Free history Kindle books for 06 Apr 15

The British – Reverence towards Nationality (synopsis): Toward Britain’s 2017 Referendum on Membership of the EU

by Yehuda Cohen

Is the UK on its way to leaving the EU? – buy this short eBook to get the answer to this question and also to the next three questions:

What do the European parliamentary elections mean for the UK?

Which is stronger – British national feelings or their adherence to the European super-nationality?

How will the British vote in the proposed 2017 referendum regarding Britain’s membership of the European Union?

Striking answers to the aforementioned questions relying on profound all-European academic research.

A synopsis of the original full academic book adjusted to the savant readers.

“…On 26 May 2014, elections to the European Union parliament took place and Europe was shocked by the success of right-wing national parties supporting their national states’ secession from the EU. The most successful was the UK’s Independence Party (UKIP), closely followed by France’s Front National led by Marine le Pen. Meditating upon these results, one may ask specifically whether Britain’s future in the EU may be differentiated from that of France and – a more comprehensive query – may the future of the EU itself be predicted.”

Legends of the Wild West

by Bill Williams

The Wild West holds a special place in American historyĆ¢??Western films depict it as a place where the rules didn’t apply, and where scores were settled with gun slinging and shootouts. The colorful characters who made up the old West were men, women, cowboys, Indians, sheriffs just plain outlaws. Though we’ve come to have a more nuanced understanding of the good and the bad of the old West, we can still learn from the stories of the people who made it and who wrote about what it was.

Weapons of the Civil War

by Neil Wayne

There were many types of Civil War weapons ranging from muskets to ironclads. In the roughly 80 years between the American Revolution and the start of the Civil War, weapon technology had advanced greatly. Despite advancements in technology the arsenals in both the Union and Confederacy were still mostly stocked with the old style smooth-bore. However, after the war shortly began new ideas and deadly creativity were brought to the battlefield. Machine guns, double barrel cannons, and new types of ammunition were put to use.

Weapons of the Civil War takes a closer look at some of the most popular and obscure weaponry from the Civil War. Ranging from the famous muskets to the hand grenades, this incredible book covers it all!

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