Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 08 Apr 15

A Date with Death (A Sarah Woods Mystery)

by Jennifer L. Jennings

Everyone has secrets, but some secrets are darker than others.

When Sarah Woods takes a seemingly benign assignment involving background checks, the rookie private eye makes a shocking discovery that brings her face to face with a monster. Will an attempt on Sarah’s life force her to back away? Or will she become even more determined to unearth the truth behind the scandal?

Stolen Innocents (Shadow Series Book 2)

by Addison Kline

“Addison Kline’s follow-up to Shadow Dancer is a white knuckled thrill ride that will keep you guessing until the end.”

Everybody in Elkhart has a secret and if they say they don’t, they’re lying. Three years have passed since Tristan Morrow returned home after her harrowing kidnapping ordeal with her former English teacher, Bernard Kendricks. A sense of peace has taken over the Morrow Manor, but it will not last forever. A killer of women is on the loose in Elkhart and has already claimed the lives of two young women. Will DiNolfo and her officers catch the killer before a third victim is claimed? When their three main suspects turn out to be innocent, the Elkhart Police Department is at a loss until a citizen comes forward with some crucial information: Tristan Morrow knows who is responsible for the murders. But does the information come too late? And how does this relate to the murder case of Tiffany O’Mara? Tristan soon learns that not even the dead can keep their secrets buried forever.

Murder Most Rural (The Rizwan Sabir Mysteries Book 5)

by Charlie Flowers

Meet Riz and Bang-Bang. MOD troubleshooters by trade, their work normally involves covert ops and counterterrorism. A routine exercise with the SAS takes them to a sleepy Essex village, where not only do they stick out somewhat as a British Pakistani couple, but there has also been a mysterious suicide.

Or have they stumbled across the perfect murder?

“A cracking yarn written with tongue firmly in cheek!”

Stephen Edger

“Long time Riz fans will not be disappointed and new readers will be hooked. I really enjoyed this book.”

Rachael L. McIntosh, author of “Bubbles Will Pop”

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