Soul..

As the story goes, after inheriting a fabulous suite at a luxury hotel where Cody (a dog) and his dearly departed “mom” lived for many years, Cody finds himself in a unique situation where he remains in the suite, paying the going rate from his trust fund. The hotel tries to find a roommate for Cody each night. Anyone who accepts this unusual arrangement gets free occupancy of the suite. As guests begin to spend the night, Cody’s loveable personality encourages them to talk to him–he can understand what is being said. His encounters make the guests realize what is important in life–issues like kindness, trust, and friendship. They all find their lives changing after spending one night with Cody
The Codyman

With turbulent times upon us, finding even one character who can breathe life and hope into the hearts of many is refreshing. You will find such a loveable and inspiring character in Linda Stubbs new book, I Am The Codyman –

Cody isn’t your average dog. He lives in a hotel on his own tab, thanks to the generous, if eccentric, will of his dearly departed “mother.”
I Am the Codyman is an adult fiction but can be read from ages 12-90

Each night, he opens his suite to a hotel guest. And with his sweet face and understanding eyes, hotel guests almost always open their hearts to Cody. Lucky for them, Cody is even smarter than he looks.

Cody, who tells his own story in this book, bravely faces the challenges of his first solo year when he deepens current friendships with hotel employees and forges new relationships with hotel guests and neighbors.

Through it all, Cody’s incredible sensitivity and uncanny intelligence allow him to solve problems, bring people together, and make the world a better place. After only one year, he has hundreds of people who credit him with their own happiness.

The Title Has Gone: A Small Tale Which Will Inspire You to Follow Your Heart and Fulfill Your Dreams

by Dmytro Ivanov

The Title Has Goneâ?¦

A Small Tale Which Will Inspire You to Follow Your Heart and Fulfill Your Dreams

Do you know that you are powerful and strong? Have you ever thought that you have all the potential to realize your biggest dreams? Were you aware that you can be, do and have whatever you can imagine?

With a newly bought backpack, three hundred dollars, no plans and one-way ticket, young explorer Dmytro Ivanov embarked on a six-month journey to India to get answers for his questions. Adventures and challenges followed: hitchhiking on one of the most dangerous roads in the world, trekking along the borders of Pakistan and Tibet; practicing a ten day course of silent meditation in the Himalaya mountains; attending teachings with his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; building a vertical garden from recycled soda bottles to grow vegetables for Tibetan refugees, and even working as a doorman at Indian weddings.

Dmytro transforms all his experience and knowledge into a fable about a fictional character named John Scotland. Whatever author has learned during his journey to the East, whatever secrets and mysteries saints, gurus, and sages have revealed to him, you will learn all these in less than 40 minutes, following uplifting path of John Scotland page by page.

By reading this book you will find answers on the most complicated questions of nowadays:

  • How to find your true self and pave your own path?
  • How to find your life’s goals and get motivated to reach them?
  • How to fulfill your biggest dreams and start doing great things that matter to you?

Inspired by a real life adventure, this story will take you on a journey that will open your mind and free your spirit to achieve your cherished dreams. Following your heart in search of what you love is marvelous path. Believe in yourself and believe in your dream. Because people with dreams, people with passion, can change the world for the better.

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Meditation: How To Meditate (Daily Tibetan and Transcendental Vipassana Meditation)

by Rachel S. Silverstein

Meditation is a bridge between the spiritual and material life

Your Benefits of this Meditation Guide

  • â?? Healthier Mind & Body
  • â?? Lower your Blood pressure & Pulse
  • â?? Strengthen your Immune System
  • â?? higher Vitality, Performance, Self-confidence
  • â?? more Space for new creative ideas
  • Much, much more!

There are many traditional conceptions of meditation alive in the mind of the people.

But today meditation crosses over the old conception with its performance in the practical field. There are many kinds of meditation also and all of them maintain different rules.

They come to the grasp of the mediator according to his wish. Meditation process is very much easy to read and observe but very much difficult to practice. There are some steps which are commonly maintained in all of the categories of meditation. Some difficulties may at first come before a beginner which can be solved with the regular practice of the oldest Meditation which is also called the Vipassana Meditation. Meditation isolates the mind with one thought to think over and have a better concentration on it.

Practicing to have a better attention with one thought one can concentrate only on his daily work in a better way. Environment, life style and food habit decides the attitude and mentality one gains from the early period of his life. So food habit has a great influence on a man’s success in life. Meditation always suggests foods which are natural like vegetable and dairy products. People who eat the modern foods full of fats can never gain success with meditation.

There are many benefits of meditation in building up a healthy physical and mental condition. Learn how Vipassana Meditation can change your life. In listing one another may get forgotten. One needs to practice to have a direct influence of meditation. It is very important for the beginner is to have total faith and follow certain rules of meditation.

Meditation is a spiritual experience. The beginners must work hard to have a better concentration.

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