Free religious fiction Kindle books for 06 Apr 15

Yoder Family Amish Restaurant (Amish Romance)

by Becca Fisher

Sadie Zook is in an impossible situation. After a long search, she’s finally found love. But the man she’s fallen for also happens to work at the same Amish restaurant–a restaurant that has banned co-workers from dating. So Sadie and her boyfriend are forced to keep their love a secret. Can they keep from being found out, or will everything Sadie has worked so hard for be jeopardized?

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The Buggy News (Amish Romance) (Amish Love Of A Lifetime Book 2)

by Sadie Palmer

When Samantha Schuster and Steven Mueller were courting, she loved the fact that they worked at the same restaurant because it meant they’d get to see each other more often. But ever since Steven broke her heart, having to run into him every day at work is like pouring salt into her wound. She knows she has to make a change as soon as possible.

That’s when she stumbles on a job listing at the local Amish newspaper “The Buggy News.” Immediately she thinks this could be her chance to start over. What she doesn’t realize until after she gets the job is that the newspaper will test her strength and heart like never before. Does she have the faith to persevere and succeed, or has she just made the biggest mistake of her life?

Note: This is a spin-off stand alone series featuring Isaac and Rebecca Schuster’s daughter from “Amish Love Of A Lifetime.”

Abaddrel’s Return: Rise of the Daemons (The Fire Lords Book 1)

by Calvin Monty Keeling

What if instead of two group of Angels three groups emerged from the fall following the Great Rebellion in Heaven? Of course, Angels and Demons have been well known for thousands of years, but the third group Deamons, existing as earth bound Angels between the Host of Heaven and the Demons of Hell.

Abaddrel is an Old Testament Fallen Angel stuck in a New Testament world. Those who had supported the Great Creator during the rebellion remained in God’s complete presence. These the Heavenly Host. Demons, followers of the Lucifier, known as The Morning Star, head of the Heavenly Host second only to the Creator, completely rejected God’s offer of reconciliation, vowing to enslave the Great Crator’s creators of free choice (human beings.) Now commonly known as Demons, cast out beyond any contact with God. A place Lucifer named Hell. And finally, the Daemons, Angels who had followed the Seraphim Abaddrel, protector of God’s Thrown, who at first sided with Lucifer, but switched support the Host supporting the Great Creator. They also, Abaddrel and his followers, refused compete reconciliation out of remorse for their own unfaithfulness. And so it was that God gave the Daemons a middle ground existing on earth with humans. A fate Abaddrel believed worse than Hell.

Earth, present day Chicago, a high school girl has been missing from her family for a week. The girl Hanna has been in deep grief over the recent death of her mother. Once very religious Hanna has rejected God in anger and turned to the comfort of a young man known to have connections to Satanic worship. Hanna’s Older sister Diana has turned to her family’s pastor for guidance, and he, in turn, has led her to the owner of a local bookstore. The owner, known only as Ofek, is believed to be something of an expert on occult belief. But he is much more than that, and the Book Store is a Deamon operation. Ofek soon introduces her to Abaddrel, who Ofek assures Diana has experience in finding missing persons connected with Occult groups. Diana isn’t aware that both her faith and patience are about to be sorely tested.

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