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DIY. DIY Projects For A Better Home: 33 Outstanding DIY Household Hacks On How To Clean, Cook, Make Your House Fun & More Functional: (diy projects, DIY Household Hacks, Save Money, DIY Free)

by David Allard Allard

There are so many things available to improve the state of your living space, but renovations and even implementing simple conveniences can be expensive. The purpose of this book is to give you some ideas and instruction on things that you can do yourself with a fraction of the financial investment.

Whether it’s finding simple solutions to common, everyday living or simply learning a few tricks to make your home a bit more functional, the tips and hacks in this book have been provided to make your home more practical without gutting your bank account.

So, if you’re looking for clever ways to clean, cook, add practicality to your living space or simply augment your surroundings, this is the book for you. With over thirty specific hacks, this book can help you form your dwelling into something that will better serve your needs and add convenience, regardless the size of your living space.

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Thoughts of a 20 Something Year Old: The Very Essence of Me

by Tahnee Jones

Thoughts of a 20 Something Year Old The Very Essence of Me is an adventurous journey into the mind of a black women in the form of detailed short stories along with commentary which includes remedies to many unresolved emotional hardships. A little girl knowing nothing but broken promises grows into a woman; mature in body but stagnated in mind. An innocent college student chooses a life that drives her to a path which she never imagined. A wise old woman gives sound advice to a faltering generation of women (babies in her sight) with hopes of saving them from mental destruction. Seek, search, and learn from the stories of many…allow the words wisdom lead you.

Blood Ties

by Star

Santiago is a twenty-four-year-old mother of two, who struggles to leave her past behind her, and find happiness. She was once a humble young girl, born and raised in Baltimore City. However, being raised in the states does not override her Cuban DNA. Santiago becomes very hostile after a spiral of tragic episodes occurs in her life.

In recent years her misplaced anger shows up in her sex life, confusing lust for love. While growing up, her father is one of the biggest drug smugglers in Baltimore from Cuba, Valdez Santiago, AKA Whip. Ultimately, She is use to the lavish lifestyle that daddy provides. Sadly at the age of nine, her life take a turn for the worse when her mother dies. She passively deals with feelings of being unloved and unwanted when her father turn to alcohol and abandon her. Simultaneously her four year old brother is taken away. For years she will hate Whip! That is until she needs him.

After trial and error, she will eventually grab a hold on life, and not willing to give up, she moves away to start over. She realizes that she too must carry a cross in life, and no matter where she go, the truth tends to follow her. She is faced with yet another test; this time it will be physically challenging. Santiago will vanquish many obstacles. With brains, beauty and a body to die for, she leaves herself vulnerable for the untimely setup. The setup that will not only place her in grave danger, but will get revenge on her estranged father’s life.

Night Safari in Singapore (Photo Gallery): (Photo Books,Photo Album,Photo Big Book,Photo Display,Photo Journal,Photo Magazines,Photo Story,Travel Books,Travel Photos,Travel Photography)

by Olivea Proove

As the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals, this is where you can explore the rainforest at dusk, enjoy tribal performances, and more.

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