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Greek Mythology: A Guide to Greek mythology and Ancient Greece Including Greek Stories, Hercules, Titans, and More!

by Natalie Kay

Greek Mythology

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Stories of Ancient Greece have survived thousands of years, and are known all over the world. Many of these incredible tales are the inspiration for books, movies, TV shows, and fictional characters.

Step into the world of Ancient Greece with this book on Greek Mythology, and discover why these stories have lived on for so long.

Included inside is an introduction to the characters of Ancient Greece, including the main Gods and Goddesses, and what each of them were famous for.

Also included are a few of the most famous and exciting Greek Mythology stories, including the story of Hercules and his 12 labors, and the tale of Hyacinth.

Greek mythology teaches us so much through its stories. Its tales cover everything, from love, hope, revenge, tragedy, war, violence, and so much more.

Download now to step into this incredible world and begin learning more about Greek Mythology today!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Gods Of Ancient Greece
  • The Bloodlines Of The Gods
  • All About Hercules
  • Hercules 12 Labors
  • The Story Of Hyacinth
  • The Story Of Procne & Philomena
  • Much, Much More!

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Metal Storm: Weird Custer A Novel

by William Sumrall

“A debut historical novel from U.S. Marine Sumrall that retells the story of Custer’s “Last Stand” in savage detail.” – KIRKUS

“The way William Sumrall described the various scenes brought this adrenaline-pumping story to life. The coarse writing served to deliver more strength to the theme of the story and enable it to perfectly relate to the intended period.” Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

“The basic plot, despite its familiarity, is stunning and unforgettable as seen through the eyes of this author. Weird, yes, but Metal Storm: Weird Custer is very, very good, and it’s most highly recommended.” Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

“Metal Storm: Weird Custer by William H. Sumrall is historical fiction and gives the reader a totally different perspective on the events leading up to the Custer massacre. I have always been a fan of historical fiction. Mr. Sumrall’s account is raw, violent and sad. He also spends a considerable amount of time and detail on Custer’s wife, Libby.” Paul Johnson for Readers’ Favorite

“William Sumrall takes the time to develop his own versions of the personalities and darkest thoughts of some of history’s most interesting military figures. I particularly loved Libby Custer’s slow decline from trapped proper lady to all out maniac.” K.C. Finn for – Readers’ Favorite

“In Metal Storm: Weird Custer, Sumrall shows himself to be an excellent writer who can describe both action and his characters’ internal struggles. He gives us some fascinating details about the Native Americans…Metal Storm: Weird Custer is a short book, but in that space Sumrall manages to give more of the feel of the Old West than other books do in three times its length.”- Raanan Geberer for Readers’ Favorite

If ever America had its Absalom, this tragic figure would have been personified in the character of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer. This enigma of a man, killed at 36 years of age in an unprecedented disaster largely of his own making had risen to spectacular fame and glory when at the age of 23, he had been promoted to General during the Civil War.

This prodigal son of a blacksmith would not be denied his place in the sun with the Presidential Elections looming in November of 1876. A virtual shoo-in as the next President of the United States, he needed one last crowning achievement.

To the West, in the Montana Territory lay his Holy Grail, this Holy Grail was a multicellular sentient being, a living, breathing deadly object of the Boy General’s adoration. It was the Sioux Nation.

A Holy Man had risen among these tribes of the mountains and prairies. This Holy Man wore a grim face ravaged with the scars of small pox. Magic passed down from shaman to shaman during the course of thousands of years had brought together the largest conglomeration of Sioux Clans ever seen. Added to this were the Northern Cheyenne, and hodge podges of the other Nations, such as the Comanche.

Magic not seen in 30,000 years would be invoked – would have to be invoked – to stop the ambition blinded former General who intended to rule the world as an Emperor. Using his immediate family members as satraps, Custer would fulfill his obsession with becoming the next Alexander the Great.

Much has been made of the disaster that consumed the Custer element, much speculation and many contradicting images emerge.

The author has drawn from eye witness accounts. Most of the characters are rooted in history, but there are exceptions. METAL STORM is a historical fiction in which the author has studied the faces of the actors in the play in order to give realistic description. He has studied extensively the weapons used, and how they performed under extreme application.

Fact and fantasy have been melded together, in this Opus Magnus of the Weird West genre.

Cynthia Ann Parker, the Story of Her Capture

by James DeShields

Cynthia Ann Parker, the Story of Her Capture tells the story of an American settler capture by the Comanche.

A table of contents is included.

A Beginner’s Guide to The Wars of the Roses

by Chris Bradbury

From 1455-1487, the Wars of the Roses

tore England apart.

Subject to the rule of a weak monarch,

son of one of England’s greatest kings,

Henry V, bit by bit, the kingdom

overseas disappeared while the

discontent within grew into civil war.

Why did the Duke of York rebel against

his cousin the king?

How did England survive five kings and

two usurpations in thirty-two years and

the deaths of over 100,000 of its people?

This is not only their story, but the

story of England – of us.

Turkey: A Past and a Future

by A.J. Toynbee

Turkey: A Past and a Future is a contemporary history of the Ottoman Empire, written in the early 20th century.

A table of contents is included.

True Stories of New England Captives

by C. Alice Baker

True Stories of New England Captives tells the stories of a number of American settlers who were kidnapped by Indians. A table of contents is included.

The Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army

by George Cheesman

The Auxilia of the Imperial Roman Army covers the history of the non-citizens branch of the Roman military.

A table of contents is included.

The Tudors and the Stuarts

by M.B. Synge

The Tudors and the Stuarts is an easily readable history of the Tudor and Stuart period of English history.

A table of contents is included.

Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama

by Walter Fleming

Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama is a thorough history of Alabama from secession through the aftermath of the Civil War.
A table of contents is included.

Travels in France during the Years 1814-15

by Patrick Tytler

Travels in France during the Years 1814-15 is a fascinating look at France during the Age of Napoleon. A table of contents is included.

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