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A Practical Guide to Electric Bikes (Discovering Electric Bikes)

by Court Rye

Electric bikes are becoming mainstream but still present mechanical and electronic complexities that can be a challenge to understand and overcome. This electric bike book is intended to help people who might be considering the purchase of a mass-market ebike but want to validate their interest and choose the right product for their price range and projected use.

It’s designed to be short, enjoyable and actionable. Complementing this guide are videos, images and an entire website of detailed electric bike reviews at along with a forum where you can post further questions and get realtime tips from the author and other enthusiasts who have already jumped into the space.

Included in this guide are:

– Original photographs and videos to clarify complex subject matter.

– Bike recommendations based on rider body type and expected use.

– Tips on protecting your electric bike and extending its life.

– Advice for ways to save money when purchasing an ebike.

– References to award winning products and independent resources.

Upon reading this guide you’ll know the pro’s and con’s of buying local versus online. You will be able to zero in on a specify style of electric bike that best suits your needs. Terminology like volts, amp hours and watt hours will make sense and actually become useful when choosing a bike. You’ll know how to properly care for the bike you do choose and deter theft. You’ll find out where to get further support and how to recycle your battery when it ultimately starts to degrade. You’ll also learn about safety and feel better equipped to address questions and concerns from family, friends and coworkers.

The author of this book, Court Rye, is a long time bicycle enthusiast who has test ridden hundreds of electric bikes. He’s attended industry events and received feedback from the CEO’s and top leaders of the biggest ebike brands in America including Pedego, Currie Technologies, Easy Motion and others. He has owned many electric bikes over the years, using them to commute to and from work on a daily basis in snow, rain, wind and muggy hot unbearable heat!

Twenty-Four Pablo Picasso’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Pablo Picasso’s Paintings.

Twenty-Four Pablo Picasso’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

Twenty-Four Marc Chagall’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Marc Chagall’s Paintings.

Twenty-Four Marc Chagall’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

Paintball Scenario Field Manual

by Ivan Stober

This Manual is the first comprehensive field guide for paintball scenario gaming and the first published rule book for paintball scenario games. This guide provides you with safety rule, rules of play, information on how to form a team and much more.

Subjects include: building a unit, rank, unit specialization, personal specialization, safety, rules, grenades, satchel charges, medics, snipers, land mines, artillery, night games, awards, first aid, radio use, camp safety, hand signals, maps, a glossary of paintball terms and much more.

The rules are compatible with just about every major scenario promoter’s rule system and is the only rule system written fully in legal form. This means that the rules can be referenced and modified as needed.

This is the “boy scout manual” of paintball scenarios…. There have been a few good descriptive books about scenarios on tips and tricks, but, this is the first time a manual has been written that you can take with you and use in the field.

You will find this manual useful if you are a new player, serious scenario player, one-day player or even an old battle-hardened veteran.

Backpacking For Beginners: 74 Easy & Useful Hacks To Getting Started On Your First Backpacking Camping Trip!: (Backpacking, Backpacking For Beginners, … nature, survival guide, outdoors backpack)

by Catherine Dulittle

Backpacking for Beginners

Easy and Useful Hacks for Getting Started on Your First Backpacking Camping Trip!

The time has come when you have decided to see the world, on foot, with your home on your back. What better way to becoming one with nature?

Smell the mountainous ferns.

Sleep amongst the wildlife.

Shelter under the forest’s umbrella.

Eat al fresco.

In this guide we will prepare you for your adventure. Backpacking is guaranteed to put you closer to nature, so you must be fully prepared. Whilst the experience will be memorable, you also want it to be enjoyable. To ensure this is happens, read some of our hacks, to inspire you to have the time of your life.

Why Should You Download this Book?

If you are truly serious about finding a solution that will help you to decorate and organize your home in a short period of time then you should download this book. It will offer you great tips and suggestions on how to get that calm organized home that you wish that you had instead of the dreary cluttered filled home that you now reside in.

You do not have to move necessarily to get that dream home. It may just be buried under the debris, and chaos that has basically buried it alive. You will get great suggestions on how to bring out that lovely organized home that you want. All you need to do is brush up on your decluttering skills to get this ball rolling!

  • Are you ready, physically?
  • Do you know what to pack in your backpack?
  • Do you know where you are going?
  • Do you know how to survive with the basics?

To make sure you can answer “yes,” to all of these questions, read this eBook and you will set out on your journey fully prepared and able to resolve any problems that come your way.

We have thought of everything in this little guide, from setting off, to planning your journey, what food to eat and how to prepare it, making sure you are ready for your destination.

These are but a few of the things that should be on your pre-planning TO DO list.

Have a look at our section on some of the things that can go wrong, such as illnesses and injuries that you may come across while hiking and in the middle of nowhere.

Download your E book “Backpacking for Beginners

Easy and Useful Hacks for Getting Started on Your First Backpacking Camping Trip!” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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Six Pack Abs Shortcuts: Learn the Truth about Six Pack Abs and Build Your Body with Little Known Six Pack Shortcuts

by Ralph Travis

I know you do not want to run in circles so I guess it is okay to say that you wouldn’t be interested in a book about six pack abs if you would already have the stomach the way you want it to be. You probably have too much fat or two little muscles to show for. The best things is that no matter the state of your stomach, you will be able to change it and shape it to your desire by following the rules in this book.

In reality, there is only one thing that holds true in the world. If you want to achieve something, you have to do something for it. It doesn’t matter how big and great that thing seems to be, if you do what you have to do to achieve it, then you will achieve it. All it takes is proper actions for desired results.

Just a simple change in your dieting habits and some exercise can result in unbelievable results, while your lifestyle remains pretty much the same. However it will take some more time than one day. Most people quit on their path to their desired destination because they do not see results in a surprisingly short amount of time. It takes time for things to happen. This is why your willpower is required in order to stay on your track. With focus and daily practice you will achieve results no matter what.

This book is very simple to understand and explains all the rules one must follow to attain six back abs in a smooth and sure way. It all begins with proper sleeping, drinking plenty of water, eating the right food, doing cardio training and physical exercises designed for six pack abs together with some other rules. Combine them all together and enjoy your life with a well build and fit body. The book explains all the things you really need to understand about building six pack abs and how to build your muscles the right way.

To your success,

Ralph Travis

Camping. 30 Outstanding Camping Hacks To Getting Started. Light Back Packing and Hiking Tips: (Camping 101, Backpacking, Backpacking For Beginners, Backpacking … For Beginners, Backpacking Europe)

by Chad Winston

Camping 30 + Outstanding Camping Hacks to Getting Started

Light Back Packing and Hiking Tips

Whether you like camping or not you need to be prepared when you get there. So the next time your cousin Ernie forces you to go on a camping trip and acts like he knows everything about camping just throw this book in his face and tell him, “I’m the expert buddy!” Because this is what this book is designed to do, it’s meant to make an expert out of a beginner in a short amount of time.

With easy to follow instructions, a little bit of common sense and the right tools this book will guide you through some of the best tips and hacks that you could ever come across. So that the next time you go camping, whether you are drug out to the campgrounds by force or it is of your own accord you will be ready!

Some topics covered are:

  • Campground Cooking
  • Taking care of a Campfire
  • Utilization of compass and maps
  • Tent and Camping Gear Maintenance

Download your E book “Camping 30 + Outstanding Camping Hacks to Getting Started. Light Back Packing and Hiking Tips” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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