Free horror Kindle books for 06 Apr 15

The Nightmare Collective: An Anthology of Horror Short Stories

The Nightmare Collective is a curated anthology of horror short stories that’s guaranteed to keep you up at night. With 12 terrifically spine chilling short stories, this anthology contains contributions from some of the best young horror writing talent out there, and was curated by the editors of the, the premier destination for online horror entertainment. If you’re searching for stories that will frighten you to your very core, look no further.

List of Short Story Authors

Tom Wortman

M. B. VujačiÄ?

Manen Lyset

Jenny Ashford

Kyle Yadlosky

G. T. Montgomery

Ari Drew

Patrick Winters

Trevor James Zaple

John Teel

Dexter Findley

Kyle Rader

Pay Attention: a novella of psychological horror

by David K. Storrs

Listen! This is important: you need to pay attention. You can keep your mind as long as you pay attention. Don’t touch the ouija board again. Make sure you set your timer every two minutes. Don’t get distracted. Don’t let your thoughts wander. And whatever you do… Pay Attention!

An Arrangement: Volume 3 (The Dark Fae Series)

by Ella Price

Volume 3 begins where volume 2 left off. Scarlett has a decision to make. She tries to figure out what is best for her without sacrificing her people. Her friendships grow stronger when she learns Laurie and Erik haven’t been completely honest with her.

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