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Off The Grid Living: Light Your Own Life, Become Powerful Without The Grid, Grow Your Own Food Source & Become Energy Independent(Off Grid Living – Prepping – Survival Skills)

by DIY Improv

When The Lights Go OFF, Are You Prepared?

Learn How To Not Only Survive, But Thrive While Living OFF The Grid

Today, everything seems just fine. However, in an instant, by natural causes or something more sinister, your entire way of living can change in a flash. Are you ready? Many believe it’s not a question of IF but WHEN. Ultimately, those who are prepared, educated, and knowledgable of how to live off the mighty grid will see themselves and their families to safety, and well being. You can’t expect to just depend on anyone, any entity, any government and no other person but one; YOU. Get prepared with this easy-to-do guide on life off the grid

Scientists, and many experts agree with increasing solar action, anytime a flare could knock out the grid for days, weeks, months, and even yearsâ?¦ certainly, there will be fixes, but you can’t control how or when. You can only control your own life, and your decision to come here, read this, and better your future circumstances shows you are already ahead of the rest. Many watch television shows like Walking Dead, and imagine what would life be like in that scenario? Certainly, you can set aside the idea of zombies, however, living off the land in once suburban areas, cities, perhaps evacuated, and you can only go so far to realize you NEED the knowledge to make it, and the know-how. This book covers it, and prepares you best to Living Off The Grid!

Top 5 Reasons to Buy This Book

1. In this book you will learn what off the grid really means

2. This book will teach you how to begin living off grid as soon as NOW

3. In this book you will learn the pros and cons of living off the grid

4. This book will teach you costs of living off the grid

5. This book will teach you a step-by-step process for ultimate safety and security

What You’ll Know From Our Book, “Off The Grid Living”

– Where to begin with wind and solar energies

– Managing your mindset in difficult times

– Makeshift gardens

– Self sufficiency

– Awareness of one’s environment

– Water sourcing and waste disposal

– The Reality of living off the grid

Want to Know More?

You found us for a reason. We, DIY Improv, want to bring you to the best with respect to your health and overall lifestyle. With regard to our latest book, Off The Grid Living, we know you can learn and adopt these methods and knowledge in your daily life, and along with our guidance in this book, and your efforts, anything is possible in your success!

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A Conspicuous Silence: American Foreign Policy, Women, and Saudi Arabia: A Selection from The Hillary Doctrine: Sex and American Foreign Policy

by Patricia Leidl Valerie M. Hudson

Hillary Rodham Clinton was the first to clearly state that: “the subjugation of women is a direct threat to the security of the United States.” This declaration has come to be known as the Hillary Doctrine, and it was formally incorporated into the first Quadrennial Diplomatic and Development Review of U.S. foreign policy in 2010. If the Hillary Doctrine is justified, then how is it that Secretary of State Clinton never addressed issues of extreme gender inequality in Saudi Arabia? And how has Saudi Arabia sought to export that inequality to other states, such as Yemen? This chapter explores the complexities of the Hillary Doctrine in practice, the realities of pursuing gender equality on the national stage, the strategies Clinton and those working under her innovated to introduce gender issues diplomatically into a resistant country, and other key developments from this encounter and its reverberations across international channels.

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