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Strange Body 2: What’s Gut Got To Do With It?

by Donna Weir

This book is part of a series in relation to autoimmune disorders and leaky gut syndrome. While the digestive system is just one of the triggers that can cause autoimmune diseases to develop, it is worth discussing as it plays such a vital role in our health. It is also something that we can control and keep from happening if we can turn away from eating non-nutritional foods. This book subject matter centers solely around the gut and its central role in developing autoimmune diseases but even if one is not pre-disposed to autoimmune disease it can be used as a health guide for gut reform and overall well-being. Many topics will be discussed in this portion of the series and I do hope that I can bring you enough information on the subject to help guide you on your journey to healthier living. The topics covered in this book is on “leaky gut” or intestinal permeability. The internet is filled with information on how to heal your “leaky gut” and there are so many different diets out there that it’s seems impossible to figure out which one is best or really works. Leaky gut is no joke when it comes to developing an autoimmune disease and is proven by the medical community as being one of the major causes of inflammation in the body. In this book I cover the digestive system in itself but I also want to be able to put together for you the different diet plans out there today and how they relate to autoimmune diseases. I hate to call them diet plans but I can’t think of a better word for them. Juicing, Paleo, GAPS, Gluten Free, Candida Diet are currently what is out there today. Which one is right for you can be difficult to figure out, but hopefully I can try and give you some idea of which one might work better for you and your particular disease. In the end though it is up to you to decide which one works best for your body and the bottom line is that if you do start eating healthier you will feel better to some degree. This book covers other areas of care in order to give you an informative background on what tests should be done to find out what is causing leaky gut. Also, it will discuss the various doctors you should seek out to enable you to get the best care available and to help you get your digestive system running right again. Functional Medicine plays a role in finding the cause of your disease and my hope is to introduce you to the idea and open your mind to alternative medicine. Really you have nothing to lose and much to gain when it comes to intergrative medicine as most likey what you are doing is not working for you.

At the end I have included many of my favorite recipes on each one of the different diet plans so that you can see that changing your eating habits doesn’t mean you have to give up delicious foods to get your gut healthy again.

Through the Looking-Glass Darkly: A True Tale of Awakening

by Joshua Dylan Roberts

Are you sure you’re awake? Kai was. Or at least pretty sure.

That all changed after a shark attack in South Africa catapulted him into the gaping jaws of an existential crisis. He could no longer inhabit Triviality Turf.

But answers to life’s big questions don’t come without a price. And sometimes that price is sanity. Would you be willing to plunge down the rabbit hole of existence to find meaning? Kai didn’t have much choice.

This witty, multi-layered adventure quest will re-open portals to the interconnected Wonderland most of us are asleep in.

Major Prophets of To-Day

by Edwin E. Slosson

This is a compilation of six biographies of influential men during the 19th century. From the preface:
“Each age has its own prophets, men who bring to it distinctive messages and present them in such effective form as to sway the currents of contemporary thought. No age perhaps has had more diverse theories of life and the meaning of things presented to it than our own, and certainly none has ever given such an opportunity for the original thinker to reach quickly a world-wide audience as he can now through the medium of cheap books and free schools.
This volume originated in my own desire to find out what was being said by certain persons who, I had reason to believe, were worth attention. But unless one is abnormally selfish, he always wants to introduce others to an interesting acquaintance. It is then simply as introductions that I would wish the following chapters to be taken. In one way or another such men are influencing the thought of all of us, but since we mostly get their philosophy at second handâ??or at third, fourth, or nth handâ??we fail to recognize its origin and are apt to misconceive its intent. Ideas that reach us in fragmentary form, and often after multiple translation through minds sometimes alien or hostile, are not very useful. It is always safer to drink at the source. I have endeavored to give some idea of the scope and character of each man’s work, so that the reader may judge for himself whether it is profitable for him to follow up the acquaintance. If he does, he will find at the end of the chapter directions how to proceed further.
We imagine we can understand a man better if we can see his face, even his photograph. This may be a superstition, but, if so, it is a superstition worth deferring to by one who aspires to be an interpreter. So in the summer of 1910 I went to see the six men included in this first volume in their homes, not with the hope of getting any new and unpublished opinions, not with the expectation of gaining a personal acquaintance that would give me any deeper insight into their mental processes, but merely to convince myself that they are flesh and blood, instead of paper and ink. If I can convince the reader of this, my purpose will be accomplished.
In the choice of names to be included in the list, I was guided primarily by the idea that I should be most likely to interest others in the men who have most interested me. Since the object of the book is to serve as an introduction to the works of the authors, not as a substitute for them, the choice was limited to those who have given expression to their philosophical views in a sufficiently popular form to be attractive to the general reader. It was necessary to select representatives of diverse types of thought, and it was not possible to confine the choice to the philosophical profession, for in our day philosophy has escaped from its classroom and often displays more activity outside than in it. So I have included men of science and letters as well as philosophers of the chair.
The group comprised in this volume includes: Maurice Maeterlinck, dramatist and essayist, interpreter of the animate and inanimate world; Henri Bergson, of the Collège de France, whose intuitive philosophy has been introduced into America by the late William James; Henri Poincaré, of the French Academy, mathematician and astronomer; Ã?lie Metchnikoff, director of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, author of studies in optimistic philosophy; Wilhelm Ostwald, of Leipzig University, recipient of the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1909, founder of the Annals of Natural Philosophy, and Ernst Haeckel, of Jena University, veteran zoölogist, champion of Darwinism and Monism, author of the “Riddle of the Universe.”

Ferdinand of Bulgaria: The Amazing Career of a Shoddy Czar

by Anonymous

This is a concise but comprehensive bio of the Russian czar. From the intro:

“”WHO is that evil-looking Dago?” asked an Australian friend; “he looks as though he had never been outside a horse in his life.”
We were gazing at the procession of royalties who followed the body of King Edward VII through his mourning capital. The Dago in question was Ferdinand, Czar of the Bulgarians; and one could not but recognize the truth of the Colonial’s brutal description.
He wore, it may be remembered, an Astrakan cap and coat; and the day was a warm one. His fat figure swayed from side to side in the saddle, and he looked thoroughly frightened of the magnificent horse he bestrode with so ill a grace. The perspiration dropped down his flabby cheeks.
He was not in the sort of company where he was calculated to shine. All around him were princes who would not be seen speaking to him. The London crowd hardly knew who he was, and betrayed less interest in him than it would have shown in the latest coloured monarch from the wilds of Africa.
His bright, shifty eyes turned here and there, vainly seeking something friendly and familiar. No doubt but Ferdinand made a poor showing on his last visit to London; the very last, possibly, that he will ever be allowed to pay to the capital of the British Empire.
But I ventured at the time to predict to my friend from the Antipodes that he would one day hear a good deal more of Czar Ferdinand than he had hitherto learned. For though he was then an unconsidered personage in English-speaking countries, he already enjoyed quite another reputation upon the Continent of Europe.
I explained that he was half a Frenchman, and that in Paris, where notabilities are summed up more surely than anywhere else in the wide world, he was esteemed by no means a negligible quantity.
Berlin, I said, had already put him down as a man with a price, and was only seeking to find how great was the price that must be paid. Austriaâ??the new Austria, as represented by the clever heir to the throne, Franz Ferdinandâ??still looked askance at him, but was determined to make him a friend before he should have returned to amity with Russia.
Russia had against his name the big black cross that is never obliterated in the secret archives of the White Empire, if the gossips of the Chancelleries are to be believed. Finally, in the Balkan States, still the slums of Europe by force of circumstances, he was the man to whom politicians looked for the next move.”

Bill Gates – Digital Mastermind: A Short Biography

by Budd Draper

“Digital Mastermind” is a brief but concise look into one of the greatest minds that has been involved in the digital revolution -Bill Gates

There are only a handful of people that have been as influential in this field as Mr. Gates has been.

From the 70’s to the modern day his company has stood a foot above all their competitors.

A lot can be learned from the experiences and strategic moves that this passionate techie has made.

If you have ever been curious about what it took Bill Gates to rise to the level he rose or are passionate about technology and business then this knowledge packed short biography is a must read.

My Mamma’s Voice: A Brief Glimpse into Her Life

by Lynne McAllister

I am the oldest of Mamma’s seven daughters. I took on this project not to show the depths of desperation and despair that have plagued my mother since she was a child; rather to show how she survived it all with a wicked sense of humor and a smile.

My mother was abused, disrespected and eventually punished for the sins of her parents. As her life unfolded before me I learned how she loved, hated, and even managed to forgive. She rejoiced, overcame and wept until her soul bled dry. What she never did was give up.

Fatally Pathetic

by Herbert Hilliard

Put down and demeaned starting at a very early age by the person expected most to be affectionate and uplifting towards him Herbert has made a living of habitually making bad choices and decisions in every aspect of his pathetic life. His feelings of sexual inadequacy regarding the size of his penis has influenced him into engaging into homosexual activity, tormenting and physically abusing women, becoming an introvert, and by any set of standards, making a total and complete mockery of his life. Spending a decade in the grips of a drug addiction and being infected with HIV, he nonetheless continues to make every effort to make something noteworthy of himself by overcoming the deranged and morbid mindset that has dictated his life.

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