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Recycle, Reuse, Renew! 70 Outstanding DIY Projects and DIY Household Hacks for your Home: (DIY projects, DIY household hacks, DIY projects for your home and everyday life)

by Imogen Baker

This book contains over 70 ideas for making the most of what you already own, or can acquire freely or cheaply. The projects are straightforward and require very little specialist equipment or experience. It includes:

– Over twenty uses for empty plastic drinks bottles

– Ideas to use up old jars (which aren’t just candle holders)

– Simple ways to make your clothes fit and look better

– How to give furniture a new lease of life

This book takes through easy projects which will save you money, reduce the amount of waste you generate and give you stylish and unique pieces for your home and garden.

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Crocheting: Intermediate Crochet (Edging, Corner 2 Corner, and Ripple and Wave Technique)

by Dorothy Wilks

Intermediate Crochet

In the second volume of her series, Intermediate Crochet, Dorothy Wilks shares her knowledge and love of crochet with her readers. How to make the perfect Granny Square is covered as well as the popular Corner 2 Corner and Ripple patterns. Dorothy shares tips and tricks to getting the perfect edging, popular edging stitches, three methods for joining motifs. Each chapter has clear and concise instructions along instructional images to help you learn and perfect your crochet skills. She also shares cute and challenging patterns for you to try practice your new skills. If you are a beginner or and advanced beginner this is the book you need to take your crochet skills to the next level.

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Tags: Crochet, Crocheting, Beginners, Knit, Knitting, Yarn, Stitches

Sewing: Advanced Sewing. Everyday Sewing for more Advanced Repairs and Fixes (How to Sew, Sewing Guide. Stitching, Fix Rip, Fix Tears)

by Kathy Wilston

Save Money by even doing complex Repairs yourself

In the first book we learned simple hand sewing and machine sewing repair and alteration techniques. In this book we will learn professional tips and tricks to take your mending and alteration skills to the next level. This book is aimed at the intermediate to advanced beginner. You should be familiar with basic hand sewing techniques and operating a basic sewing machine.

We’ll learn how to make more advanced repairs, learn about garment construction and sizing, and how to alter patterns and clothing to get the perfect fit. So let’s get started!

This book is here to opens up a new world of home sewing repair and sparks your creativity. So many times we can repair, fix, or repurpose clothing to save money, and express our creativity. My advice to you at the end of this book is to keep learning and don’t be afraid to experiment. There are many sewing blogs, resources, and groups on the internet you can explore to get ideas, learn new skills, and connect with others that love the craft.

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Girls KISSING (Photo Book)

by Sarah R.


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Photo Gallery of Pindaya Caves in Burma: (Photo Books,Photo Album,Photo Big Book,Photo Display,Photo Journal,Photo Magazines,Photo Story,Travel Books,Travel Photos)

by John Parker

The Pindaya Caves, located next to the town of Pindaya, Shan State, Burma are a Buddhist pilgrimage site and a tourist attraction located on a limestone ridge in the Myelat region.

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La Tragédie Américaine Close to Home

by Clinton LeFort

Lorsque Willie Loman , dans La Mort d’Arthur Miller d’un vendeur , revient d’un voyage longue de vente de sa famille le trouve mal . Dans cet essai , je montre que le délire de Willie Loman de devenir un excellent vendeur a un impact négatif sur sa vie et son family.Delusion est définie comme la «croyance ou pensée idiosyncrasique qui est fermement maintenue même s’il est contredit par ce qui est généralement accepté comme fait . ” (Apple , 2011) Quelles sont les conséquences de la détention sur les pensées et les aspirations qui ne peuvent être vérifiées en fait ? ( Ribkoff , 2000) Willie Loman a des espoirs et des rêves , mais ils sera rompu et brisé ou mal compris tout simplement . Willie a l’espoir que son fils Biff s’élèvera à quelque chose de grand . Willie raconte Linda sa femme : «Bien sûr . Certains hommes n’ont tout simplement pas se lancer à plus tard dans la vie . Comme Thomas Edison ; Je pense . Ou B.F. Goodrich . L’un d’eux était sourd . ” ( Weston , Act 1 ) Willy Loman espère vraiment que Biff suivra ses traces et être un grand entrepreneur dans le monde de l’entreprise . Biff ne veut pas être un homme d’affaires , mais Willy veut s’accrocher à cette pensée. Willy se croit un grand homme d’affaires et qu’il est sur le chemin à faire les choses en grand . Il aime se vanter de ses grands délires à sa famille , afin qu’ils puissent penser beaucoup de lui . Il dit à ses fils : «Je vais avoir ma propre entreprise , et je ne jamais avoir à quitter la maison plus . ” ( Weston , Act 1 ) Willy croit qu’il peut se comparer à des gens qui réussissent , comme l’ oncle Charlie garçons . Il dit aux garçons qu’il sera aimé plus de l’oncle Charlie . Willie veut croire que la raison pour laquelle il va réussir , c’est qu’il va être aimé plus que l’oncle Charlie . «Il a aimé , mais il n’est pas – bien aimé. ” ( Weston , Act 1 )

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